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Item #: SCP-2495

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2495's physical manifestation is currently contained at Site-43 in a Class-B High-Security Humanoid Containment Cell. Standard humanoid quality-of-life concerns apply. Should SCP-2495's pursuers successfully acquire it, the following archived containment procedures should be reinstated.

Known SCP-2495-A instances are to be kept under covert surveillance and discouraged from producing fiction. Should a work of fiction be successfully produced by an SCP-2495-A instance, standard Infohazard Suppression protocols are to be employed in order to prevent its possible publication. MTF Rho-5 ("Pale Moonlighters") should then be alerted to the possibility of an imminent SCP-2495 manifestation event.

The use of lethal force in order to contain SCP-2495-B instances is authorised. Paratechnology and anomalous weaponry recovered from SCP-2495-B instances are to be contained at Site-64's High-Value Anomalous Objects wing, with the Department of Analytics' Paraweaponry Division holding effective custody over any weapons recovered.

Description: SCP-2495 was formerly Field Operative Landen Eckhart of the Unusual Incidents Unit. Prior to containment, Operative Eckhart was assigned to the UIU's Three Portlands task force, and is believed to have acquired anomalous properties during Incident ABATTOIR GREEN. During the skirmish, Eckhart was abducted by members of GoI-334 ("Task Force Hamartia") and declared KIA.

SCP-2495's anomalous properties manifest in works of fiction authored by people who witnessed or are otherwise aware of Eckhart's abduction (designated SCP-2495-A instances). Amnestics are capable of preventing this, provided that the events of Eckhart's abduction are also erased from memory. When an SCP-2495-A instance attempts to write a piece of fiction, the following occurs:

  • SCP-2495 appears as a protagonist in the story, usually overwriting a secondary character with its name, appearance and personality.
  • Following the initial appearance of SCP-2495, other characters in the story are replaced by entities designated SCP-2495-B. Seven unique characters recur throughout this process of replacement, all of whom have names matching that of extant members of GoI-334.
  • SCP-2495 disappears abruptly from the plot, with the original character taking its place.

When questioned, SCP-2495-A instances have been universally unaware of this anomaly, despite the plot of the affected fiction usually deviating heavily from how it was initially planned. After the conclusion to an SCP-2495-A-authored piece of fiction is written, within one to three weeks, SCP-2495 will physically appear in Three Portlands' Lime District, where it was initially abducted by its current captors.

Hostile entities taking the appearance and identity of SCP-2495-B instances will then attempt to abduct SCP-2495 by rendering it unconscious, before disappearing via unknown means. Witnesses of these abductions also become SCP-2495-A instances. SCP-2495 has previously attempted to escape its captors by voluntarily entering containment by the Foundation. As long as SCP-2495 remains extant, fiction produced by SCP-2495-A instances does not carry anomalous properties.

Addendum SCP-2495-01: Incident Log

Incident SCP-2495-01: 09-MAR-2016
The first known breach of SCP-2495 occurs, resulting in its discovery and subsequent containment by the Foundation. A piece by known anartist Lai Zhang named Byron's Remembrance is published in Planasthai as part of its "Featured Talent" section: notes recovered from Zhang's residence indicate that Remembrance was initially intended as a fictionalised retelling of her experiences with anart in high school.

The current plot of the novella depicts SCP-2495 being bullied by unidentifiable, faceless figures – after a fight with one of the figures, SCP-2495 is treated for its injuries by a local anartist. While SCP-2495 is recuperating in the anartist's home, SCP-2495-B instances break into their apartment, leading to the sudden conclusion of the novel as SCP-2495 escapes.

During its appearance in the Lime District, residents reported SCP-2495 attempting to use a set of anomalous paints in order to fend off its attackers. The SCP-2495-B instances successfully used anomalous weaponry to subdue SCP-2495 – notably, the paints recovered from the incident matched the description of the anartist's palette in the novella ("Drexler" brand nano-pigment paint manufactured by Iris Arts1).

Incident SCP-2495-02: 13-MAR-2016
A letter to SCP-2495's parents is sent by SCP-2495's sister, Agent Allison Eckhart. It is believed that Eckhart's elision of SCP-2495's work for the Unusual Incidents Unit and her statement in the letter that SCP-2495 had died rendered the letter fictional – as such, SCP-2495 replaces Eckhart's "character" in the letter, with the "character" of Supervisor Graham Reed being overwritten by an SCP-2495-B instance.

Upon physical manifestation, SCP-2495 held its hands up in the air in a gesture of surrender and was taken by SCP-2495-B without further incident. Unusual Incidents Unit presence in the area is increased and similar steps are taken by the Foundation. Eckhart's parents were sent another, "clean" version of the letter by an editor who was unaware of SCP-2495's abduction.

Incident SCP-2495-03: 03-APR-2016
Department of Analytics personnel assigned to the Trilby Taskforce report the presence of SCP-2495 in a compilation of speculative fiction stories named Want It Darker. The affected story in question depicts the use of the anomalous (including memetic kill-agents, remote viewing technology and spatial distortion shells) in an unidentified conflict involving the United States.

MTF Rho-5 ("Pale Moonlighters") were dispatched to prevent further creation of SCP-2495-A instances, while Unusual Incidents Unit personnel provided backup to their operatives. SCP-2495 was recovered by the MTF and was soon followed by SCP-2495-B instances: in a presumed attempt to incapacitate its pursuers, SCP-2495 deployed a killword, at the time suspected to be a memetic hazard.

The killword rendered the majority of attackers unconscious but failed to affect Foundation or UIU personnel – later retromemetic analysis and testing on various subjects appears to indicate that SCP-2495 is the only known subject able to speak the killword and cause it to have any effect. Whether this is due to yet-untested factors or is a property of the killword itself is yet to be conclusively determined.

SCP-2495 was then bought to Site-64 through the Oregon Way to Three Portlands and contained in a Provisional Humanoid Containment Cell, prior to its transfer to Site-43 to avoid possible further attack by SCP-2495-B instances.

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