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View of Mount Song from Site-119-1.

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel are to guard SCP-4915's seven two remaining entrance tunnels located near Mount Song or around Henan Province, China under the guise of "Henan's Fellowship Retreat", a Foundation front organization. As Mount Song is one of China's Five Great Mountains, the front organization's responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Direct authorized persons along preset tourist locales and passageways.
  2. Detain any non-authorized persons entering research zones and tunnels leading into SCP-4915.

Due to Operation Divine Battle-Axe (SCP-4915-3), problematic cave entrances have been demolished. Fortifications built around the bulkhead of the previous entrances are sealed with hydraulic sealing agents and cement covering an area of 21 cubic meters. Site-119-1 has been constructed over the surface area on top of SCP-4915. MTF-Xi-17 ("Silver Carps") is to guard the perimeter surrounding known SCP-4915 entrances. MTF-Xi-17 are to immediately quarantine Kanghui cultists detected near or arriving out of SCP-4915.

Description: SCP-4915 refers to a sequence of interlocking spatial phenomena located underneath Mount Song in Henan (China) 1400 meters below ground-level with a total surface area of 2300 cubic meters. SCP-4915-1 is an amalgamation of the following:

  1. a collection of various thermophiles (with several undocumented species of general Crenarchaeota), cyanobacteria, and alphaproteobacteria.1
  2. water super-saturated with methane, ammonia, and hydrogen.

The extent of SCP-4915-1's sea-floor area is unknown, though it pervades the interior of SCP-4915. From below its surface, SCP-4915-2 (various anomalous groups of coral) situate at the baseline, where nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, methane, and carbon gases separate.


Ceiling of SCP-4915-2 pillar.

Further inspection revealed "hanging"2 architecture similar in design to buildings from the Shang and Zhou dynasties (1600 BCE - 256 BCE) of varying sizes.3 Objects and rooms within demonstrate architecture and construction with a distinct organic or 'grown' appearance. The structures are embedded into cylindrical pillars with an average diameter of approximately 26 meters.

Examples of SCP-4915-1 architecture and objects include:

  • Round pavilions in the center of open enclosures. The walls lining the enclosure are designed with bilateral rooftops.
  • Chairs constructed of continuous-grown segments of bamboo coral.
  • Decorative tables made from red coral sponge.
  • Several pagodas housing altars to bronze sculptures depicting deities belonging to Chinese, Greek, Babylonian, and Sumerian mythology are found within each coral pillar.
  • Bioluminescent lanterns and lion sculptures are situated near large gates and open pagodas.

SCP-4915-2 pillars descending to the seafloor of SCP-4915 are currently immeasurable bottom of SCP-4915 appear to diminish in width and form convex, non-euclidean spirals when near the center of SCP-4915.

Any fragmentation of SCP-4915-2 will release chemical enzymes into the surrounding water which attract dormant SCP-4915-3. These organisms will attempt what has been designated the Pangu Procedure, during which they will initiate internal fertilization upon touching the fragment, or any moving object near the fragment. SCP-4915-3 seems to treat such objects as intromittent male organs. Being of a genus related to lophiiformes4 and homo sapiens, SCP-4915-3 assumes all humans are sexually dimorphic parasites. Thus, instances will attempt to pair-bond with humans, an act which usually causes severe physical damage to the bonding object due to gross physiological incompatibility.

Should instances fail to fertilize in a short period of time, they will manually open their mouths and expose a 3-meter-long esca5 from their throat. It emits a cognitohazardous light that penetrates all tested non-anomalous materials. Subjects influenced by this will experience extreme hyperarousal and shock to the sympathetic nervous system.

The following is an audio recording archived by Site-119 on July 15, 1981:

Wait… is it… It's working. (Loud metallic clanging followed by a low rumbling and clicking noises) Shit, the power's probably going to run out soon. Well, it's just me now. Beer-belly, ABC, Chu. (Breathless laughter) Hope the brass back at headquarters hears that first before anyone else. So I can be as clear and precise while the moderators aren't awake and censoring. Franky, James, Yang, Strauss, you boys, you listen up and you listen good. Don't come down here. I order you to not come down here. J-Just reassign yourselves — guard duty, surface patrols, or get your paid vacation in early. Fuck, even if the MTF fire you, you. Go. […]

Summarizing off the top of what's left of my head. We were doing fine honestly until […] George and Wu were going to come back to their dive-suits. Lu was monitoring for any activity out there. We were surprised when we first heard the ping-ping-ping of the machine. Nothing but empty space and giant-ass coral for hours.

Told, told George he better tell Wu to swim faster […] Head of some horrible prehistoric dinosaur. Body with sagging tits. Bellies big. Transparent. Could see the things crawling inside. Fish hag locked eyes on me. Big glowing plates. White hot in the middle of nothingness. It reached in. Pulled out a stick with a light on it. […]

[…] Couldn't move. Full ten seconds passed. Couldn't press the dial. Two more seconds. Impotent. […]

Couldn't even listen to Wu's pleas to open the fucking hatch. Got swooped down by one of them. Pressurized environment popped Wu like a balloon. Half his body raced to the depths. Viscera knocked George into one of them.

We… we couldn't even make a safe distance to launch missiles. Were. Were they always there? Was the machine pinging earlier? Then when we noticed? I-anyhow. Realized the submersible was moving again. Ross and Fieldman were the only ones to not look… directly at it.

Rammed one of them. Two others got caught in the deep-sea fans when we maneuvered right. That's when we went flipping everywhere. Absolutely no control. Everything… past that point is a blur. Woke up with some shrapnel torn into my collarbone. Ross slammed his face into the glass. Not getting up. Just twitches. Fieldman's harpooned into a stray pipe. The submarine got lodged into a temple revering the Sky God, T'ien so w-I'm stuck. Water's going to fill eventually.

I've been thinking. About the way George died. Going to sound like an ass, but I'm glad I didn't put on the dive suit. I'm partially glad I'm going to die in here in this tin-can. But… the way he died. Fucksake. He wasn't… killed by normal means let's say. Now that I think about it the half of Wu that didn't descend probably experienced the same fate.

They were absorbed into those things… Those long-disjointed arms kept shoving him in regardless of the poor man's screams. His arms struggling into the water. His mask was compromised. Unconscious attempts to scream must've filled his lungs immediately with water. When he looked up at her, his skin boiled. Like a lobster in a pot. That was when he went limp. Melded into one of those things. Before I passed out I saw the thing that did it. Half of George's sloping, sagging face… Whatever detritus, blood, and giblet still attached to the cranium. It… It starred back at me. Conjoined to that thing's hip. (Click, then radio silence)

After several months, eggs laid by SCP-4915-3 hatch into distinct polyps. These become new instances of SCP-4915-2 as the polyps absorb nutrition from the surrounding SCP-4915-1 after several days. There are no known marine vertebrate or invertebrate typically observed between bathyal to abyssopelagic zones6 existing inside SCP-4915 outside of instances.

Large capillary networks derived from SCP-4915-1's erosion of limestone bedrock connect with horizontally extensive underground river systems. Infiltrating meteoric water or oceanic water funneled through halocline water systems utilizing hydraulic conductivity filter through cavities under SCP-4915's domain and are then converted to instances of SCP-4915-1. The organisms existing in SCP-4915 die upon entering bodies of water alien to their native ecosystem.

A distant centrally-positioned light-source is visible from all points within SCP-4915, regardless of the onlooker's geological positioning within the anomaly. Its apparent position aligns with an area of seafloor emitting ██████, a previously unknown type of radiation. Exposure to this radiation in the uppermost layer of SCP-4915-1 raises the water temperature to approximately 41°C. Any direct observation of the light source at depths below 5100 meters is believed to result in a lethal cognitohazard. Individuals will [DATA EXPUNGED] due to the gradual acceptance of the light as a source of heat. Afterward, normative temperature regulation by the body ceases.


Due to the severe data corruption to SCP-4915 archives, the following files have been damaged via a highly virulent, cognitohazardous data entry. An investigation into potential intranet sabotage is ongoing. Collapsible files which had required authentication credentials have since been rewritten. Personnel that have went through Class-IV mnestics training, scoring high on memetic resistance tests, may experience minor headaches or hear the sound of dripping.

If your terminal allows access below this prompt, your temporary access token has been verified and accepted.



Drawn representation of the Battle of Canton circa 1858

Original documentation of SCP-4915 can be found as early as 1842 after the Battle of Canton.7 During the peace treaty negotiations, Li Hongzhang8 had covertly included the location of SCP-4915 in a package of generic documentation outlining Qing concessions to Major Charles Rigault de Genouilly. The following diary excerpt's existence was brought to the attention of Foundation personnel implanted in the People's Republic of China in 1970 when linguists stumbled upon it after translating various entries made by the late diplomat:9

Without the approach of the American Protective Foundation's envoy that night, the Qing, and all Han culture would be detritus to the foreign devils. First, the Opium plagues the land. Our men sleep in the drug dens. Our women resort to prostitution. Then battle after battle slaughtering countless peasants and soldiers only so that our own ports would open.

Our people have toiled and writhed in their own graves for this unending death. I pray the Heavens will forgive me for this…

The Westerners now have it as part and parcel of our compact. Though foreign-born, they possess uncanny insight into Great Yu's Dragon Gate deep below. Perhaps, it is a secret boon and they will maintain the floods for us. But the intentions of their secretive lords in the East India Company are unknown to me.

In return, we were given several years of relief. In winter, we will consolidate the empire and deal with the extraterritorial devils and their mercenaries. In spring and summer, we will grow our crops and feed our people. I can feel the pensive gaze of the Yellow Triarch and the late Emperors look on in shame for breaking the First Tryst, but the Empire must live on. I pray that the dam never breaks and the crevices neighboring Mount Song will never flood.

The joint operations between the People's Republic of China and Foundation agents have since secured the tunnels leading to Quadrant Alpha.10 Total pacification occurred in 1980 after hostile confrontations with a cult of humanoid entities known as the Kanghui, which resided in the interiors of Alpha Quadrant, had occurred. Dispatched MTF-Xi-17 brought the systematic network of tunnels connecting guerrilla Kanghui chambers together to compliance purging all traces of the latter. Site-119 was established after securing the Mount Song entry tunnel.

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