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DVD case of SCP-2614

Item: SCP-2614

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2614 is to be kept in a locked container in the personal office of Dr. Schmidt. Requests to research SCP-2614 must be forwarded to his office.

Description: SCP-2614 is a DVD copy of the fifth season of the television drama The Sopranos. The disc itself is moderately scratched, consistent with deterioration after heavy use. The object does not bear any marks of origin, although the word "BOOKSHELF" written in black marker obscures the title logo on the top face.

When played, SCP-2614 is non-anomalous unless an action is performed during a scene where a character is watching the film █████ ██████. If the Play button is pressed on any working remote device, the viewer is granted control of the camera view through the device's directional pad and the center button used for forward movement. The camera is free-moving and fully maneuverable. Upon the performance of this action, it is not possible to revert to the previous non-anomalous state without ejecting the object and thoroughly cleaning with isopropyl alcohol.

After assuming control of the camera, the show's setting will begin to elapse in real time. As such, characters have been observed to continue interacting after what would normally have been a scene transition. It is not possible to fast-forward or rewind. Judging by the apparent in-universe date at the outset, the user would have to wait three days and fourteen hours and navigate the camera to a strip club known to be frequented by associates of the DiMeo Family, in order to be present for the next chronological broadcast scene.

The POV cannot pass through solid objects. If maneuvered out of the Soprano residence, it is theoretically possible to ascend to deep space, although this is not feasible given the rate of travel.

The movement of this observational point is not bounded in three dimensions. Recent research has succeeded in navigating the camera to Boston, MA. It appears that the world depicted contains numerous cities populated by actual individuals. However, despite the show's realism, its own stylistic flourishes and nature as a television show — such as major characters being unusually audible in social settings — continue to be apparent. These, which might be referred to as "meta-anomalies", are not acknowledged by characters or "bystanders".

The POV itself cannot manipulate the environment but is capable of entering the settings of other visual media if it is directed to move into an in-universe television or computer screen until the image occupies the entire field of view. From that point, the camera can be navigated into other screens in that setting, and so on potentially indefinitely.

Researchers concede the impossibility of fully mapping these mimetic universes, although efforts are ongoing. Since these mediums can potentially differ radically from their parent universe - such as actors existing as their actual character portrayal - it is possible to enter alternate or unknown media.

What follows is a transcript log of mimetic travel and accounts of what can be referred to as extra- or supra-canonical material.

Universe: The Sopranos
Description: First recorded experiment after discovery of effect. POV directed to bookshelf in the Sopranos living room where a note written in a journal pad is clearly legible. It reads "Art is the emanation of Man, Man the Emanation of Nature, God the Grandfather of Art."

Universe: The Sopranos
Description: POV ordered to remain in place at starting point for exactly ten hours, during which Tony Soprano retires to bed and awakes at 7 AM. He subsequently becomes agitated at the lack of a brand of orange juice drink in the refrigerator. This scene is not present in the show.

Universe: The Sopranos
Description: POV is navigated out of the Sopranos residence through an open window in the second-floor bathroom. The night sky is cloudy, and does not match corresponding meteorological records of that date. POV is able to break cloud cover and move indefinitely upwards if it is so desired.

Universe: The Sopranos
Description: POV was placed in Soprano bathroom. Character Tony Soprano observed to have sobbed in shower. This is not mentioned in the original plotline.

Universe: The Sopranos
Description: POV moved to the residence of character Christopher Moltisanti, a protégé and nephew of Tony Soprano. Character is observed go on an alcohol binge and shout profanities directed at his uncle. This is not depicted in the original broadcast.

Universe: The Wizard of Oz
Description: POV was maneuvered to the local Newark Library where a child was watching the film on a desktop computer. POV traveled east for ██ days before entering what appears to be an outer-space void colored pink and yellow.

Universe: Snow White
Description: POV maneuvered from Dorothy character's Kansas Home to a private showing of the Disney film in Denver. POV was subsequently directed upwards, and once having gained a sufficient altitude, descended on a continent east of the events of the film. In this continent, researchers discovered a young man in combat with a boar-like creature. It was revealed the princess' stepmother is a dark sorceress and had been manipulating the events to ensure the crown for her youngest son. As there are obviously no television sets in this setting, testing was suspended and resumed in home universe.

Universe: The Simpsons
Description: Found in home located in Soprano neighborhood. When POV is directed out of Springfield, researchers discovered characters in the style of rival show Family Guy, which has been justified in the crossover event that aired ten years after initial airing of the anomalous Sopranos episode. The programs' respective "cartoon physics" have been observed to cause considerable environmental and occasionally urban devastation.

Universe: The Jetsons
Description: Found in the home of former DiMeo Family boss Corrado Soprano. POV was immediately directed to descend beneath the setting's thick atmospheric cloud cover. Researchers discovered what appears 1950s-era archetypal American family referred to as "the Jacksons" that live in a WASP suburban community inoculated from the planet's toxic atmosphere. The Jacksons family members correspond roughly to the character types in The Jetsons and The Flintstones.

Universe: Last Temptation of Christ
Description: Found playing in DiMeo Family associate Bobby Baccialeri's residence. After the final scene, after which a crucified Jesus proclaims "It is done!" and the screen flickers to white, the credits did not play. POV was ordered to move forward. As there was no way to gauge movement, researchers were ordered to place an object on the center button overnight. Upon their return, POV was revealed to have been stopped in front of a luminescent female figure. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Universe: Goodfellas
Description: POV ordered to inspect the cockpit of a helicopter Ray Liotta's character fears to be the federal authorities. Upon inspection, helicopter pilot revealed to be a civilian.

Universe: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Description: Researchers were able to discover a second terrestrial Monolith in the ocean supposedly linked to an Atlantis-like civilization after entering a researcher character's office and perusing all readable material.

Universe: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Description: Above experiment repeated, but POV entered the film during the infamous "Star Child" sequence. POV subsequently unable to move. View appeared to be moving through a vortex of visually distorted nature scenes. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Universe: Gladiator
Description: Encountered playing in the home of a character known for his love of the film. When entered, POV traveled to southern Antioch to see the earliest Christian churches. The churches themselves were considerably more elaborate and lavish than their real-world counterparts, typical of Rome's depiction in the actual film.

Universe: Trailer for the film "Troy" on the Sopranos television set
Description: Following discovery of ability of POV to enter other settings, camera is directed into a movie trailer for the film "Troy" during a scene in which Achilles is shouting to inspire his men. The scene continues as if POV had entered the actual film.

Universe: Commercial for a brand of laundry detergent
Description: As commercial runtime was 24 seconds, researchers observed a "wall" or area of white space advancing at a slow rate from the west of the commercial setting. Researchers reported conditions in the city as becoming increasingly violent and chaotic. Researchers have been advised to not enter commercial broadcasts due to distress experienced by apparent inhabitants.

Universe: MP3 Visualization on Windows Desktop Computer
Description: POV directed into computer screen playing a Windows Media music visualization. Researchers discovered a dark blue void in which it was possible to discern moving waveforms in the distance. It is believed these other waveforms consist of visualizations being played on other screens.

Universe: Music Video
Description: POV directed into computer screen playing a music video depicting artists at an extravagant beach party. Due to the video's stylistic direction, the setting appeared in eclectic colors. POV remained immobile for six hours. Researchers observed the sky turning from greenish-teal to yellow-red to a highly unusual dark shade of color called "Stygian blue" which appears as a luminescent dark blue.

Universe: Sandman
Description: Sandman is an exceedingly popular serial drama in the Sopranos universe. Carmela Soprano has been observed to speculate on the show's plot trajectory with friends and acquaintances, although it is never mentioned in the original program. The show follows a reformed cartel enforcer, Jamie "Sandman" Guiterrez, seeking to relocate his family after his incarceration and inoculate his younger brothers from drug and gang influence. When entered, during a scene in which Jamie Guiterrez's younger brother is seen purchasing methamphetamines in a dilapidated home, researchers discovered a journal pad note near the mattress bed of a heroin addict. The note read, "THERE WAS NO GOD HERE, THOUGH I CRIED, I FOUND HIS SHADOW, AND COULD NOT DIE". Researchers initially believed this to be diegetic and referring to the squalor of the building.

Universe: Caroline, Caroline
Description: Caroline, Caroline is a popular, long-running television show in the Sandman universe similar in convention to shows such as The Brady Bunch and I Love Lucy. Caroline is presented as a southern belle who moved to New York after marrying an oil tycoon. When entered at an establishing shot of the titular character's apartment building, the setting appeared to have been uninhabited. Researchers could find no signs of life in either the city itself or upstate New York.

Universe: Snakebite
Description: Slasher film found to be playing in abandoned suburban home in the Caroline, Caroline setting. Entered during a scene in which the killer, a mentally deranged farmer with fangs, corners the main characters in a swamp. Upon entering, both characters turn to look directly at the POV and remain unresponsive from that point forward. All characters have been shown to behave in this way. POV directed out of Bayou Louisiana into a local movie theater. All persons encountering the camera followed its movement.

Universe: ██████
Description: Romantic film found to be playing in theater during a scene set in a diner. When entered, diner's lights reverted to a deep red color. All in-universe lighting is affected. City appears uninhabited. Sky is black and devoid of stars, although a dark red glow has been observed on the horizon in all directions. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Universe: Static
Description: As all television sets in previous setting were tuned to static, researchers opted to enter a screen in a hospital waiting room. Once inside, pressing the center button would resolve the visual snow into an image, as if the POV was moving through a "cloud" or "field" of static. POV eventually appears in a brightly lit hallway (see attached file). All directional movement is restricted except for forward travel. As the POV advances, the image becomes more saturated [DATA EXPUNGED].



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