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Item #: SCP-2629

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-2629-1 and SCP-2629-2

Special Containment Procedures: The cities of ██████, ████, ██████ and ██, all located in Saudi Arabia, are to have any SCP-2629 effected areas evacuated immediately after any signs of the phenomenon being active, or on any significant Christian holiday.

Due to the high population and significance of these cities, complete evacuation is impossible. Instead, zones that are currently effected by SCP-2629(Deemed 'Purging Zones' by agents appointed to SCP-2629) are evacuated under the guise of a terror attack or natural disaster. If a Purging Zone possesses a higher than average Muslim concentration, the evacuation range is to be extended appropriately.

Agents are, under any circumstance, not permitted to engage in combat with SCP-2629-1 or SCP-2629-2. Any agent that attempts to engage in combat with either of the entities and survives the encounter is to be terminated.

Any individuals unaffiliated with the Foundation who witness SCP-2629 are to be given Class-A or Class-B Amnestics.

Description: SCP-2629 is a phenomenon that occurs randomly every 2-4 months, and on any significant Christian holiday. SCP-2629-1 and SCP-2629-2 will vanish roughly 1-12 hours after appearing, although times shorter or longer have been reported.

During this phenomenon, an entity (Referred to as SCP-2629-1) will appear 1-4 kilometers away from one of the cities of ██████, ████, ██████ or ██ and approach it. Although in rare cases it has appeared ██-███ meters away.

SCP-2629-1's appearance is that of a 11th century European Crusader, normally seen riding an entity heavily resembling an Equus caballus (SCP-2629-2) which seems normal compared to other members of its apparent species.

SCP 2629-1 will ride SCP-2629-2 to the city it appears closest to, and attempt to dispatch any individual it sees that is non-Christian, but will heavily focus those who follow the Muslim religion. SCP-2629-1 will ignore any person that is Christian, and rarely attack people who identify as agnostic religiously. How SCP-2629 can detect this is currently unknown.

SCP-2629-1 is not invincible, and can be destroyed, but the amount of resources needed are far too great due to SCP-2629's recurring nature.

SCP-2629-1 wears what looks to be armor that is historically accurate to a wealthy knight during the 1st Crusade. This armor is anomalous in that it shows abnormally more resistance to physical damage, including low caliber bullets, high caliber bullets, ███████, and even ███████████. Chemical analysis of chipped metal fragments show composition of SCP-2629-1's armor to be typical with 11th century iron armor. Any metal that is not attached to the armor does not share the same properties.

SCP-2629-1 has been seen with various historically accurate weapons that were used 11th century warfare, including:

  • A one handed sword.
  • A shield.
  • A flail.
  • A mace.
  • A two-handed sword.
  • A warhammer.

All weapons that SCP-2629-1 has used share similar properties with its armor, and possess a more damaging effect than other weapons of similar structure. Weapons or weapon fragments that are taken from SCP-2629-1 do not share the same properties when they were wielded by the entity.

Any weapon SCP-2629-1 wields has the potential to do severe damage to living creatures, buildings, and light vehicles. However, some weapons have been shown to do more damage, the warhammer in particular able to damage large stone buildings, roads, and even dent tank armor.

12/25/1998: Prior containment: SCP-2629 was encountered in ██████ by Foundation personnel after reports of a 'bullet-proof knight' rampaging through the city. By the time the Foundation arrived, 20 individuals were killed, 43 were injured and one building was nearly demolished. Foundation personnel worked with local police to keep SCP-2626-1 in one section of the city, resulting in 2 more deaths and 5 injuries before SCP-2629-1 vanished.

All non-foundation affiliated individuals who encountered the incident were administered Class B Amnestics and media outlets were intercepted.

Special containment procedures introduced.

3/21/2012: SCP-2629-1 riding SCP-2629-2 appear abnormally close to the city of ████, leaving Foundation Agents unable to evacuate in time. SCP-2629-1 nearly dispatches a citizen with a sword before abruptly vanishing.

Class-A Amnestics administered.

Note from Agent Abaddi: Yeesh, that could've been bad. I'll request containment procedure updates. We might need some more muscle in case that happens again and he doesn't vanish.

Special Containment Procedures updated.

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