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EuclidSCP-2596 "Tod"Rate: -5

Item #: SCP-2596

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The containment chamber SCP-2596 is a 4 m x 4 m x 2 m concrete surrounded steel chamber with an adjoining 2 m x .9 m x 2 m concrete chamber containing SCP-2596-A (see addendum SCP-2596-A). The two chambers should be separated by a .3 m thick steel door. SCP-2596-A should be let into the containment chamber of SCP-2596 once every hour on the hour. Upon conducting any sort of test on SCP-2596 or SCP-2596-A, the two should be put together or SCP-2596-A will become enraged and silently start to attempt to breach containment. If this should happen, four Security Personnel should enter the chamber.

Upon entering the chamber two of the four Security Personnel should guard SCP-2596 from SCP-2596-A and two of the four Security Personnel should enter the chamber of SCP-2596-A and restrain it for at least 1 hour, during this procedure it is IMPERATIVE that the Security Personnel inside of the chamber do not look into the eyes of SCP-2596-A. Researchers inside of the control room should turn away from the chamber and leave the control room to avoid temptation of looking into the object’s eyes. If any personnel complain about SCP-2596-A watching them from corners outside of the containment of SCP-2596-A they are to be terminated.

Looking into the eyes of SCP-2596-A will cause hallucinations and eventually cause the person who looked into it’s eye to bleed from the eyes. Upon a containment breach of SCP-2596, SCP-2596-A should be restrained blindfolded and taken to SCP-2596. When SCP-2596 is in the direct line of sight of SCP-2596-A, SCP-2596-A should be instructed, using a calm voice, to collect SCP-2596. After this procedure has been successfully executed, SCP-2596-A should be restrained, but not blindfolded, and taken back to containment. Do not pull or push SCP-2596-A during the transportation period, simply lead SCP-2596-A, as pushing or pulling may anger and/or cause SCP-2596-A to drop SCP-2596.

The environment in SCP-2596 or SCP-2596-A should not change, neither react well to change and if change occurs a containment breach is risked, how both SCP’s breach together without disrupting security alarms is unknown. After the two breach they will not attempt to harm anyone as they will simply revert their chamber to it’s previous environment. Skin contact is not to be made with SCP-2596 as slow painful death will occur soon afterwards (see test-01). Personnel who complain about hallucinations and have been in direct contact of SCP-2596 should be terminated to prevent their inevitable suffering. If SCP-2596-A becomes enraged while in the containment chamber of SCP-2596 the chamber’s Electrical Discharge Rods (EDR’s) are to be activated and no personnel are to go into the chamber until the static electricity detectors show no signs of lethal electricity, this discharge should calm SCP-2596-A down.

Description: SCP-2596 is a 241 mm x 38 mm x 215 mm gravity-defying, bouncing book weighing approximately 8 ounces. The title of SCP-2596 is The Tinkerer, and has the face of a man on the cover, giving the impression that it is a biography. The contents of SCP-2596 are unknown as it is reported that upon reading the contents of the first page the subject begins to claw at their face and if left alone like this they become translucent and eventually transparent until they have fully become transparent and translocated themselves out of the chamber and into an unknown location it is believed that these subjects later become SCP-2596-A2 (see addendum SCP-2596-A2) and because of such one class-D should be subjected to this once every thirty minutes. SCP-2596 should not be touched by personnel for any reason. If SCP-2596 is touched, hallucinations of loved ones they have lost. Eventually, after the hallucinations have stopped the affected person's eyes will start to bleed and eventual death occurs (see test-01).

ADDENDUM SCP-2596-A: SCP-2596-A is the only organism who can both touch and interact with SCP-2596. So far any attempts to communicate with SCP-2596-A have been only unsuccessful so far. It is clear that SCP-2596 can speak as he sometimes does say and define uncommon words flawlessly to himself. SCP-2596 can become highly dangerous if angered.

ADDENDUM SCP-2596-A2: SCP-2596-A2 is a five-wheeled chair that is made of organic material after current research it has been discovered that SCP-2596-A2 is made of living human flesh, SCP-2596-A2 appears to be alive and sentient. Over a period of 24 hours SCP-2596-A2 will deteriorate. After the 24 hour period SCP-2596-A2 will be nothing more than a puddle of blood on the ground, class-D subject’s will clean the blood while SCP-2496-A is not in the chamber.


Dr. Sam Lobster: SCP-2596 test number one, the timer has not been set yet.
Dr. Sahqo Silon: SCP-2596 logbook, SCP-2596, found in ██████, ███ ███████. By Dr. Sam Lobster and Dr. Sahqo Silon.
Lobster: Class-D’s entering the chamber now.
Silon: Noted, writing it down. Did you start the timer?
Lobster: Yes. Current time on the timer is fifteen seconds, Class-D’s are beginning to explore the chamber.
Silon: Noted. Did you hear about what happened to that MTF Guard?
Lobster: I know, but we warned him not to touch the SCP.
Silon: I still feel bad for his family though. SCP-2596-A sure did have a lot of chairs in his house.
Lobster: Yeah, and a lot of blood on the floor.
Silon: One of the Class-D’s is picking up the SCP
Lobster: Let’s see what happens.
Silon: You know what will happen.
Lobster: You’re right I do, but it interests me.
Silon: You’re sick, take a minute to feel what they feel.
Lobster: Well, at the minute they feel no pain, so I know how they feel.
Silon: I mean emotionally.
Lobster: Hey, I’m just as scared of that thing up here as I was in that house with it breathing down my neck.
Silon: I know what you are saying.
Lobster: I’m going to open SCP-2596-A’s chamber.
Silon: Time?
Lobster: One minute and twenty seconds.
Silon: Noted.
Lobster: Don’t look into his eyes.
Silon: I know that, you should probably tell the Class-D’s
Lobster: I want to see how they react.
Silon: D-9826 seems to be clawing his own face out.
Lobster: What is that beeping?
Lobster: It seems to be disrupting the- n’t- ta- fix-
Silon: Call- sup- ey- lp
Lobster: -ut it- wn.


-SCP-2596-A Clawed into the chest of D-9826
-SCP killed D-74637 when he approached SCP-2596-A
-D-6578 lived through the entire test after staying away from both SCP-2596 and SCP-2596-A and was terminated afterwards.
SCP-2596 and SCP-2596-A both have the ability to mess with the electrical circuits through the EDR’s, surge protectors have been put in the wiring of SCP-2596’s EDR’s.

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