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Item #: SCP-2543

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2543 is to be contained in a standard Class A Humanoid Containment cell in Block 4 of Site 15. It is allowed two hours per day in the Block 4 Courtyard. SCP-2543 is to be administered 40mg of citalopram daily for depression. The subject is to have a Dell desktop computer hooked up to a projector in its habitation. This computer comes equipped solely with VLC Media Player, Minesweeper, and Microsoft Word. All but Microsoft Word may be taken away as punishment if deemed necessary by Site Director Allen. SCP-2543 is allowed to request new computer programs or videos but has not since it was contained. All materials written by SCP-2543 are to be passed directly to Director Allen.

SCP-2543's containment cell is to be surveilled at all times. All communications with SCP-2543 must be approved by Director Allen. Site 15 medical personnel are to be advised whenever SCP-2543 enters a catatonic state. SCP-2543 has been treated multiple times for injuries resulting from falling unexpectedly during such events. Personnel with clearance below Level 5 may be subject to amnesticization after interacting with SCP-2543.

Description: SCP-2543 is a humanoid female. The subject was formerly Dr. Harriet Wilson, a Level 3 Foundation scientist working at Site 16. Its anomalous properties were discovered on March 8, 2017 as a result of Incident KSS-4927.

SCP-2543 produces electricity through unknown means. This phenomenon appears to be localized to SCP-2543's skull, specifically the parietal bones, but does not impair its brain function. The amount generated normally fluctuates between 10W-50W and never falls below 8.2W.

SCP-2543 claims to receive hallucinatory visions on various occasions. When these events occur, the electricity it produces increases to between 10,000W and 15,000W. SCP-2543 enters a catatonic state for the duration of these events. The subject becomes lucid immediately after the cessation of these phenomena and experiences no permanent physical effects. SCP-2543 has been instructed to record the details of its experience during each event. These records are compiled in Document 2543-B.

SCP-2543 is believed to be linked to a version of itself in an unknown alternate universe. It claims that this version of itself, hereby classified Wilson-X, communicates with an unknown quantity of Harriet Wilsons across multiple universes and is the source of its visions. SCP-2543 also claims that Wilson-X is aware of its actions at all times, but rarely interferes. Evidence for these claims can be found in Document 2543-B.

During these visions, SCP-2543 claims to adopt the sight and hearing of one of its alternate universe doppelgängers, usually Wilson-X. SCP-2543 claims to be able to communicate with whichever version of itself it is having a vision of, though it has no control over their actions. Even while not having visions, SCP-2543 claims to communicate mentally at times with Wilson-X. Records of important communications can be found in Document 2543-B-2. SCP-2543 has been found to be aware of highly classified information that Wilson-X is believed to be responsible for imparting. The mechanism by which Wilson-X learns such information is unknown.

Wilson-X used these visions in order to coerce SCP-2543 into performing various acts of sabotage upon the Foundation prior to containment. It is unknown why these visions continue to occur now that SCP-2543 is unable to perform this function. A full list of infractions committed prior to SCP-2543's containment can be found in Document 2543-C. The most egregious act was Incident KSS-4927, which nearly resulted in a GK-Class End of the World Scenario.

Addendum: The following are excerpts from Document 2543-A (Interviews)

Interview #: 1
Date: 03/09/2017
Interviewer: Dr. Francis Egerton

Dr. Egerton: Tell me how this all started, SCP-2543.

SCP-2543: Oh god, is that my name now? Can you not just call me Dr. Wilson anymore? Or Harriet?

Dr. Egerton: I can call you Harriet. But you're an SCP now, you turned yourself in for containment. Please answer the question.

SCP-2543: Right, right. It was in early May. I was watching Planet Earth at home when all of a sudden I heard a voice calling my name. It felt just like the voice I use to think to myself, you know? Like it was coming from inside my head. But I certainly wasn't thinking it, at least consciously. I looked around but nobody was there. I lived alone.

Dr. Egerton: And then what?

SCP-2543: The voice kept calling me so I muted the tv. It said "thank you," like a response. I got frightened at that. The voice told me to calm down, and asked if I wanted to see it. I began to freak out of course. And then all of a sudden I was staring at myself in the mirror. Except it wasn't me. I had, or I guess she had, a large scar down her right cheek. And she looked a bit older and thinner than I was. But other than that it was like looking at myself.

Dr. Egerton: And this person was the origin of the voice?

SCP-2543: Yes.

Dr. Egerton: What happened after that?

SCP-2543: She told me that she was me, but from another universe. And that there were some things she needed me to do. She told me that if I listened she could reward me, and that if I didn't she would punish me. I was terrified and confused. I couldn't feel my body at all. Then she said that if I wanted to talk to her, I could try to say something and she would understand.

Dr. Egerton: Did you say anything?

SCP-2543: I said oh my god, what the fuck. She told me that she heard me and that I could relax. She said she'd be watching me, and not to tell anyone at work. And then I was back on my couch. I heard her voice in my head saying she was serious about not telling anyone about this.

Dr. Egerton: What did you do then?

SCP-2543: I cried. A lot. I thought it might've been a weird dream, or an effect from a skip I was working on, but neither made sense.

Dr. Egerton: When was the next time she contacted you?

SCP-2543: When I was driving to work the next day. I didn't sleep well that night. I'm sure you can imagine. It was just so surreal. I was a bit tired in the morning and I almost ran a red light. Right before I did, I heard a voice in my head say "red light!" And I slammed on the breaks, very confused, before she said "you're welcome." And I said "oh hell, it's you." She said I should be thankful because I could've gotten arrested.

Dr. Egerton: That is true, I suppose.

SCP-2543: She reminded me not to tell anyone at work about her. She said something like, "I don't want to threaten you, but I'm totally threatening you."

Dr. Egerton: When was the next time she contacted you?

SCP-2543: I don't remember every single time. A lot of them were short messages, like to remind me she was watching me. She'd say hi while I was in the bathroom or on my way to work. But nothing major happened for a few months. It was mostly building rapport, getting me not to instinctively hate her. We had little chats about nothing.

Interview #: 2
Date: 03/09/17
Interviewer: Dr. Andrino Allen

Dr. Allen: You mentioned that you're not the only person she was blackmailing. Could you please elaborate on that?

SCP-2543: I mean, technically I am the only one. But there must be hundreds of us, at least. All Harriet Wilsons, across who knows how many universes. I'd see different ones from time to time, if there was a reason.

Dr. Allen: Such as?

SCP-2543: If I had done something right, she'd show me something pleasant. My dad died when I was 14 but I guess in some universes he didn't. It was really hard on me, never getting to say goodbye. So a few times she'd let me see myself having dinner with him, or going on a hike, or something like that.

Dr. Allen: I see.

SCP-2543: She also let me watch, uh, very interactive porn. It felt a little creepy though, since the me who was actually having sex didn't know I was watching too. That's actually how I found out how she could punish me.

Dr. Allen: What do you mean?

SCP-2543: Whenever I had these visions, I could communicate with whoever's eyes I was seeing through. She always told me to stay quiet. One time when I was having a sex vision, the me whose life I was seeing said something like, "I'm so glad we're alone." And then I said "no you're not," almost as a joke, just to see if she could really hear me. She jumped up and screamed "what the fuck!?" Suddenly I was in my own body and I heard the evil one tell me that I shouldn't have done that.

Dr. Allen: What was your punishment?

SCP-2543: I had a vision a few hours later of driving in a car with my dad in shotgun. All of a sudden everything went sideways, like I'd just keeled over. I saw the car swerve into an oncoming semi truck, and then I was back in my own body. It was heart-wrenching.

Dr. Allen: That's terrible.

SCP-2543: It was. I hope that one version of me at least got some privacy. She deserved to know she was being watched. I don't think I've been alone ever since this whole thing started.

Interview #: 3
Date: 03/10/17
Interviewer: Dr. Andrino Allen

Dr. Allen: Based on the information you've given us, we've decided to name the version of you who was controlling things Wilson-X. Every other version of you we'll call Wilson-n in order to try to nail down how many of them you interacted with. You'll be Wilson-1, for instance.

SCP-2543: Fine by me.

Dr. Allen: So Wilson-X may have been doing this with an unknown number of doppelgängers, correct? If you had to estimate how many different individuals you saw through the eyes of, what would you say?

SCP-2543: It's hard to tell. I mainly interacted with X, and there were about ten or so I saw often enough to recognize. But sometimes I had visions where I flashed through a bunch really quickly, so the number could be in the hundreds. And I'm sure she's got Harriets I never saw.

Dr. Allen: How many seemed to be in your position? That is, being blackmailed to sabotage the Foundation?

SCP-2543: A bunch seemed to work for the Foundation. Don't know the exact number. Whatever else was going on in their lives, I have no idea.

Dr. Allen: And did many seemed to act as props? If Wilson-X's goal was truly to harm the Foundation, it seems like a great deal of the doppelgängers you've talked about wouldn't have been able to do much of anything. Many didn't even seem to be aware of the Foundation's existence. The way you describe your visions of them, it seems like their purpose was as leverage.

SCP-2543: That could certainly be the case. I don't know for sure.

Dr. Allen: Were there any whose purpose you were totally unsure of?

SCP-2543: Yes.

Dr. Allen: Such as?

SCP-2543: There were a few that seemed to be living normal lives. Some were even living really well, like they had big houses with servants and stuff. X had the nicest one though, she showed me it once. It was this huge villa built into the side of a mountain. From one of the balconies, you could see Machu Picchu.

Dr. Allen: That's intriguing.

SCP-2543: You still haven't asked about the worst Harriets I saw.

Dr. Allen: Okay, what were the worst?

SCP-2543: The ones that were strapped to a chair, staring at a screen. I think every time X wants to kill one of us, she kills two so that one can transmit the meme for the other to receive.

Interview #: 6
Date: 03/15/17
Interviewer: Dr. Andrino Allen

Dr. Allen: You sent an email from a dummy account to the personal address of O5-4. How did you acquire this address?

SCP-2543: Wilson-X gave it to me. She told me what to write as well, and that I should include a picture of a dead Calico with the caption "Your Snowball melted." Don't know what that was supposed to mean.

Dr. Allen: O5-4 related that this caused her quite a bit of distress. How did Wilson-X know it would do that?

SCP-2543: Beats me. She says the same things happen in a lot of universes. I guess that was one of them.

Dr. Allen: This thing being a personal event in O5-4's life?

SCP-2543: I suppose. I think she makes a lot of lucky guesses, to be honest.

Dr. Allen: Right, moving on. You were reprimanded in October for deleting observation logs of SCP-419. Did Wilson-X instruct you to do this?

SCP-2543: Yes. To be honest I don't know why. The effect it had was negligible. Half of them were backed up and all of them were boring.

Dr. Allen: Well, it's possible that since both Wilson-X and SCP-419 are extradimensional, that she had some ulterior motive.

SCP-2543: I guess. Sorry about that. I didn't have a choice.

Dr. Allen: There was also a database hack in Site 16 in September that gathered quite a bit of classified information. We never found the culprit. Was this you?

SCP-2543: It was.

Dr. Allen: You have no background in computer science. How did you pull this off?

SCP-2543: X gave me a few contacts. Most of them didn't respond – maybe they didn't exist in this universe, or didn't want to talk to me – but one did. Called himself Deadlock. He sent me the tools to do the hack. All I had to do was plug in a USB.

Dr. Allen: We'll need all the information you have about Deadlock.

SCP-2543: If she lets me I'd be glad to.

Dr. Allen: I need you to try, Harriet. He exposed a large vulnerability in our system and poses an active threat to our work.

SCP-2543: That's why she probably won't let me. Look, I don't know why she hasn't killed me yet, but I'm sure it's not because she can't. I'm not exactly trying to push it.

Dr. Allen: Okay. What did you do with the information?

SCP-2543: There was too much for me to leaf through myself. So she asked me to search for every unique SCP I could, where they were stored, and something called Aborans.

Dr. Allen: What did you find?

SCP-2543: Eight skips. Three Safe, four Euclid, one Keter. Nothing about Aborans, whatever that is.

Dr. Allen: Was one of the Safe ones SCP-2948?

SCP-2543: Yes it was.

Interview #: 8
Date: 03/17/17
Interviewer: Dr. Andrino Allen

Dr. Allen: Tell me about Incident KSS-4927.

SCP-2543: Right. It all started when SCP-1969 entered the Alpha state last Tuesday. I was of course made aware immediately because it was my main assignment.

Dr. Allen: Which meant that Wilson-X was made aware too.

SCP-2543: That's right. So at around 9am, I heard Wilson-X tell me that I had a message to send. I felt this sinking feeling, like I was about to do something I couldn't take back. But she said it had nothing to do with 1969. I had to send some coordinates I'd gotten from the hack in November to a certain URL on the Deep Web. She guided me through how to get there.

Dr. Allen: These coordinates were the location of SCP-2948?

SCP-2543: Yeah, which I did not know. And I sure as hell didn't know I was organizing a raid by the Chaos Insurgency.

Dr. Allen: Nor would you. But you sent them the coordinates.

SCP-2543: Yes.

Dr. Allen: Did you do anything else relevant before turning yourself in at 3:46pm?

SCP-2543: I watched the Sayaw Zone grow from my office. When I heard about the blast, I thought Site 11's nuke might've gone off. But I was close enough that I would've seen it firsthand. When I heard it was 2948, I raced back to my computer and looked up the documentation. That's when I realized what X's plan was.

Dr. Allen: It was dangerously close to succeeding. If the Sayaw Zone had reached 2948, which it would've if 2948 had gone off again and sent debris into the Sayaw Zone, 1969 would've been unstoppable.

SCP-2543: I know. I realized too late.

Dr. Allen: You knew you were playing with fire before you almost burned down the house. People died because of your actions.

SCP-2543: Yeah I, I know. But the things she was threatening me with… I didn't feel like I had any other option. I'm sorry.

Dr. Allen: And yet here you are. Alive and sane. Just like the rest of us, despite it all.

SCP-2543: And yet here I am.

Interview #: 32
Date: 06/03/18
Interviewer: Dr. Andrino Allen

Dr. Allen: In your most recent vision report, you described Wilson-X as your friend. Would you care to elaborate on that?

SCP-2543: She is my only friend. You keep me locked up with no one to talk to but the voice in my head. You all treat me like I'm going to spill every secret in the world.

Dr. Allen: We've had to amnesticize a number of people you've talked to.

SCP-2543: If I had more people to talk to maybe I wouldn't have so much to say each time.

Dr. Allen: I talk to you.

SCP-2543: Occasionally. I guess you're my friend too. She likes you as well.

Dr. Allen: That's… disconcerting.

SCP-2543: I think it's nice. She doesn't see much through me these days. But she takes me with her sometimes to watch our other selves. You never take me on field trips. Not that you could, of course. Protocol and all. I get it.

Dr. Allen: I could arrange something for you if you'd like.

SCP-2543: No no, it's fine. You've read my vision reports. I get out just as much as I care to.

Dr. Allen: Your last vision report was quite graphic.

SCP-2543: Yeah, looks like one of us actually succeeded. Very impressive, how she did it.

Dr. Allen: Do you wish you had?

SCP-2543: Not particularly. That one died. If anything it would've been a point of pride. Like, all the other Harriets would know that this one brought her world to its knees. That would've been a better reward than a spectator spot from inside a cell.

Dr. Allen: That would make you proud?

SCP-2543: It's what X wants. For the Foundation, all its people, all its Aborans, to suffer. For those who do not flee to die. For those who do not die to serve. That would make her proud, Andrino. And I am her.

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