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Item #: SCP-2455

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2455 is contained in a standard humanoid containment cell, monitored at all times by a camera connected to an image analysis program. Should an instance of SCP-2455-1 be detected, Site Security is to be notified immediately, and the following procedures enacted as necessary:

  • If the SCP-2455-1 instance is identified as a member of Foundation personnel and classified information is discussed in the presence of SCP-2455, SCP-2455 is to be administered a low-grade amnestic after the manifestation ceases. Internal Affairs is to be notified.
  • If the SCP-2455-1 instance exhibits behavior analogous to being under the effects of another SCP object, a containment team is to be dispatched to 2455's cell, and the corresponding object secured to preemptively prevent contact from occurring.

Description: SCP-2455 is a Caucasian woman of 21 years of age, capable of generating anomalous projections, designated SCP-2455-1. SCP-2455 possesses no anomalous properties outside of a SCP-2455-1 manifestation event, and is noted by staff as indecisive to the point of apathy towards its own containment.

Instances of SCP-2455-1 will manifest in the nearest space available. These entities appear identical to SCP-2455, with one visible factor altered, most commonly clothing. Generally SCP-2455-1 instances will be observed wearing a uniform corresponding to an organization SCP-2455 is not currently affiliated with. SCP-2455-1 instances have been confirmed to possess knowledge comparable, if not an exact match, to that of SCP-2455's, in addition to expected information regarding their apparent affiliation.1

SCP-2455 claims that SCP-2455-1 manifests when it is faced with a 'major decision'. See test logs attached below for analysis on this claim. SCP-2455-1 instances appear with the sole intention of insuring SCP-2455 'picks their future'. SCP-2455 claims the first appearance of SCP-2455-1 occurred shortly before its graduation from ████████ University, as SCP-2455 was attempting to choose which business to apply for employment with. Two instances of SCP-2455-1 manifested, one 'representing' the █████ Corporation, and the other the ██████ store, a local business. Both instances possessed knowledge of the working conditions of both positions,2 and attempted to convince SCP-2455 to 'pick them'.

Test 001 - 04/██/20██

Procedure: Subject is offered a different colored uniform.
Results: No SCP-2455-1 manifestation.
Analysis: Trivial decisions do not appear to trigger SCP-2455's effects.

Test 002 - 04/██/20██

Procedure: Subject is asked if it wished to be moved to a different site.
Results: No SCP-2455-1 manifestation.
Analysis: From SCP-2455's point of view, the two situations were identical.

Test 003 - 04/██/20██

Procedure: Subject is offered employment with the Foundation.
Results: No SCP-2455-1 manifestation.
Analysis: Subject was visibly conflicted by this decision, however no manifestation event occurred.

I wonder if SCP-2455's effects could tell that we were not genuine with our offer? - Dr Vauge.

Test 034 - 06/██/20██

Procedure: Unplanned test. As no test conducted so far had resulted in a manifestation event, the research staff were considering doing final tests and declaring SCP-2455 non-anomalous.
Results: SCP-2455-1 manifested wearing casual street clothes. Upon manifestation, SCP-2455-1 attempted to hide from research staff. When discovered, SCP-2455-1 vanished immediately.
Analysis: In the time period between SCP-2455-1 manifesting and its discovery, there was a real chance that SCP-2455 would be administered amnestics and released back into society. This indicates three things: first, that it does not have to be SCP-2455's decision that affects its future, that there has to be a real chance of that future occurring, and that SCP-2455-1 manifestations are not necessarily conductive to that future.

Test 036 - 07/██/20██

Procedure: Dr ████ (currently under watch from Internal Affairs for known sympathies to humanoid anomalies) was asked to interview SCP-2455.
Results: SCP-2455-1 manifested wearing the uniform of a junior researcher, and attempts to convince Dr ████ to employ SCP-2455, citing the precedents of [REDACTED]. SCP-2455-1 ignored SCP-2455.
Analysis: This manifestation was aware of classified information, notably the anomalous natures of [REDACTED]. Further questioning revealed that SCP-2455-1 was in possession of knowledge which would be expected of a Foundation employee with level 2 clearance.

Test 041 - 31/██/20██

Procedure: Unplanned test. SCP-2455 was being moved to another facility.
Results: SCP-2455-1 manifested wearing the same clothing as SCP-2455, however was infected with SCP-███
Analysis: The infected manifestation attempted to attack SCP-2455 to infect it with SCP-███. The escorting guards were able to neutralize the instance as they would a normal SCP-███ victim. Shortly afterwards, a containment breach occurred at Site-██, during which samples of SCP-███ were released. Possibility of using SCP-2455 as an 'early warning' system is deemed worthy of further research.

Interviewed: An SCP-2455-1 instance identical to the one produced by test 036.

Interviewer: Dr ████ (Necessary to cause this instance of SCP-2455-1 to manifest)

Foreword: SCP-2455-1 had been taken to another room so that SCP-2455 would not be involved.

<Begin Log, 14/██/20██>

Dr ████: May I have your name?

SCP-2455-1: ██████ █████.

Dr ████: And the girl you were found with, what is her name?

SCP-2455-1: She's ██████ █████ as well.

Dr ████: And the other 2455-1 instances are…?

SCP-2455-1: Idiots.

Dr ████: I beg your pardon?

SCP-2455-1: The way I am now my future is either with the Foundation or locked up by the Foundation. I don't want to be locked up, but no, ██████ wants to be a baker…

Dr ████: If I may ask, what exactly is your relation to SCP-2455?

SCP-2455-1: She's my starting point. My 'iteration zero'.

Dr ████: And her relationship to you?

SCP-2455-1: I'm her, as a researcher.

Dr ████: We have no records of you working for us.

SCP-2455-1: Well of course not. I haven't happened yet.

Dr ████: Are you from a possible future?

SCP-2455-1: I am a possible future. Hers.

Dr ████: So, before you manifested, you were…?

SCP-2455-1: Waiting to happen. And here I am!

Dr ████: Hmm. Interview concluded for now.

SCP-2455-1: Wait, can't I join now?

Dr ████: If you are what you claim, you know there are procedures that need following. Doubly so for one such as you.

SCP-2455-1: But… you can't! You don't understand, I need to happen now or I never will!

Dr ████: SCP-2455's situation is static for now, however there lies a possibility that -

SCP-2455-1: That wouldn't be me, it would be one of the others!

Dr ████: 2455-1 -

SCP-2455-1: [Subject screams in hysterics.]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: At this point, the overseeing guard aborted the interview. 2455-1 instance immediately vanished.

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