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Item #: SCP-2639

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-2639 were never contained due to the events of Incident 2639-1, the prepared containment procedures were never implemented. They have been included below for reference. A Foundation employee has been sent undercover to SCP-2639-2's place of work to observe him for any additional anomalous effects.

SCP-2639 will each be contained in separate standard humanoid containment procedures. Under no condition are either instance to be allowed access to playing cards, board games, or games of any other nature. They will be allowed a collection of reading material that will be updated on a monthly basis.

Description: SCP-2639 is the collective designation for SCP-2639-1 and SCP-2639-2, two male humans working in the emergency room at the ██████ ████████ Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. SCP-2639-1 is Samuel Luther M.D. SCP-2639-2 is Samuel Dumas M.D. In general, the two individuals are non-anomalous and appear to be very competent doctors. SCP-2639 will routinely1 play a game of poker while on break together. Depending on which instance wins this game, a different anomalous outcome will occur. If SCP-2639-1 wins the game, the patient he most recently aided will begin to make a phenomenal, often miraculous, recovery. If SCP-2639-2 wins the game, the condition of the patient he most recently aided will worsen. Generally, the conditions will change in non-anomalous ways; however, in several cases, minor anomalous changes were observed to facilitate the determined outcome.

SCP-2639-1 grew up in Boston, specifically the Allston neighborhood. However, SCP-2639-2 grew up in Mananas, Virginia, and moved to Boston to go to school for medicine. Both instances attended the Harvard Medical School and graduated in 1992. SCP-2639 both attend The Lighted Saint Church, a Roman Catholic church located near the ██████ ████████ Hospital.

SCP-2639 was discovered after SCP-2639-2 was involved with █ malpractice cases2, either leveled at him or at the ██████ ████████ Hospital. SCP-2639-1 and SCP-2639-2 were initially going to be contained as separate SCP objects, but observation of their common practices and routines revealed their connection. SCP-2639 was never contained, as SCP-2639-1 died in Incident 2639-1, during the observation phase of pre-containment. As SCP-2639-2 is not anomalous without SCP-2639-1, he was allowed to continue his work as a doctor without direct Foundation interference.

Observation Log: The following data was obtained during the observation phase of the pre-containment procedures. This is only a list of the cases Foundation personnel witnessed. It is believed SCP-2639 has been anomalously active for the duration of their employment to the ██████ ████████ Hospital, due to the existence of malpractice cases against SCP-2639-2.

Date Original Condition SCP-2639 Game Outcome Resulting Condition
2000/9/4 Patient suffered from severe third and fourth degree burns, covering 85% of their body. SCP-2639-2 won Patient began to suffer respiratory failure, due to burns in the lung. Treatment was begun, but would ultimately prove fruitless. Patient died 9 hours after respiratory failure began.
2000/9/12 Patient suffered from a spinal injury. SCP-2639-2 won Patient began to suffer anaphylactic shock, due to a previously unknown allergy to oxycodone. Patient was given a dosage of epinephrine and began to recover.
2000/9/18 Patient claimed to be suffering from chest pain. No cause of the pain was discovered. SCP-2639-2 won Patient was in the process of checking out from the hospital, when they suffered a heart attack that led to heart failure. Patient could not be resuscitated. Autopsy discovered the patient was suffering from coronary artery disease and had been for some time, despite testing done while the patient was alive showing no signs of CAD. This is believed to be the first observed instance of an anomalous change in condition
2000/9/21 Patient was suffering from a severe infection, following complications during a partial removal of their liver due to liver cancer. SCP-2639-1 won Patient began to convalesce, and made a full recovery in a much quicker timeframe than expected. Later medical analysis showed the patient's liver had also regrown. A possible mutation in liver cells allowing for quicker liver growth was discovered in the patients cells. Research is ongoing.
2000/10/4 A teenage patient was admitted to the emergency room, due to an attempted suicide. SCP-2639-1 won Patient engaged with SCP-2639-1 in a long conversation, following his game with SCP-2639-2. During recovery, the patient showed no signs of being suicidal or depressed, despite being diagnosed with severe clinical depression prior to hospitalization. After being discharged, the patient began to attend the Lighted Saint Church, later becoming deeply religious.
2000/10/21 Patient was involved in a multi-car collision. Patient's right arm was torn from the body. Patient's right lung was collapsed. SCP-2639-2 won During transport to a surgery studio, a hospital staff member tripped and fell onto the patient, driving rib shards into their lungs. Treatment was unsuccessful.

Incident 2639-1: On the 20th of October, 2000, SCP-2639-1 was involved in a fatal auto-collision with another vehicle. Due to a faulty airbag, SCP-2639-1 was crushed against his car's steering wheel. He was brought to ██████ ████████ Hospital's emergency room, where he was treated for a skull fracture, several broken ribs, and severe internal bleeding. Despite the hospital staff's best efforts, SCP-2639-1 succumbed to his injuries. SCP-2639-2 was noted to have aided SCP-2639-1 with a minor cut earlier in the week.

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