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nn5n: scp-2640 "Tcao Time" [sic] (Not a Registered Traedmark [sic])
SafeSCP-2640 "Tcao Time" [sic] (Not a Registered Traedmark [sic])Rate: 33

Item #: SCP-2640

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the low risk of security breach, SCP-2640 is to remain open as a functioning restaurant under control of the SCP Foundation. Researchers are to pose as either customers or managers of SCP-2640. No other containment procedures are needed at this time.

Description: SCP-2640 is a sentient taco restaurant named "Tcao Time"1 located in the West Valley Mall in Spokane, Washington, United States of America, Earth.

SCP-2640 cognition requires two components: a large mass of biological material located in a cavity behind the main "Tcao Time" sign, and the movements of workers within SCP-2640. The results of cognition performed in this manner are output via messages located at the bottom of printed receipts.

SCP-2640 cognition is severely limited due to extensive damage to its biological material. SCP-2640 possesses the approximate mental capacity of an eight-year old child, and cognition time in excess of two days is required in response to certain questions.

Manipulation of both the biological material and the workers inside SCP-2640 appears to occur via small, molecular-scale adjustments to the substrates of both cognition sources. The mechanism behind this manipulation has not been fully determined at this time; however, it appears to occur due to localized microscale manipulation of certain intermolecular forces. This appears to be entirely unconscious on the part of SCP-2640, and does not extend beyond the boundaries of SCP-2640.

SCP-2640 maintains biological functions via consumption of food produced by SCP-2640's normal operation. Food is consumed via a hole located near the deep fryer; food inserted into the hole is conveyed upwards via a small series of mechanical conveyor belts and is directly absorbed into a specialized pouch of SCP-2640's biological component where it is processed with weak digestive acids. These acids appear to be produced in quantities and strength necessary to digest the menu items. As the rate of food return is high, SCP-2640 is able to ingest its required daily caloric intake.

In addition, SCP-2640 secretes a mixture of glycerine and additives through several holes located in the ceiling of the kitchen area. This fluid appears to act as cushioning for SCP-2640's biological material. This mixture is nontoxic and has no anomalous properties, and does not contain any materials that cannot be synthesized on Earth.

According to the owner of SCP-2640, brain damage occurred when the sign was removed to fix the typo. The owner, thinking that the biological material was mold, attempted to clean it with bleach causing significant damage. Due to SCP-2640's ability to affect the molecular distribution of organic substrates, the Foundation has not attempted to repair SCP-2640's lost cognitive functions.

SCP-2640 first came to Foundation attention when it was discovered that the owner of SCP-2640 was selling large amounts of a glycerine-based mixture that was not commercially synthesized to a group of fetishists2 online. SCP-2640 appeared to have no knowledge of the use of its secretions in this manner.

The previous manager of SCP-2640 had purchased the restaurant from the West Valley Mall, where it had previously remained abandoned. No records indicate when SCP-2640 was constructed; its existence appears to at least date to the construction of the West Valley mall itself, and may possibly predate it.

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