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A picture of SCP-2476 taken quickly before its addictiveness took hold of the photographer.

Item #: SCP-2476

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures:

SCP-2476 should be kept in a holding cell of at least one (1) centimeter thick steel with no window within its own room. The holding cell should not be able to be entered without level 4/2000 entry permission. When containing SCP-2476 it should not or ever be touched with bare skin nor looked at with the naked eye. Always use administered suits by Dr. Langin (Pager: 3481264367).


SCP-2476 is a red walking cane with a bone-white handle. Upon inspection of the object with the naked eye the inspector will become extremely attracted to it and become addicted within a matter of seconds, willing to risk their own life for the sake of the cane. Upon physical touch to bare skin the cane will cause the user to gain an abnormally high IQ and, within the next four (4) to eight (8) days, overall muscular strength able to lift up to one (1) metric ton. Within eight (8) to thirteen (13) days the user will gain the ability to sprint up to forty (40) kilometers per hour. Within the first month of use of SCP-2476 the user's personality seems to be wiped and replaced with one much more egotistical and arrogant, always speaking in a condescending manner. Occasionally the subject seems to posses the ability to tap into people's minds and, presumably, memories as the user tends to mention quite personal things about anyone they talk to. Other side effects such as schizophrenia, depression, bi-polar disorder, and a similar, unknown sickness to the Bubonic Plague. If usage of SCP-2476 persists outside of a month the user will either begin random periods of self-mutilation, leading to suicide, or go into a murderous rage.

Below is a transcription of a test administered for a Test-Subject exposed for forty-eight (48) days to SCP-2476.
Test A - Date:██/██/██

Dr. ██████: I'm gonna ask you some questions now… Alright?
Dr. ██████: Why do you think two-four - "The Cane" - is so important? What makes it special?
Subject: What's not to like about it? Stylish, powerful, god-like in its own little way… (Chuckling)
Dr. ██████: I mean why do you care so much if someone were to take it? Why is it yours?
Subject: It's not mine. It's just an extremely addictive piece of, ehh… Equipment? Hm? But the real question here is: why keep me in this little container of yours? To what end does it serve?! (Cackling and menacing laughter)
Dr. ██████: I uh… Well we don't exactly know how much of a threat you could—
Subject: I can seeeeeee youuuuu… Do you realize that? Cameras and steel can't stop a thought! What fence ever stopped a terror from unraveling? Hah hah heh… One way or another, bad tidings deliver themselves throughout us. Eh?
Dr. ██████: Wait, you can see us?! I-
Subject: I can see you, yes. I can see the security guard watching in shock beside you. I see your car in the parking lot. I see your wife at [ADDRESS REDACTED] and the dying rose in your garden. I-
Dr. ██████: Shut up, shut up! Shut the [REDACTED] up! You need to-
Subject: Nooooo, Dr. ██████, *you* need to.
Reportedly precisely one (1) month after saying this Dr. ██████ reported his car having all flat tires on his way home, his wife suffering from cardiac arrest, and a rose in his garden constantly surrounded by dead bugs.

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