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Image of a subject's brain before and after the procedure.

Item #: SCP-4291

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: SCP-4291 is to be tested as often as required for gathering data once every week for testing effectiveness of repairs. Two new subjects are to be used with each test, while two psychologists are to be informed of SCP-4291's function and left on standby. Both subjects are to be equipped with the provided specialized headgear for recording radiation from inside the machine during its use. Tests involving non-D-class personnel requires approval from two or more Level 3 or higher personnel.

Update: To prevent Incident 4291-A from reoccurring, SCP-4291 is to be kept at least fifty meters off-site in a tent lined with lead until its custom annex is constructed. Any researchers are to wear a radiation suit while in the process of testing, and psychologists should be kept out of the chamber until testing is finished.

Description: SCP-4291 refers to two heavily modified MRI machines connected together by electrical cables from their sides. Both objects are constructed larger than their non-anomalous counterparts, being able to envelop a patient's entire body instead of only their upper torso. The inner workings of both objects are fragile and differ greatly from non-anomalous MRI machines, making them difficult to manipulate without damaging.

When the machines are connected, and when two subjects lie down on the patient tables, both machines will automatically withdraw them inside without additional input, and SCP-4291's anomalous properties will manifest.

Both machines will simultaneously perform a procedure that artificially stimulates synapses of both subjects through unknown means, though radiation has been recorded within the machine during the process. Subjects who undergo the process report a variety of new memories and urges, all of which consist of recorded information of the other subject (see Testing Log 4291-A). This often results in both subjects expressing confusion and stress at varying levels. This can be treatable with therapy, but if left alone will cause a severe identity crisis, as well as other harmful psychological effects depending on who participates.

The machine also emits a form of ionizing radiation. This can be reduced in strength with standard high-density material. The radiation appears to move in a circular pattern around SCP-4291, rather than being projected outward.

Note: After initial testing determined the function and certain properties of the machine, the project was handed over to researcher Dr. Rodgers (who was also selected to take notes) and psychologist Dr. Ruefle. They were asked to test for any potential limits of the machine, both technical and psychological. Tests were performed on the same day with an average of 30 minute intervals between each.

Test 1: Dexterity

Subject 1: Subject is left handed.

Subject 2: Subject is right handed.

Results: When asked to write down a sample phrase on a sheet of paper, both subjects had a similar degree of difficulty. Both would reach for the writing utensil with both hands at once, hesitate for approximately five minutes, then settle on the hand they were dominant with before the test.

Test 2: Memories of location.

Subject 1: Subject was raised primarily in an urban setting.

Subject 2: Subject was raised entirely on the countryside.

Results: Both subjects were asked to describe the appearance of where they were raised. Subject 1 describes seeing wild animals wandering the city, while Subject 2 describes skyscrapers on the horizon of cornfields. Both were very unsure when describing these memories. Note: When asked to describe them again, their explanations were more diluted than previously.

Test 3: Relationships

Subject 1: Subject was sentenced after committing a number of murders out of anger for the death of a family member.

Subject 2: Subject was sentenced for murdering their close family in an attempt to commit insurance fraud.

Results: Subject 1 expressed a newfound apathy towards their family, as well as bitterness towards the motivation for their previous actions. Subject 2 expressed extreme regret in their own. Both, on more than one occasion, referred to the name of a family member from the other subject.

Test 4: Ideology

Subject 1: Subject was a devout Christian.

Subject 2: Subject was an Atheist.

Results: Both subjects became heavily insecure in their previous belief. Subject 1 described shock at "being able to accept a universe without a creator." Subject 2 suddenly developed a "hopeful, almost childlike" belief in a divine force.

Test 5: Physical awareness

Subject 1: Subject 1 had their right arm amputated up to the elbow. They state that their phantom limb sensations had reappeared for some time.

Subject 2: Subject 2 is not missing any of their limbs.

Results: Subject 1 reports feeling as though they had lost their arm all over again. They described feeling as though they should have an arm to control. They quickly fell into a state of shock. Subject 2 reports suddenly having reduced coordination and feeling in their right arm. Subject 2 also, however, expressed a certain degree of happiness at recovering something they had lost. This appears to have only increased their hysteria.

Test 6: Morality

Subject 1: Subject was known for their apathetic nature and lack of shame.

Subject 2: [REDACTED]

Results: Subject 1 broke out into tears. Dr. Ruefle believed them not to be faked, citing that Subject 1, having not been told the nature of the machine, would have no reason to. Dr. Ruefle also noted Subject 2 described dissociative feelings, questioning out loud why they had risked their life so often for others. Dr. Ruefle has expressed concern for this individual. Note: Both subjects reported the inside of the machine to feel abnormally warm.

Test 7: Loyalty

Subject 1: Subject is fervently loyal to the Foundation.

Subject 2: [REDACTED]

Results: [See Incident 4291-A]

On the day after initial recovery and testing of SCP-4291, an anomalous sphere of radiation was detected within Site ██ at ██:██ PM, with a small heat signature at it's center. The lock down sequence prevented numerous containment breaches, and a dispatch was sent to investigate. Numerous personnel were found in various states of dysfunction, all within and around the chamber containing SCP-4291. Furthermore, post-operation analysis concluded that they had undergone the effects of SCP-4291 on a broad scale, as their neural pathways had grown in proportion to the number of personnel within the affected area. It is theorized that SCP-4291 overheated from constant use, resulting in the radiation bubble around it to strengthen in energy for several seconds.

Dr. Ruefle and one other unidentified subject were found deceased within SCP-4291. Autopsy revealed the cause of death to be hyperthermia. The inner modifications were found to be damaged, with most parts and connections hanging loose, if intact. The O5 council later approved to allow an attempt at repairing SCP-4291, with new precautions.

Dr. Rodgers was found in a state of mental paralysis. The clipboard holding his testing notes was found nearby. The form for the final test appeared incomplete; however, written on the back appears to be his best attempt to transcribe his thoughts immediately after the machine overheated. They confirm that the sphere of radiation around SCP-4291 replicated the engrams of everyone within its radius onto everyone else.

Results: Who? Who's there? I hear a voice. There's a dozen voices, but I hear one. One at a time. One every millisecond. A radio that keeps changing channels. Someone keeps turning the nob. But who? And each channel continues the last. I'm going to die, because I'm experimenting on me, while I guard the entrance, and while I take notes, and while I'm locked in here unable to die. The heat. Too painful to think. I can't think with those screams. What have I done? I've done nothing. Should I be doing nothing? But I wasn't there. How could I do something? I know what I can do. I can kill them. All I want to do is let the knife fall and stop the knife from falling. Blood. I've seen blood. Blood is nothing. But I can't stand the sight of it. But I have to clean it up. But I have to taste it. But I have to find who's blood it is and help them. So I can hurt them. So I can help them. So I can hurt them. So I can help them. And I can stand there and shake my head. When the cycle repeats, it's madness, according to Einstein. And when it repeats, it means there's order. Which is it? Madness in the order in the madness. This is nothing but nonsense. Need to make sense. I need to note what's happening. Have To Keep Writing I don't want to write I want to get help. I'm thirsty. I need water. I felt my blood boiling, I know I need water. I want to be out there again. I want free from the restrictions, to kill whoever I want. But that's horrible. But what's the issue? I don't see how their lives matter. We're not here to protect the innocent. We're here to protect the innocent. Dammit dammit dammit dammit I Just Need To Think Straight butwhat'sthepoint? What'sthepointinunderstanding I Need To Understand Ican'tunderstand. No one in this room can understand. Everyone wants to understand. When we understand, we can stop fighting. When we understand, we can fight all the more viciously. So we try to understand. But we try to be understood. But we can't let them understand. So we avoid being understood. The more bricks you have, the more you can build, the more bricks you have, the more you can throw

Dr. Rodgers, as well as all other affected personnel Level 2 and above, have been sent to psychiatric treatment. It is unknown at this time if they will make a full recovery. An attempt will be made to discover why he found it necessary to breach Foundation conduct during tests 7 and 8.

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