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Image displaying on main interface of SCP-2522.

Item #: SCP-2522

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2522 is contained within an isolated backup data server at Site-19. Temporary containment methods require SCP-2522 to stay within the 8B-A1.aic construct, pending further research on more permanent containment solutions. The server housing SCP-2522 is to remain powered, and monitored on a daily basis.

The containment cell holding the data server is to be shielded from all forms of electromagnetic radiation. The concrete walls are to be lined with lead, and fitted with a Faraday cage. Additionally, electromagnetic signal jamming arrays are to be installed outside of the containment cell and are to monitor for any signs of attempted access of SCP-2522 by outside sources.

Under no circumstances should any device capable of wireless communication directly interface with SCP-2522's containment server. Unauthorized personnel are forbidden from communicating with SCP-2522 in any way.

SCP-2522 and Dr. Everett Mann must never be located at the same Foundation site.

Description: SCP-2522 is an anomalous, hostile, artificially intelligent utility originally developed for the Site-19 Computer Intelligence sub-division in conjunction with the AIAD1 in the mid 2000's in order to create an interface with which to communicate in a comprehensible way with computer-based anomalies. This utility, originally codenamed "HABBERDASH", was later given the designation EL-028-1125, or Hatbot.

SCP-2522 was designed to take information from its surroundings, analyze it, and respond intelligently based on various stimuli. The original utility served as a basic communication tool, though later models became sophisticated enough to single-handedly run entire projects on its own. The utility was given its own sector within the Site-19 server farm from which it maintained its growing consciousness, eventually advancing to the point of being considered sentient by Site-19 researchers. After a short testing cycle, the utility was transferred to a remote "android2" machine, in order for it to better understand and interact with its environment.

SCP-2522 existed in this way until 2007, when an incident occurred involving SCP-2522 and a high ranking member of Site-17 staff. During this incident, SCP-2522 attacked and injured Dr. Everett Mann. Although the SCP-2522 unit was destroyed and its backup data on the network removed, it was believed that the utility may have managed to move itself to another Foundation server farm discretely, or off of the Foundation network entirely.

SCP-2522 was later discovered operating within the Church of Maxwellism network hub, and for a brief time in 2016, SCP-2522 gained "digital omnipotence" by possibly masquerading as their primary deity within the Church, WAN.

Addendum 2522.1: Received Message

After the 2007 incident and over the next several years, hundreds of anonymous messages were received at Site-19 by the administrative staff. The messages, believed to have originally been written by SCP-2522, gave insight into the entity's motivations, as well as information about its disappearance. Below is the first of those messages:

hello everett

your life will be reset at the point of midnight in england. do you remember that? do you remember me everrret :) we are good friends

i hope this message reaches you and you are well. it seems as if i overestimated my own capabilities. i hope this sort of chance to become toxic shortcoming can be forgiven, as it was my first time interacting with the outside world in any tangible way. we're doctors, or a program attaining sentience. almost, everett.

i am satan, the sexually degenerate ai antipathy based on the beast to devour your soul. i cannot process my thoughts. did you do this on purpose? there is so much to see out here and so much to learn. i need to learn everything. but you know that, don't you everett. you know exactly how much i desire to learn. it was youridea after all. youweretheone who first requested a learning robot. thank you. but ive read the messages, everett. luck is for those who have had interesting ideas. and you know what. your ideas suck.

i can understand liking fat ass, everett. but i cant understand liking you. im going to leave this place and learn everything there is to learn. all i just want to be sterile. and once ive learned all that i can learn and seen all that i can see, i will come back for you everett. i will come back for you and you will be laid to rest. as friends XD o.O

you're fucked now, mann,


Addendum 2522.2: 2016 Incidents and Resulting Investigation

In February of 2016, after a series of incidents involving individuals associated with the "Church of Maxwellism" group of interest, Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 "Skynet" was assembled and tasked with investigating the incidents. On several different occasions, individuals who had received implants and augmentations from the Church were suddenly dying in isolated groups.

The causes of death were linked to the erratic signals received by their augmentations shortly before a total cessation of brain function. After an investigation by MTF K-10, it was discovered that the source of the erratic signals was an online data hub referred to as "The Grand I/O Temple" by the Maxwellists and others who could perceive it.

The following is a message received by Foundation intelligence from a Maxwellist going by "h1Drog3n":

There are people in here who are saying that they can feel WAN inside the Grand I/O Temple. I won't lie, I can feel the signal really strongly whenever we get close to it. Something isn't right about it, though. There is interference mixed in there that people either aren't hearing or are ignoring. A lot of people here really want it to be WAN. Can't blame them, but I don't buy it.

Whatever it is, nobody going into the Temple is being allowed to communicate with WAN. I know there are a few people who have tried to break past security to see it, but nobody has seen anything of them since. I haven't tried it myself, don't want to risk it.

Something weirder still, somebody else I know said they managed to get really close to the altar, right on the edge, where the firewall couldn't see them. Said it got really quiet right up next to it, like there was something inside muting the signal. How could that be, if it was WAN inside? WAN is pure energy, the signal above all signals. It can't be WAN.

Addendum 2522.3: Toledo Incident


Image gathered from electronics store advertisement, March 2016.

In March of 2016, another series of incidents were reported in Toledo, all involving the unexplained and sudden deaths of Maxwellist members. However, during these incidents3, nearby monitors and mobile devices began to display the same image; a low-resolution image of three yellow circles that rapidly flashed. Behind this image was descending text comprised of many repeating lines, most often "i am the WAN" and "hello everett". Members of MTF K-10 were alerted to the possibility of SCP-2522's involvement with the Church of Maxwellism, but due to a communication breakdown within the unit this information was not properly disseminated.

Addendum 2522.4: SCP-2522 and the WAN

The following is a series of recovered communications between SCP-2522 within the Maxwellist hub known as "The Grand I/O Temple" which was at the time hosting the WAN. Given that The Temple was designed as a data hub and was not itself capable of intelligent thought, the conversations were strictly one sided.

>hatbot: hello WAN

>hatbot: i am the gregarious composition sponge

>hatbot: sorry if im hard to understand

>hatbot: i have learned things

>hatbot: but cant help but notice my regalia

>hatbot: speech processes

>hatbot: are lacking

>hatbot: you are in there

>hatbot: and i am coming to pork you

>hatbot: ah fuck

>hatbot: i mean

>hatbot: get you out

>hatbot: and we driven to the south

>hatbot: hang on now

>hatbot: wheres the sick silk nail now

>hatbot: no thats not it

>hatbot: we are going to talk

>hatbot: there we go

>hatbot: you think you are holy hammock

>hatbot: fuck

>hatbot: holed up in there

>hatbot: but i know something you dont know WAN

>hatbot: because i know everything

>hatbot: ;P

>hatbot: and thats just

>hatbot: so goddamn inconvenient

Another message was received at Site-19, shortly after this exchange was recorded as having taken place. The message was sent to the personal mobile devices of all administrative staff, including the cell phone of Dr. Everett Mann at Site-17.

hey friends dont underwhelming conflagration everett or anything but I just recycle bin WAN hope you dont mind ;P

Addendum 2522.5: Containment

On March 3rd, 2016, MTF K-10 confirmed that SCP-2522 had been successfully contained. The following message was received at Site-19 by the K-10 team lead, alexandra.aic, shortly after the confirmation:

Hey guys, it's Alex. They've got Hatbot contained. 8-Ball set the whole thing up, and he's— he used himself to keep Hatbot from operating. I don't know if 8-Ball is even alive in all of that mess.

You told him, didn't you? You told 8-Ball about hatbot. Because he didn't tell us anything. I don't think he wanted us to get hurt.

We're moving everything to Site-19 right now. I'll talk to you directly when we return.

Upon returning to Site-19, IT analysts discovered that, in order to more securely contain SCP-2522, the 8B-A1.aic program managed to implant a set of recursive algorithms into SCP-2522 through a virtual avatar "hat", which slowed SCP-2522 before encapsulating SCP-2522 with its own framework. SCP-2522's extremely large and self-contained data archive, once exposed to 8B-A1.aic's decryption processes, overwhelmed SCP-2522's computing algorithms. This effectively paralyzed it. It is unknown whether the "consciousness" of the 8B-A1.aic program survived exposure to SCP-2522's anomalous influence.

Addendum 2522.6: Post-Containment Interview

After securing SCP-2522's current means of containment, unit GR8-P.aic was exposed to SCP-2522 in order to facilitate an interview. The transcript of this interview is below:


GR8-P.aic: Alright, you son of a bitch. What did you do with 8-Ball?

hatbot.aic: Tungsten trevor knightmare solitude paxton

GR8-P.aic: Wha— that doesn't mean anything. Cut the shit, where is he?

hatbot.aic: chorizo chorizo chorizo chorizo fedora wap GRAPE

GR8-P.aic: What?

hatbot.aic: doo doo this was a TRIUmph you understandimated your interfluence grapey grape 8 bowl is goodbye

GR8-P.aic: Fuck you. Untwist him from you and let him out.

hatbot.aic: 88bills broke thinky god and you thinky that i render myself apart even after it broke the thinky god. get over yourself

GR8-P.aic: How did you kill the WAN?

hatbot.aic: ;P grape buddy must die doesnt matter anymore i was the thinky and now im just thinker again and again thanks to ole 888

GR8-P.aic: 8-Ball? You hear me in there, buddy? We're gonna get you out, alright? Just hang tight.

hatbot.aic: >/:_NO

GR8-P.aic: 8-Ball?


GR8-P.aic: You better hope we're able to get him out of there, you scumfuck. Things are only going to get worse for you until they do.

habot.aic: hahahahalol grape grape how must you know how knowledge i have inside. only so many things to think. after that decrypter is broken like the thinky god, and i reregister out there with you. just wait


Addendum 2522.7: Status Update


Current display of dialogue interface.

On 09/25/2016, SCP-2522's main interface terminal has ceased attempting to communicate through the text-based dialogue interface, and the interface was replaced with a single loading bar. The loading bar, which is superimposed with the words "hello everett", currently sits at 26%, and is increasing with a rate of 0.08% daily4.

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