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nn5n: scp-2621 WARNING: Replacement Parts Must Be Same Model As Original!
EuclidSCP-2621 WARNING: Replacement Parts Must Be Same Model As Original!Rate: 27

Item #: SCP-2621

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The majority of SCP-2621 components are contained at Site-27.

  • SCP-2621-1 is to remain locked in sub-level 6, room B, across from the site incinerator.
  • SCP-2621-2 is to be kept in a fireproofed containment chamber.
  • SCP-2621-3 and -4 are stored in separate storage lockers in Wing B.
  • SCP-2621-5 is kept in a cryogenic storage unit in the medical bay.

Full containment of SCP-2621-6 is not currently possible. Transmissions from the object are to be intercepted and catalogued.

Description: SCP-2621-1 through -6 are body parts that make up an anomalous humanoid entity. They are non-biological in nature, but appear convincingly human at first glance. The individual pieces are theorized to emulate the functions of a rocket when combined. SCP-2621-1 through -4, as well as -6, have not been observed to age or decay while in containment, while -5 has decayed at a natural rate.

  • SCP-2621-1 (left arm): SCP-2621-1 possesses an opening where it would normally attach to the torso, the interior of which is lined with an unidentified metallic substance. SCP-2621-1 is capable of breaking down any material (henceforth, 'fuel') deposited into it; said material will vanish as it crosses the threshold and into the interior.
  • SCP-2621-2 (right arm): SCP-2621-2 possesses no unique anomalous physical features. SCP-2621-2 will ignite when fuel is supplied to SCP-2621-1. Despite reaching temperatures exceeding 3,000°C, the item does not suffer damage. The other pieces of SCP-2621's body in containment, excluding -5, are similarly unaffected by the resulting heat.
  • SCP-2621-3 (torso/pelvic region): SCP-2621-3 possesses an opening in the chest 0.25 meters in diameter. This opening leads to the interior of a rocket cockpit, scaled to fit within the cavity. Several doors along the perimeter of the cavity presumably lead to other areas within the entity. To date, none of these doors have been able to be opened, prohibiting further research. The entity's penis extends around the pelvis and into the anus, and is believed to act as a life support system, drawing nutrients and such from reserves located therein.
  • SCP-2621-4 (left leg): SCP-2621-4 is made entirely of materials that mimic the outer plating and thermal protection of a rocket. The nature of SCP-2621-4's interior is unknown, as the opening to the thigh is sealed behind a miniature blast-door.
  • SCP-2621-5 (right leg): A genetic match for Gregory Ward.1 The item is in a state of moderate decomposition, and was previously affixed to the entity with duct tape.
  • SCP-2621-6 (head): SCP-2621-6 remains in orbit, currently ~200,000 kilometers from Earth. SCP-2621-6 periodically produces transmissions believed to be distress signals to a point in the Orion system. Foundation linguists have been unable to translate these messages to date.

Recovery: SCP-2621 was discovered on ██/██/19██, in a strip mall in Las Vegas. According to witness testimony, the entity was dressed in tattered clothes including a long trench-coat, and walked with a noticeable limp. SCP-2621 was accosted by security personnel, who spotted it stowing away items in its coat. After a brief confrontation, SCP-2621 'exploded'. Its right arm ignited, burning the entity's clothing and damaging SCP-2621-5, while SCP-2621-6 was propelled through the roof of the building. The two officers were treated for minor burns, and the explosion was explained as a gas leak.

Addendum: During testing of the relationship between -1 and -2, a contact microphone was attached to the exterior of -1. This microphone recorded movement within the instance in the periods between each fueling. Similar disturbances have been recorded within each piece of SCP-2621 in containment, with the exception of -5. Due to the current inability to view the full interior of each instance, this is assumed to indicate the presence of a unique entity therein. Attempts at communication with said entities have met no response.

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