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EuclidSCP-4054 The living inkRate: -4

Item #: SCP-4054

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4054 should be kept within Site-103 in a waterproof Standard-size containment unit in an ink bottle.

The SCP must be given at least 1 dl of ink per day to keep it from deteriorating. If this does happen however, SCP-4054 must be given at least half of the amount of ink the bottle can hold.

During testing or interviews, SCP-4054 should be put into a larger, more open container with at max a jarfull of ink at the bottom (without the jar). This is to make sure, that the SCP can properly talk and not deteriorate, as it is body is unable to make complex bodyparts with low ink.

The area must be guarded by one 1-3-class security guard armed with a waterbucket and a jar.

All personel are prohibited on leaving any pens or other ink-based items within SCP-4054’s chamber.

Description: SCP-4054 is a sentient puddle of ink, that can talk and move on its own.

SCP-4054 appears to have two horn-like appendages on top of its body, but they aren’t sharp (until being within contact with more than a jarfull of ink, see Addendum 4054).

SCP-4054 has the ability to grow by being in contact with new ink, and at high levels of fluid it can mimic the appearance of bipedal mammals. At more than 5 liters of ink, it will become agressive and harmful to others(see Addendum 4054).

SCP-4054 was discovered at █████████████, Florida, Where it was found terrorising a pen factory, where it ”terminated” ███ policemen before the foundation got to the location. It was captured, when a waterpipe broke and washed some of the SCP’s body off.

addendum 4054: On 12/█/20██, a test was planned for SCP-4054. Here is the data available.

Experiment 4054

Procedure:SCP-4054 is dropped into a watertank filled with ink by one of three D-class personel in the room observed through bulletproof glass.

Results: D-34651(male, 36) was told to drop SCP-4054 to the water tank whilst the other D-class subjects stood a bit further away. Suddenly, SCP-4054 came to the surface having a more demonic appearance to it. It started slashing at them with it claws and [REDACTED] D-52368 (female, 42). Soon the ink was drained out into the selfcleaning sewersystem(tank was connected via pipe to the sewer) The part of SCP-4054 left in the tank was recollected.
1 D-class subject expired, 2 others were badly damaged and/or ink-poisoned.
Interstingly, the collected ink was able to continue acting like the original SCP soon after. SCP-4054 was questioned about this, but it had no clear answer for it’s regeneration.

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