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SCP-2504 - Emergency Services
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Item #: SCP-2504

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-2504, full containment is impossible. Containment consists of limiting the media''s interaction and reporting of with SCP-2504-1 instances. Social media containing content depicting the anomalous properties of an SCP-2504-1 instance should be summarily deleted. The accounts associated with the content should be temporarily removed or banned.

Description: SCP-2504 is an anomalous event that occurs when emergency services are needed within the city of ███████, Illinois. To date, there is no recognizable pattern between SCP-2504 events. Attempts to purposefully initiate an event have thus far ended in failure. Events usually begin when an emergency is reported through the emergency services contact number. Depending on the nature of the event, an instance of SCP-2504-1 will appear and respond to the reported emergency.

SCP-2504-1 refers to multiple entities recorded from known instances of SCP-2504. SCP-2504-1 consists of multiple assets to various departments of the city''s emergency services; however, due to the nature of the phenomenon, none of the assets are recorded as being owned or operated by any members of the departments or the departments themselves. Please see the list below for entity identification.

SCP-2504-1-1: [Fire Department] - Quint-Type fire apparatus. Engine# 9056, License# ████-███
SCP-2504-1-2: [Police Department] - PPV, License# ████-███
SCP-2504-1-3: [Police Department] - Officer ████ Wilder, commonly associated with SCP-2504-1-2 and SCP-2504-1-4.
SCP-2504-1-4: [Police Department] - Officer ███████ Bentley, commonly associated with SCP-2504-2 and SCP-2504-3.
SCP-2504-1-5: [Fire Department] - Lead by ███████████ Bigg. See Addendum-2504-1 for more information.
SCP-2504-1-6: [██████████] - Agent ████████ ███████, See Addendum-2504-2 for more information.
SCP-2504-1-7: [Emergency Medical Services] - Type I Ambulance, License# ████-███.
SCP-2504-1-8: [Emergency Medical Services] - Lead by ███████████ Richards.

It is currently unknown where instances of SCP-2504-1 originate from. The instances are usually only seen turning the corner near the emergency in which they are required. Witnesses to the disaster claim the emergency vehicles were in traffic nearby when they began movement towards an emergency. Security camera footage often appears to support these claims; however, discrepancies between footage and actual events have arisen during various SCP-2504 events.

Instances of SCP-2504-1 perform their work professionally, with very few flaws or mistakes. Once the situation has been resolved, SCP-2504-1 instances will begin to perform general follow-up procedures. Following this, the subjects will return to their vehicles and leave the site of the emergency. Similar to their appearance, upon loss of visual contact, the instance will disappear. Attempts to track SCP-2504-1 instances have thus far ended in failure. Tracking devices placed on the instances stop transmitting shortly after the loss of visual contact. Attempting to follow the instances have been unsuccessful as all agents have lost sight of the instance they were pursuing.

Official documentation of this activity will appear in the proper file of the branch of emergency services that SCP-2504-1 instance was representing. It is currently unknown how the paperwork is completed or returned to the various headquarters.

Addendum-2504-1: Upon initial discovery of SCP-2504, the vehicular instances were only seen. Drivers were unable to be identified and, on some occasions, unable to be seen. This lead to the belief that SCP-2504-1-1 and SCP-2504-1-2 were autonomous. As the SCP-2504 phenomenon was studied, SCP-2504-1-3 through 6 were discovered. During various SCP-2504 events, members of MTF Delta-13 were able to contact several members of the various SCP-2504-1 instances. Several short conversations were recorded.

Interviewed: SCP-2504-1-3 and -4.

Interviewer: Agent Lloyd

Foreword: After a short confrontation between an armed assailant and SCP-2504-1-2, 3, and 4. Agent Lloyd approached the pair to ask some questions.

<Begin Log>

Lloyd: So, how long have you two been on the force?

SCP-2504-1-3: Longer than most. When did we start Ben?

SCP-2504-1-4: I wanna say ''73, but I don''t remember exactly. I don''t like talking dates, makes me feel old.

Lloyd: You guys sure have been here for awhile. I''m glad to know we have people like you protecting the city.

SCP-2504-1-3: Well, we don''t do enough. We never have enough time to do everything we want to.

SCP-2504-1-2: <Indiscernible chatter from radio.>

SCP-2504-1-4: I guess our time here is up, we''ve got another report to attend to. You stay out of trouble, bud.

Lloyd: Right.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The instances left quickly, and upon loss of visual contact were unable to be relocated.

Foreword: A short recording taken from an SCP-2504 event involving SCP-2504-1-5. One of the members, known as Weiler, was returning some equipment to SCP-2504-1-1, while conversing with other members of the instance. The recording was taken by an agent, who at the time was nearby, discussing the fire with another member of SCP-2504-1-5.

<Begin Log>

Wieler: You know… I really like doing this. It makes me feel so alive! You guys ever get that feeling when we''re dealing with a fire? You know, that rush. That… That… Oh, I dunno what else to call it.
Bigg: Yeah, Weiler, we all get it. It''s saved my ass a few times. Whoa- (Subject drops a large piece of equipment.) Shit! Yeah, that rush''s saved me a few times, but not always. I''ve gotten burned before, but nothing major. It''s all part of the job though. I''d be happy doing this for the rest of my life, burns included.

<End Log>

Addendum-2504-2: Information restricted to level 4 clearance.

Condensed Employee file # ████-██████-█-██

Name: ████████ ███████
Position: Agent
Current Status: Active Missing, presumed deceased
Current Location: Unknown
Former Locations & Teams:

MTF Eta-92

Physical Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Additional Notes: See Incident Log-████-A & Incident Log-████-D

Incident Log-████-A.

Date: ██/██/1983

MTF Eta-92 was responsible for locating and tracking a possible extra dimensional anomaly. Upon discovery, the anomaly manifested a new reaction that intelligence reports were not aware of. Agents ████, ████████, █████, and ███████ were selected to retrieve the object. Upon reaching the destination, the team were accosted by a small group of armed individuals. At this time, contact was briefly lost. [REDACTED]. All agents are missing and presumed dead. The anomaly was recovered following a second expedition. It was catalogued as SCP-████.

Incident Log-████-D

Date: ██/██/1987

During research on SCP-████, an expedition team, within the alternate reality accessed through SCP-████, found a news article describing a confrontation in a warehouse near, ███████.

Shootout in Upper Illinois Leads to Large Fire. Many Killed or Injured.

On ██/██/████, at approximately 4:15 in the afternoon, the ███████ Police Department dispatched a SWAT team to calm an escalated conflict between two armed groups. Following an unsuccessful initial intervention with regular officers, the SWAT team ended the conflict by subduing the remaining members of both parties.

Following the skirmish, a fire broke out in a nearby building, as a result of the shootout. Fire and Emergency Medical Services arrived shortly. Despite the actions of the firefighters, the fire soon grew out of control.

Due to the fire, an explosion caused a portion of the building to collapse, killing multiple members of the Emergency Services and one unidentified individual.1

The unidentified victim was later identified as Agent ███████, who has been missing following the events of Incident Log-████-A. Contacts in the emergency services confirmed that he was found in the standard Foundation uniform. ███████ was believed to have been working with one of the parties that initiated the conflict. The arrested members of both parties were quickly found missing following their arrest. Police records have no evidence that the men were arrested. General knowledge of the incident indicates that the incident was related to gang violence. Research is ongoing.

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