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Due to the graphic details described below, information pertaining to SCP-2610 is on a need-to-know basis, and is currently restricted to Level 2610.4 personnel only.

Discretion is advised.



Item #: SCP-2610

Object Class: Keter

Revised Object Class: Presumed Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2610-A, -B, -C, -D, and all instances of SCP-2610-E are currently presumed neutralized due to the unlikeliness of survival after the events of "Incident 2610 UIU Tango-Tango" as described in Addendum 2610.8: Incident UIU Tango-Tango.

Despite this, Foundation personnel are to monitor for any additional sightings of any instance of SCP-2610.

Description: SCP-2610-A, -B, -C, and -D were the siblings Simeon, Armond, Yvette, and Jorge Avakian (the latter two of whom were fraternal twins), born 1922, 1929, and possibly 19431, respectively. All four siblings were born to Droman Avakian and Anita Martel of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Prior to Incident 2610 UIU Tango-Tango, SCP-2610-A was a well known medical doctor and self-proclaimed "telepath", SCP-2610-B was a deckhand employed at the Boston Harbor, and SCP-2610-C and -D were unemployed.

Through the use of currently poorly understood medical techniques developed by SCP-2610-A, the siblings conspired and succeeded in altering their genetic makeup in a way that anomalously affected their incestuously conceived offspring. These offspring (and the offspring of those offspring) were classified as SCP-2610-E collectively, and together with their parents (self-described as "The Firstborn") were classified as "The Colony" by the initial United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Unusual Incidents Unit (UIU) investigators who discovered and led to the neutralization of SCP-2610.

SCP-2610-E instances were anomalously bred to have significantly shorter than natural gestation period, and a rapid rate of growth. As a result of these changes, and the limited diversity of genetic material between SCP-2610-E instances due to severe inbreeding, SCP-2610-E instances were genetically human but carried a high number of physical malformations and abnormalities, along with sharply stunted mental faculties.


Droman Avakian, Anita Martel, and SCP-2610-A, -C, and -D. The other woman is unidentified. On the back of the image was written "Whore of His Deliverance" in black ink.

The entirety of SCP-2610 is believed to have been neutralized by United States Navy fighters at the order of the UIU on November 16th, 1971. More information regarding this incident can be found in Addendum 2610.8: Incident UIU Tango-Tango.

Due to lack of direct involvement in the case of SCP-2610, all information regarding SCP-2610 has been collected through cooperation between Foundation personnel and UIU agents. Please see the addenda below for official UIU reports pertaining to SCP-2610.

Addendum 2610-1: Background and Discovery

SCP-2610-A, -B, -C, and -D were all born near Boston, Massachusetts. Their father, Droman Avakian, was a laborer in the area. Much of their extended family lived either in Iran (paternal) or France (maternal). Little information about the family is available prior to the birth of SCP-2610-A, though immigration forms do confirm that a "D. Avakian" traveled to New York from Morocco in 1911.

SCP-2610-A was born on January 16th, 1922 at the West Boston Military Medical Center (now defunct). From a young age, SCP-2610-A expressed a variety of anomalous traits, specifically a self-described "telepathy". SCP-2610-A wrote extensively about this in several journals recovered after Incident UIU Tango Tango. Below is an excerpt from one of those journals:

"…it is not so much that I feel the feelings of those around me, like the common empath, but more that I can see the images and hear the impulses of every person, man and wo-man, who I can reach out to with my mind. The cacophony that was once the nightmare of my youth has, in experience, turned into a most curious and invaluable tool…"

Years later, SCP-2610-A described an event that is referenced several times elsewhere in the text, and was seen as being of great importance to the subject:

…and it was then that I reached out with my own mind to the person on the table and, sensing the emptiness in theirs, put myself within it. Like a shade had been pulled from over my face, suddenly I could see with other eyes, hear with other ears, indeed, I saw and heard myself staring down at myself, mouth agape with wonder.

But the lobotomy is not so simple or without risk that it could be administered to the number that my thoughts imagine without notice. As to what would happen were I to find myself together with another conscious, should the patient recover, I cannot say. Better it would be, I think, should the subject be birthed with no consciousness at all; a completely virgin mind…


SCP-2610-B on left. Image date unknown.

Of SCP-2610-B, little is noted in any records aside from a birth record (also from the West Boston Military Medical Center) and an employment file with the Kervier Shipping Company in 1945 (which included a fingerprint and vehicle registration). Of note, SCP-2610-B is mentioned only once in SCP-2610-A's journals, where it is referenced that SCP-2610-B sexually assaulted an unnamed immigrant woman near the shipyards, which necessitated the lobotomy performed by SCP-2610-A in the previous passage as a cover.

SCP-2610-C and -D are not mentioned in any birth records or citizenship records. Aside from references in SCP-2610-A's journals (including a handful of photographs) and UIU records indicating their involvement, there is no outside evidence of their existence whatsoever.

In March of 1959, SCP-2610-A was arrested on charges of illegal medical practices on minors. Though SCP-2610-A was able to settle with the victims for an undisclosed amount, SCP-2610-A withdrew from the medical field. No further mention of SCP-2610-A or its siblings is noted until Incident UIU Tango-15.

Addendum 2610.2: Incident UIU Tango-11

The following information was gathered from UIU incident logs.

Agent Designation: Cyprus
Date: ██/██/████

Police report filed November 12th, 1965:

BREAK-IN AT ████ W 15th ST. ██████, ██


Unit investigators became involved after Bureau was contacted. Subjects were described as "roughly six-feet tall" and "vaguely human", with a number of obvious and grotesque physical malformations, such as missing or additional limbs, eyes, ears, etc., collapsed ribcages or extruded stomachs, large growths across the body. Did not succumb to weapon fire and moved quickly but jarringly on stilted or broken limbs. Did not attempt to communicate. Three people within the storehouse, identified as ██████ ███████, ████ ███████, and █████ █████████, were found dead at the scene. All individuals showed signs of violent ██████ ███████, including ███████████ ██ ███ ████ █████ ████████████, ███████████ ██ █████ █████████, and other severe trauma. Fingerprints gathered from the scene, but did not match any known suspects.

Investigation is ongoing.

Addendum 2610.3: Excerpt from Recovered Journal

The following excerpt was taken from a journal belonging to SCP-2610-A in collaboration with agents from the UIU.

Last night I was visited by an angel.

As she slipped into my room I felt the warmth of her around me, and opened my eyes to take in her beauty. Her flesh rippled and tore, and light shined through the cracks like the sun. She reached out to me, held me in her many arms and slid herself inside of me. As she entered my body, I heard her whisper to me words sent from the LORD. My pen does not do justice to her voice, but I wrote it nonetheless;

"Soft and silent, Child of God,
for you have been chosen to lead His people
and create for Him and New Eden.
Through your seed will his nation be built,
and the seed of your brothers will fertilize its fields.
He has provided for you the Whore of His Deliverance,
in your own blood she is born.
Her womb will open for your seed and the seed of your offspring,
and their seed upon their seed,
until the Earth is made anew in His Image."

Then she produced from within me a vial of liquid, both glorious and putrid, and told me how to use it to create the Seed of His New Eden. As she removed herself from within me I climaxed, and she said to me "Truly this is the last of your seed that shall be spilled without purpose, for now it is given new purpose." Then she was gone, and I was filled with His voice. The voice that will guide my hand on this page and write the New Testament of Creation.

Even now, I can feel his words inside me, washing away the sin that once cluttered my mind.

My whole life's work has been for this, it must be. The LORD gave me this sight so that I might lead His people to His New Eden. All of the struggle will finally be worth the suffering."

Addendum 2610.4: Incident UIU Tango-15

Agent Designation: Ulysses
Date: ██/██/████

Another theft of a large quantity of livestock feed. A shipment of cattle feed bound for S. Carolina was ransacked last night. Five dockhands are dead, same type of wounds as the ones at the storehouse. Officers responding to the scene did manage to disable one of the fleeing vehicles. The subjects within fled the scene, but the vehicle was recovered and identified as belonging to A. Avakian, a dockhand from Boston whose fingerprints were recognized as also being from the previous scene. Records on file show he has not been employed with the Kervier group for several months.

During a chase with one of the vehicles, one of the human-like creatures described in the previous incident report leaped from within the trailer onto a pursuing squad car and assaulted the officers within. One officer was killed, the other (the driver) managed to crash the vehicle into a nearby embankment, totaling it. The officer managed to escape, while the creature (which was pinned below the vehicle) perished.

Addendum 2610.5: Excerpt from Recovered Journal

The following excerpt was taken from a journal belonging to SCP-2610-A in collaboration with agents from the UIU.

The seeding has begun in earnest. Our sister was hesitant, but she too was visited by the Angel of the LORD but a week past, and her eyes were opened and her womb was made ready for the Colony of New Eden. She now awaits us every night, prepared to receive the Seed.

The tears of my sin that the Angel drew from within me are miraculous. When served with holy wine to a male host, the seed of that host plants itself within the womb with such tenacity. Then, the offspring grows within the host with a great speed, while the mother is nourished only by the power of God and his agents here on Earth. And what virile children are born from this union! Ready themselves to give and receive the Seed, in their own station. The tears follow through the generations, and each gestation is as swift and fruitious as the last.

My sister, the Whore of His Deliverance, has already produced for me a son. I have named him Ezekial, and he will be the champion of our New World.

Even now, I can hear my Brother delivering upon her as well. The Colony grows stronger every day. Soon the Daughters will be strong enough to take Seed of their own, and produce more Children.

The LORD has spoken to me, and has said "be fruitful and multiply, for the Earth is mine through you." The LORD has prepared my sight to lead our Children, and I will prepare my mind for HIM when he arrives.

Addendum 2610.6: Incident UIU Tango-18

Agent Designation: Grenada
Date: ██/██/1970



On ██/██/1970, after a tip from agents embedded within local utilities companies, Unit Agents moved on the abandoned █████████ Packaging Corp. warehouse. Despite the structure being empty for more than thirty years, it had recently began to draw power from nearby lines. Additionally, an automobile registered to one H. Rutherford, which was confirmed as being sold to one Simeon Avakian five years prior, was seen at the site.

Agents initially found the warehouse empty, but sounds from below led the group to an operational lift located in the northwest corner of the main level. The agents descended to a third basement level via the lift, and then to another basement level by stairs, before encountering [GRAPHIC DETAILS EXPUNGED].

Of the thirteen agents who entered the warehouse, only four escaped to a local FBI stronghouse. The details of the incident are described below.

Agent Rico: Alright, we're recording now. Try it again, speak here—

Agent Carter: Fuck the fucking recorder, Marc. Are you calling Central?

Agent Rico: They're getting them on the line right now, Cooper. We've gotta record this though, so help me here.

Agent Carter: I already told you, I— (aside) are they on the fucking phone?

Agent Rico: Cooper!

Agent Carter: Fine. We got down to the second, third? -whatever, one of the basements at the █████████ place. You could smell it before you heard it, and hear it from a floor or two up. We come around the corner and there are… I don't know, Marc, two hundred? Four? More than I could count quickly.

Agent Rico: What were they?

Agent Carter: They weren't fucking people. They— I don't know, they looked like people, but… more like just flesh. Everywhere, just flesh. It was some kind of orgy, they were all fucking each other, and there were eyes and arms and hair and teeth everywhere, places where it shouldn't fucking be, and-

Agent Rico: Calm down, Cooper, ca—

Agent Carter: Calm down? They fucking █████ Riley and pulled Yates into a dozen pieces, his arms and… fuck, man. I don't know how I got out of there. Oh god, Nate was screaming the whole time, and they just tore into him and—

Agent Rico: Did you see any humans in there?

Agent Carter: Just one guy, but he was doing the same fucking thing.

Agent Rico: Could you identify this man? (Produces image of SCP-2610-B)

Agent Carter: That's the— Christ, Rico, that's the fuckin' guy.

Agent Baxter: Alright, we just got word from Central. We're torching the place.

At the conclusion of this interview, UIU forces proceeded to launch an attack on the █████████ warehouse. While the structure was completely demolished, no remains were recovered from the debris. Signs of habitation2 confirmed the presence of some kind of activity, but no additional information was recovered from the site.

Addendum 2610.7: Excerpt from Recovered Journal

The following excerpt was taken from a journal belonging to SCP-2610-A in collaboration with agents from the UIU.

The Colony grows.

My sister, the Whore, has given birth to so many of our holy children. Even now, she lays in ecstasy at the thought of serving the LORD. Her daughters have become the vessels for the Seed of her sons, and their daughters and their sons. The work continues.

However, my youngest brother has resisted the call of our LORD, and even now attempts to conspire against us. I am so disappointed. I had hoped he would move on past his initial reluctance, as he seemed so eager to serve when he first delivered his Seed. He is the closest blood with the Whore of His Deliverance, and their bond should be the strongest, and yet now he speaks of morality and sin. What sin is there in the service of the LORD?

It is of no consequence. I was visited by the Angel again last night, and as she took me once more she spoke to me the desires of our GOD. For our Colony to spread across the world and bring GOD closer to us, the LORD desires the sacrifice of one of us Firstborn. The Angel spoke and forbade the desecration of myself the Godhead, my brother the Sower, and my sister the Whore. All that remains is the younger. His blood will fertilize the fields of our covenant. His meat shall satisfy the children.

I will enter the mind of Ezekial tonight and take my brother one last time, in service to our LORD. Then I will feed him to our Children.

The Colony grows.

Addendum 2610.8: Incident UIU Tango-Tango

Agent Designation: Killroy
Date: ██/██/1971

On November 14th, 1971, Bureau agents received word that a cross-country locomotive carrying animal feed had been attacked and overwhelmed, and that the assailants had boarded the train and were en route to the west coast. Agents across the country were mobilized to stop the train's progress.

Early attempts on the east coast did little to slow the advance, as any organized group drawing within 100 yards of the locomotive were quickly overtaken by hordes of SCP-2610-E instances emerging from the cars. Attempts were made to halt the vehicle using explosives, but were similarly fruitless, as SCP-2610-E instances would quickly throw their bodies on top of any incendiary placed on the track.

While additional attempts were being made to slow the first train, Central confirmed reports of two more trains, similarly bound for the west coast, both of which had also been hijacked. One of these trains was only reported after it had come to a stop to take on additional fuel near the town of █████████████, Pennsylvania. Reportedly, "over one-thousand" of the humanoid creatures descended on a local high school football game to [GRAPHIC DETAILS EXPUNGED]. Casualties reached ███ within the hour.

When it became clear that the situation was getting out of hand, UIU Central contacted agents at the SCP Foundation in an attempt to reinforce the already hamstrung UIU forces. Local military units were likewise activated and dispatched towards the paths of the oncoming Colony trains.


Aftermath of Foundation involvement in UIU Tango-Tango

Foundation personnel moved quickly to the town of █████████, Kentucky, where a fourth train would be passing through. Utilizing technology gathered from [REDACTED] disabling the entities ability to communicate with Simeon Avakian. The ensuing panic resulted in the entities losing control of the locomotive and crashing near a train yard. Unable to fight back or defend themselves, the entities were dispatched by Foundation incendiary teams.

Over the next day, UIU and SCP teams continued to try and halt the advance of the remaining locomotives with minimum civilian casualties, all with little success. On November 16th, all remaining trains (six in total) reached the naval port at Long Beach, CA, and quickly overwhelmed the assembled UIU and Foundation personnel waiting there. The entities3 then boarded three waiting oil tanker ships. Against an oncoming storm, the three vessels turned west and set sail.

The vessels were pursued by US Coast Guard ships until the storm was deemed too dangerous to pursue in. As part of a last-ditch effort to stop the advance of the Colony westward, UIU Central requested US Navy F-14 jets to be scrambled and eliminate the ships. At 2028 hours PST, USN pilots confirmed hits on all three vessels.

Aftermath and Final Report: In the aftermath of Incident Tango-Tango, the bodies of no fewer than 1200 humanoid entities were pulled from the sea and incinerated. The rest were presumed neutralized, and later submersible examination confirmed the deaths of the remaining entities. However, despite thorough efforts to locate them, neither Simeon, Armond, or Yvette Avakian were ever found in the wreckage.

On July 15th, 1979, a request was made to close the case of UIU-15511: "The Colony".

On July 19th, 1979, a request to close the case of UIU-15511: "The Colony" was denied.

Addendum 2610.9: Excerpt from Recovered Journal

The following excerpt was taken from a journal belonging to SCP-2610-A in collaboration with agents from the UIU.


SCP-2610-C. Date unknown.

On our Arks will we lead our Colony to Eden.

With GOD's blessing will we multiply across the Earth.

"Blessed is He who makes Flesh in the name of the FATHER."

"Blessed is He who is One Flesh with the LORD."

"Blessed is He who sows the Seed of Deliverance."

"Praise unto you, oh GOD, who has seen fit to bless our bodies with thine own Flesh."

On the four Arks will we be delivered to His New Eden,

The birthing screams of the Whore will announce our arrival,

And from our New Eden will we sew the Flesh of our LORD across this Earth.

Note: The words "What are we doing?" are written on the back of this page. The handwriting does not match that of SCP-2610-A.

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