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EuclidSCP-2571 SCP-2571Rate: 9

Item #: SCP-2571

Object Class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-2571 whereabouts must be known at all times. Losing sight of or misplacing SCP-2571 could result in the termination of personal. When not in use SCP-2571 will be locked and kept in a sturdy iron lock box. The lock box will have a micro-GPS transmitter embedded into the metal. Once SCP-2571 is secured in the lock box, it can then be placed on any storage shelf with the approval of level 4 personal.

Description: SCP-2571 resembles that of a blank DVD disk with no distinguishable markings, and the top being a solid white.
Along with SCP-2571 is a white DVD case (SCP-2571-a) with what appears to be blood splashed onto it.
Leaving SCP-2571-a without SCP-2571 for the duration of an hour, will cause SCP-2571-a to create a copy of SCP-2571. Placing a disk other than SCP-2571 into SCP-2571-a will cause the disk to transform into a copy of SCP-2571. All extra copies of SCP-2571 must be cataloged then destroyed.
Attempts to place SCP-2571 into a DVD player by personal have resulted in an extreme case of fear and paranoia to the point where personal tried to commit suicide by any means possible if they are coerced any further to place SCP-2571 into the DVD player. The use of robots is the only known way of placing SCP-2571 into a DVD player.
The contents of SCP-2571 are currently unknown due to observational devices malfunctioning when the disk is played, and all personal that view SCP-2571 directly have died from an unkown cause.
Note: The following are the writings of those that viewed SCP-2571 before their deaths.
god hasdamned us all
hell is the new heaven
pain help dying stopstopst topstopsto
r li as t w

The writing became to scrambled to read at this point.
Note: The room in which the viewing of SCP-2571 has been renamed SCP-2571-b. This is due to the fact that when anyone enters SCP-2571-b they are never seen exiting, it is assumed that the disk is playing continuously due to this. Getting caught trying to enter SCP-2571-b will result in termination.

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