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SCP-2561 captured on trailcam footage; exactly one night prior to containment

Item #: SCP-2561

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2561 is to be contained in a 2.5m x 1.5m x 2m enclosure constructed from non-electrical conductive material within Site-15. Unauthorized electrical conductive material, electrical instruments, and any type of audio transmitters must be kept at a distance of at least 40m from the enclosure to avoid FM radio frequency (VHF) interception from the specimen. Only level 4/2561 personnel are allowed to enter the specimens enclosure to study its behavior and physiology.
Within 10m of SCP-2561, all personnel are required to wear the following:

  • Polyurethane-coated gloves
  • Industrial coverall

One portable FM radio is to be placed 2m outside the enclosure next to an audio-recording device. The device must be recording at all times, and the radio must never be tuned to another channel without first getting explicit permission from a certified level 4/2561 researcher. Researchers are to playback audio recordings bi-weekly.

Physically, SCP-2561 has the body and limb structure of an emaciated Domestic Shorthair cat. Its fur is white and short, and the fur on the front and back legs are completely covered with a black oily substance. Its entire head and face is in the form of a vintage television set complete with "rabbit ear" antennae. A large white eye with a single black pupil is displayed on the television screen over colored SMPTE bars. The specimen has no visible mouth, nose or ears. However, it has been seen to respond to noises, indicating that it has some sense of hearing. The specimens prehensile tail resembles a black power cord that stretches 80cm long and is complete with a two-pronged plug at the tip. The tail must never be plugged into any outlet under any circumstances. SCP-2561 does not need sleep or sustenance to function normally.

SCP-2561 has the anomalous ability to emit and receive VHF frequencies through its antennae within a radius of 40m. SCP-2561s transmissions are broadcasted on VHF frequency [DATA EXPUNGED]. These broadcasts reach all FM radios within a 40m radius of the specimen. As a result of the specimens special containment procedures, SCP-2561 is unable to receive any FM transmissions at this time. However, SCP-2561 is able to broadcast VHF frequencies in the form of slightly distorted voices and music1. Researcher/2561 Dr. ███████ had studied the specimens transmissions by placing a small FM radio outside of SCP-2561s enclosure, tuning it into the specimens "channel", and recording any feedback from it during 24 hour sessions. Based on the recordings, Dr. ███████ came to the conclusion that SCP-2561 is sentient and is able to speak limited english by broadcasting mixed words and speech excerpts from 1940s - 1950s radio broadcasts into FM radios within a 40m radius. Using these excerpts, SCP-2561 forms sentences to communicate.

SCP-2561s oil-covered limbs are dangerous if touched or if fumes from the oil are inhaled. Known side-effects of coming into contact with the oil include nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, and headaches. Long-term effects are unknown. It is unclear if the oil is able to be washed off of the specimen, but based on its behavior when personnel try to touch its limbs, it seems that the SCP-2561 would like the oil to be left untouched. Until further experimentation, it is assumed that the oil is a form of protection against physical contact.

Addendum 2561-01: SCP-2561 was originally contained on █/█/20██ while walking along an interstate highway next to the ███████ █████ Nature Reserve in ████████, OR. The Foundation was notified after reports came in about a "mysterious creature" walking in rural woodland areas. Around the same time as those sightings, reports of odd FM radio interruption came in. The interruptions, witnesses said, were described as "Eerie garbled voices and classical music". The sounds would slowly fade in (interrupting scheduled broadcasts), remain at a level volume for 1-5 minutes, then slowly fade back into normal broadcasting. This phenomenon coincided with the "mysterious creature" reports, occuring in the same places at the same time. After the trailcam image (see above) was taken by a resident hunter of ████████, the Foundation took action and captured SCP-2561 fairly easily. Upon containment, SCP-2561 was found wearing a large leather collar with what seemed to be a tracker attached to it. The collar was quickly removed from SCP-2561 and incinerated to prevent further tracking.

Addendum 2561-02:
On the date of ██/█/20██, shortly after containment, SCP-2561 promptly requested communication between itself and its "captor".
Below is a transcript of a recorded interview with SCP-2561. SCP-2561s responses were received via transmission through Dr. ███████s FM radio.

Interviewer: Researcher/2561 Dr. ███████
Interviewed: SCP-2561
Foreword: While playing back audio tape 23-2561-███20██, Dr. ███████ noted a transmission received at 2:48:03 in which the specimen seemed to request communication with a figure of authority within Site-15. After discovering this transmission, Dr. ███████ took immediate action to schedule a recorded interview with the specimen. Notably, SCP-2561 was the first to speak, showing a sign of eagerness to communicate.


SCP-2561: "I can't hear anything. I've been cut off. What happened to everybody?"

Dr. ███████: (taken aback) "Hey, slow down. You can ask me questions after I'm done asking mine. There's a lot we need to cover."

SCP-2561: (silence)

Dr. ███████: "Is…that okay with you?"

SCP-2561: "…I suppose."

Dr. ███████: "Perfect." (The sound of paper shuffling can be heard as Dr. ███████ prepares a list of predetermined questions) "Let's begin. What were you doing walking alongside interstate I-██, 2 hours prior to containment?"

SCP-2561: "Containment is what this is called? I am imprisoned. You've cut off my signal. Everything is quiet. I can't hear anything."

Dr. ███████: (slightly agitated) "Again, I'll allow you to ask questions if you cooperate. We need this information. Why were you walking alongside interstate I-██ on that night?"


SCP-2561: "I was on a mission to receive and store radio transmissions flowing through that area."

Dr. ███████: "A mission? A mission assigned by who?"

SCP-2561: "My creator. My father. My friend. He is my partner."

Dr. ███████: "I'm going to safely assume that this…'partner' is human. Why did he need to collect such radio frequencies? Couldn't he have used uh…a normal radio?"

SCP-2561: "Yes, he is a man. 'Normal' radio cannot detect the frequencies we need to collect. And 'normal' radio is not capable of travelling long distances to find them."

Dr. ███████: "What frequencies were you collecting for your partner?"

SCP-2561: "I don't know if I am allowed to tell you."

Dr. ███████: (The sound of paper shuffling can be heard again as Dr. ███████ sets down the list of questions) "If you tell me the answer, I can end this interview early, and you will be allowed to ask me any question about your situation."


SCP-2561: "Deep, dark secrets. My partner wants me to find hidden transmissions. He wants to know the secrets of the 'Land of Freedom'. And I tell him those secrets."

Dr. ███████: "Wh-" (Hesitates before speaking) "Very well. I've finished asking my questions. You're allowed to ask me one question now. Make it a good one."

SCP-2561: "Will I ever see my dear creator, K█████, again?"


Dr. ███████: "…No."


Closing Statement: Shortly after the interview was closed, SCP-2561 moved to a corner of its enclosure, curled up, and began broadcasting Bing Crosby's "Sunday, Monday or Always" through Dr. ███████s FM radio. The transmission repeated itself for roughly 2 hours before ceasing.

Addendum 2561-03:
<Information was provided by SCP-2561 itself during the above interview>
SCP-2561 was mechanically and genetically engineered by a single (alleged) U.S. citizen under the name of K█████ whose current whereabouts are unknown. It was designed to wander freely in the outside world to pick up radio transmissions. Ideally, the specimen would look for frequencies that contained hidden government transmissions. After such material was received through SCP-2561s antennae, the specimen would report back to its creator to relay the information. It is unknown if SCP-2561s creator was a part of a larger spy system or if they were standalone in their operations.

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