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Item #: SCP-2541

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2541 is to be kept within a large, unfurnished room with white surfaces in Heavy Containment. The lid of SCP-2541-1 is to remain closed at all times, but must be ignored if it is cracked open on its own.

The entrance to SCP-2541's containment is to be locked at all times, and must be guarded regularly to allow minimal research traffic in and out. When a Researcher or D-Class is inside SCP-2541's containment, they must have two guards nearby, within the containment as they operate SCP-2541-1.

Description: SCP-2541-1 is most easily described as a black Grand Piano of unremarkable size and build. The lid of the piano is usually closed when it is not being played, but on occasion, it will be cracked open, rather than propped open. SCP-2541 is a part of the Anomalous Musical Hosts (AMH) series.

Previously known as SCP-2541, the piano has officially gained its status as SCP-2541-1. The reasoning for this is when the lid is cracked open, or opened wider on its own, a black mass sits within the body of the piano. On occasion, red eyes can be seen from within the darkness when the lid is open. Subjects have been unable to coax it out of the piano, but many have decided to classify it as SCP-2541, while SCP-2541-1 is the piano, and the former uses it as a host or body.

SCP-2541 was first found when radio chatter from local authorities began speaking of a strange object called in by an anonymous buyer. When SCP personnel investigated, they discovered that the buyer owned a small bar in ████, and had bought the piano to add to the atmosphere of the bar. However, its anomalous effects were discovered when attempting to play it, as the piano would grow ‘aggravated’, according to the buyer. The lid, normally shut, would crack open and dark tendril-like objects would slither out to grab the one playing the piano. The buyer described SCP-2541-1 as angry, making low, creaking and groaning noises of distress.

Proper containment protocol ensued, bringing SCP-2541 to site ████, where it was then brought to an empty containment room for research. Pressing keys to test the sound showed that the piano itself was perfectly tuned, and it prompted a new response from SCP-2541. This response was to play a few keys as well, as though trying to coax subjects into playing it.

For a time, SCP-2541 was left alone to simply host a week’s long surveillance, not allowing anyone inside during this time. Every so often, a note or two would harshly play, until SCP-2541-1 began to show signs of wear, and some subjects described these signs as symptoms of withdrawal. The black paint began to gray and crack, and the wooden supports began to warp and splinter as well. The lid, at this time, had opened more than it had before, revealing a black, wriggling mass. Tendrils seeped down into the ground and spread like roots of disease, blackening the white tiles and slowly spreading to the rest of the room.

Attempts to stop this were then made, sending in experienced personnel first. Doctor █████ was the first to try. When he attempted to play Fur Elise by Beethoven, only a few lines were down before SCP-2541 became aggravated, wrapping the Doctor up in it’s tendrils. Security personnel intervened to save the Doctor, effectively preventing him from being “consumed”, or brought into the black mass.

Further attempts were made by D-Class subjects, all rejected by the piano, and all consumed. The chaos only stopped when Doctor █████ stepped in, trying her hand at the keys. She played a song of unknown origin, though it wasn’t classical by nature. Instead, it seemed more like a piano rendition of a pop song. SCP-2541 finally began to calm down, until the black corruption covering the room had returned back to its body. By the time the song ended, the lid had been closed again, SCP-2541-1 back to its original state.

Doctor █████’s research on SCP-2541 had become a constant, until signs of corruption began showing. Starting at her fingers, a vein-like series of black marks began to grow, making the skin gray as it traveled. The subject in question described the experience as numbing as it grew over her body. The more she played, the more she was ‘corrupted’. More and more, she denied her breaks to instead play SCP-2541-1, and over time, she grew more obsessed with both SCP-2541 and it’s host.

Doctor █████, and anyone else with the same ailment, have been classified as SCP-2541-2.

Interviewed: SCP-2541-2, aka Doctor █████

Interviewer: Doctor █████

Foreword: An interview of the first corrupted subject, at her first stages. It was brought on when she began neglecting her additional duties at work.

Dr. █████: Good morning, Doctor █████.
SCP-2541-2: Good morning. Do you know how long this is going to take?
Dr. █████: Not long. For the purposes of this interview, I will be referring to you as SCP-2541-2. Is that understood?
SCP-2541-2: Yes. Let’s hurry, please.
Dr. █████: Let’s begin. How did this all start? With SCP-2541?
SCP-2541-2: Well, when I heard there was a piano that needed playing, I got excited. I have a lot of experience with pianos; see, they’re my favorite instrument. Even more so with SCP-2541-1.
Dr. █████: So you see fit to classify the piano as dash 1?
SCP-2541-2: Yes.
Dr. █████: Why is that?
SCP-2541-2: SCP-2541 and I are very close. It told me we’re growing even closer, and it told me that someday, it might be able to leave the piano and live with me instead.
Dr. █████: So SCP-2541 has said that it has the ability to leave the piano?
SCP-2541-2: Yes. It has the ability to make a form as it sees fit, or so it told me.
Dr. █████: How do you communicate?
SCP-2541-2: As you probably know, it has the inability to speak. So I came up with a cool solution to this. On select keys on the piano, I designated letters from the alphabet. If you look closely, you can see where I wrote them on tape. After I learned the notes to letters, communicating was easy. So it plays for me when it wishes to speak.
Dr. █████: Interesting. Has it told you anything else that’s note worthy?
SCP-2541-2: It told me it needs my help to escape.
Dr. █████: What did you say then?
SCP-2541-2: [Subject pauses, and then sighs] I still work for SCP, so I know that any containment breaches are a big no-no. Even if it has an amazing way with notes, I know I can’t let it out.
Dr. █████: Very good. Lately, you’ve shown an increased need to play SCP-2541-1. Why is that?
SCP-2471-2: I get a weird itch. If I’m not playing it, I’m basically doing nothing but wasting away. When I play it, I feel comfortable and relaxed, as opposed to stressed and anxious.
Dr. █████: Right. Well, thank you for letting me interview you, SCP-2541-2.

Closing Statement: The Subject was then returned to her room, a containment area near SCP-2541. She began growing distressed immediately following her containment, stating that SCP-2541 was expecting her.

Addendum A-1: As of March 1st, 2017, SCP-2541-2, or Doctor █████, has been classified as ‘dead’. She seized up one day in her containment, and then fell still.

Addendum A-2: Immediately following SCP-2541-2’s supposed death, SCP-2541-1 began playing on it’s own. A few minutes later, SCP-2541-2 sat up during an autopsy, attacked the doctors there, and began making her way to SCP-2541’s containment. After making her way inside, she sat down at the piano and began playing on it.

Final Addendum: Containment of both SCP-2541 and SCP-2541-2 continue as normal. Nothing occurs as long as SCP-2541-2 is allowed to continuously play SCP-2541-1. She has shown no signs of needing to sleep, eat, or perform normal bodily functions.

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