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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-2593 is kept in a thin ironwood box then placed in a secured strongbox. Observations of SCP-2593 must be approved and supervised by level 4 research personnel. Writing utensils and instruments are not allowed within a 50 foot radius of SCP-2593 unless authorized and supervised by an on site doctor; Experimenting with SCP-2593 must be supervised and approved by an on site doctor.

Description: SCP-2593 is a highly accurate, hand drawn map that changes what land it depicts (countries, islands, continents, etc) every 7 hours when not being observed. SCP-2593 changes every 28 hours under observation. The changes of SCP-2593 seem to be random.

SCP-2593 was discovered by Field Agent █████ when coffee was accidentally spilled onto a map the Agent was using to traverse a segment of Southern █████ forest.
Any damages or tears SCP-2593 receives causes the land that it depicts to suffer serious catastrophic phenomena, such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and other such natural disasters. Though the damage the land takes vanishes when SCP-2593 next changes, the deaths caused by these disasters still remain. SCP-2593 will repair itself the next it changes.

Changing the details of SCP-2593 with writing utensils or instruments causes the land it depicts to violently change itself to match the change in detail. Again when SCP-2593 changes its depiction, the damage and land changes vanish but the deaths caused by this remain.

Carbon dating showed that SCP-2593 came from early 16th century. Other test results came back negative for any unusual substances.

Addendum: A recording of Dr. █████'s interrogation of Field Agent █████.

Dr. █████: "This is Dr. █████, the date is ██/ ██/████. I am interrogating Agent █████ about the discovery of SCP-2593."

Dr. █████: "Agent █████ how did you first discover SCP-2593?"

Agent: "I was traversing the northern segment of the forest in Southern ███████. I accidentally spilled my coffee on the map I was using at the time."

Dr. █████: "It says here in this file you were pursuing a creature with your team that resembled SCP-████. Can you describe the events that happened after you spilled coffee on SCP-2593?"

Agent: (After a deep breath). "It started raining."

Dr. █████: "raining? Raining how?"

Agent: "it wasn't normal, it happened instantly. The rain was so heavy you couldn't even see your hand waving an inch from in front of your face. Then the flood happened seconds later, I ended up having to climb a tree in order to not get swept up by the current."

Dr. █████: "How long would you estimate you were in that tree?"

Agent: "By my estimation I must have been up there for at least 2 and a half hours before things went back to normal."

Dr. █████: "When you said back to normal, what do you mean?"

Agent: "Normal as in all the water vanished. The tree I was in collapsed and pinned me under, I thought I was done for. Then it was like the world did a reset, the tree I was in was standing again, but I was still injured though."

Dr. █████: "I have no further questions, thank you for your time, you are dismissed." (After a short pause). "Agent █████ has left the room, this concludes the interrogation."

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