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Item #: SCP-2641

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Amnestics are not to be used after being affected by SCP-2641. Instead, information regarding SCP-2641 and its related anomalies is to remain restricted to personnel with at least a Level 4 Security Clearance.

Authorized personnel are to report to the designated Senior Researcher on staff immediately following the completion of this document, at which point involuntary testing is to take place. According to the counsel of the Director of Site-82, testing has been considered safe, provided that test subjects follow the necessary testing guidelines. All testing of SCP-2641 is to be recorded under Addendum 2641-B.

Objects designated SCP-2641-1 are to be stored in Standard Containment Lockers contained within the Testing Wing of Site-82. SCP-2641 is not to be used to revert modified instances of SCP-2641-1 back into their initial states, as personnel may have differing perspectives on the composition of an object's properties. As a result, the desired effect may not necessarily conform to the previously designated "initial" state of an object, which may result in unforeseen complications arising.

The current instance of SCP-2641-2 is to be stored within a restricted offline data repository separate from Site-82's intranet. Any attempt to access said file is to conform to Procedure 2641-3, which is actively conducted by Foundation intranet AI Theta-02 "Alexandria Before The Fire". Procedure 2641-3 was put in place on 01/06/2003, and is to be carried out indefinitely.

Procedure 2641-3 refers to Theta-02's primary directive, which is to ensure that Document SCP-2641 remains intact in its authorized state. Necessary revisions done to Document SCP-2641 are to be completed by authorized personnel. All revisions are flagged by Theta-02 and logged within its database for cross-referencing purposes. At that point, Theta-02 will determine if the revision has a significant positive impact on the containment or understanding of SCP-2641. Authorized revisions will be documented as Addendum material.

Theta-02's secondary directive is to actively vet all information regarding SCP-2641 within Site-82 intranet systems, as well as any systems directly or indirectly connected to Site-82. In the event of a security leak, Theta-02 is to expunge all extraneous data regarding SCP-2641 faster than median human perception. This is done to prevent personnel from being exposed to any memetic hazards related to the security leak.

Members of GoI-2641 (the Emparelhada tribe) are to be administered yearly influenza vaccinations. All members are also to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B when applicable. The existence of GoI-2641 is not to be disclosed on any official documents other than Document SCP-2641. Foundation disinformation campaigns regarding the existence of the group are to be maintained under the guise of local conspiracy theories.


Researcher Note: Prior to testing, individuals with Level 4/2641 clearance are required to read the contents of the Description section. Personnel that are unauthorized, or otherwise object to being exposed to testing, are allowed access to a deconstructed summary of this document. The abridged article does not transmit any anomalous data, and is provided within Foundation intranet systems for documentation purposes.

The abridged version is noted below.

- Dr. Imogen Metcalfe

SCP-2641 is a memetic construct. When conceived of by an individual, the individual is temporarily granted access to an anomalous ability. This ability provides an individual the potential to alter tangible objects on conceptual and physical levels. Altered objects operate contrary to their initial operation.

The following is an unabridged description of SCP-2641 in its current state. Prior states are to be fully expunged from all on-Site records.

SCP-2641 is understood to be a sentient memetic geas1 that is capable of becoming embedded within multiple known forms of human media. At present, two distinct subsets of the gestalt memetic anomaly have been observed. Information regarding each individual anomaly is as follows.

Primary Anomaly: When a person consumes a medium with SCP-2641 embedded within it—to the extent of understanding all designated information provided within said medium—they become memetically infected with the geas. When this occurs, individuals note becoming aware of a supposed "task" that SCP-2641 has bestowed upon them, and are temporarily granted the means to drastically alter objects by physically making contact with them.

The "task" has been noted to align with guiding where the anomalous effect of SCP-2641 manifests. Persons are not compelled to act upon the expressed task. Instead, individuals become physically unable to leave the building or area surrounding the point of infection, and experience multiple side effects. Information regarding the additional effects of SCP-2641 exposure is located under Addendum 2641-A.

SCP-2641 alters an object by transforming the way it functions. The "transformed function" is considered to be the opposite, or the approximate opposite, of the initial function. The object's transformed function is capable of altering local reality based on the magnitude a change in an object's function implies.

Objects affected by this anomaly, designated SCP-2641-1, appear identical to their initial form. The changes made to SCP-2641-1 are fully dependent on how an affected individual perceives the function of said object prior to the dissemination of SCP-2641. A person's perception of SCP-2641-1 is often times determined subconsciously, meaning it is difficult to predict how an object will change. Affected objects have been noted to display a decrease in their Hume reading when compared to initial measurements.

Secondary Anomaly: SCP-2641 selectively attaches itself to a human-conceived medium of its choice, which has been designated SCP-2641-2. Individuals contracted with SCP-2641 act as an intermediary between the geas and a chosen medium. Television, literature, autobiographical accounts, video games, movies, works of art, music, etc., are all susceptible to this effect.

Unaffected individuals making significant contact (as per the Primary Anomaly) with said media are contracted with SCP-2641. The geas continues to spread to various other media after person-to-person, person-to-medium, and medium-to-medium contact. It is suggested that the uninhibited spread of SCP-2641 would result in a CK-class restructuring event.

Revisions made to a selected medium will alter the properties of the geas in real time. Attempts at redirecting SCP-2641 into a different medium has only resulted in the infection of multiple media concurrently. SCP-2641 will remain a part of SCP-2641-2 until the medium is destroyed.

When a medium has been affected, the information within said medium will be subverted by the geas to evidently suit its own needs. Specifically, the geas maintains the capacity to directly manipulate local reality, such that local reality summarily conforms to the geas. Information supplanted by SCP-2641 will further provide the geas with immense autonomy and influence over assigned reality constructs.

Researcher Note: Personnel that have read the abridged version of Document SCP-2641, but have otherwise requested against being involved in testing, note being confused about what exactly the object does. For the sake of transparency, an excerpt has been pulled from the testing log, edited for presentation purposes, and made available to all personnel alongside the abridged version. Happy hunting.

- Dr. Imogen Metcalfe

Input: One (1) Japanese chopstick of bamboo make
Context: Dr. Thomas D'Angelo was requested for testing purposes. Testing began approximately 8 minutes after the completion of Document SCP-2641. Thomas stated that he regularly used chopsticks as a means to puncture the melted cheese atop of cooked pizza, to allow steam to escape from the pizza.
Output: A 200-gram slice of pizza, determined to have a density of about 500 kg/m3, was punctured using the chopstick. The chopstick's appearance was not modified. When used, the chopstick increased the density of the pizza proportionate to the amount of force applied. The pizza sample's final density was quantified at over 1.8 million kg/m3, resulting in the collapse of the table the sample was resting on. The pizza was also noted to have been rapidly cooled to 12°C.
Comments: The function of the chopstick was evidently inverted, transforming it from a tool that punctures objects into a tool that solidifies objects.

Addendum 2641-A — Side Effects:

Persons within the vicinity of SCP-2641 note feeling a sense of general contentment. However, after contact with SCP-2641, and before the fulfillment of the geas is complete, affected persons report feeling a sense of general unease. These two phenomena have been determined to be the primary effect, as all affected individuals experience it.

A set of side effects have been determined. Each side effect varies in its encounter rate, ranging in frequency from as low as 18% to as high as 71%. The severity of side effects is inconsistent, noted to differ based on the cognitive and memetic training of the affected persons. The following is a list of noted side effects across multiple tests of SCP-2641:

  • decrease in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex activity
  • decrease in parietal lobe activity
  • increase in blood pressure
  • increase in cortisol production
  • increase in frontal lobe activity

The following are determined to be symptomatic of SCP-2641 contraction:

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • increased perspiration
  • accelerated bowel movement
  • slight numbness of extremities

Personnel experiencing any effects of SCP-2641 return to what can be considered "normal" within an hour of being infected with the geas.

Testing procedures may proceed without knowledge of any additional addendum material. You are advised to exit the terminal immediately and report to a designated Senior Researcher within the Testing Wing of Site-82 to begin testing.

Addendum 2641-B — Testing Log:

Experiment Log 2641

Addendum 2641-C — Discovery: On 06/09/1976, agents of the National Indian Foundation of Brazil (FUNAI) in the Javari Valley, Brazil reported territorial disputes among two indigenous populations. The populations in question were the Isolados do Medio Javari and one previously undiscovered group. A routine flyby of the area on 10/09/1976 determined that there was indeed another indigenous group in the region, approximately 15 km to the north-west of the nearby FUNAI base camp.

Upon formal contact, the tribe was designated Isolados do Rio Branquinho, and referred to themselves as the Emparelhada tribe. The tribe was noted to be particularly territorial, but otherwise non-violent. As the tribe exhibited no anomalous activity, Foundation personnel were not aware of its existence.

The following information further pertains to the discovery of GoI-2641:

  • The group is composed of the merger of two separate indigenous groups, hence the name2.
  • The group often imposes their beliefs and ways of life on outsiders. Because of this, FUNAI vaccination efforts proved difficult, but were eventually successful.
  • Upon discovery, FUNAI census data confirmed that the group was composed of ████ individuals. No other group in the region has maintained a population in that size range.
  • The group routinely participates in the ritual impalement of exiled individuals, which is adequate in controlling the unsustainable population.

In 2003, Foundation sleeper agents within FUNAI discovered an anomaly associated with the Emparelhada tribe. After further investigation was ordered, the anomaly was designated as SCP-2641, while the tribe was designated as GoI-2641.

Prior to Foundation intervention, the latest documented study of GoI-2641 was done under Senior Researcher [DATA LOST]3, an agent solely involved in FUNAI. The study of the tribe was detailed in his personal journal. No other documents related to [DATA LOST] or his studies have been found at this time.

The following two accounts are excerpts from the transcribed version of Senior Researcher [DATA LOST]'s personal journal. It has been translated from Portuguese. Extraneous journal entries have been removed.

Journal log 1 was recorded in a nondescript spiral notebook. No identification markings related to the owner of the notebook were present. The original copy of its data is presumed lost, and no records of data collection were recorded. Reports of a fire are being investigated by members of the Foundation within FUNAI. FUNAI operatives are not aware of any ongoing investigation into the matter.

24/04/2003: 48 hours ago, a flyby of the region discovered a maloca4 set up about four clicks north of HQ. The navigator aboard the helicopter suggests that it must be the Emparelhada tribe: the design is similar to previously documented buildings belonging to the tribe. Now, we're not at the liberty to make guesses here. But based on the picture taken by in flight surveillance, I'm inclined to believe it.

There is one thing to keep in mind: We've been out of contact with the tribe in question for more than twelve damn years. I'm not about to put the blame on anyone within this organization. It's just that the group appeared as though they dropped off the face of the Earth without warning. Their village was abandoned, and neighbouring tribes seemed just as confused as we were.

To be out of contact with a tribe for that long? If the Brazilian government found out that FUNAI had gotten so negligent, our already run-dry budget would be sliced in half. Of course I'm overreacting, but the strange nature of this situation is not something to take lightly. We need to keep tabs on the indigenous populations in this region, not just for the means of information gathering. Or anthropological study. But because they rely on us for protection. And if we aren't around, then what's stopping outside forces from making a mess of our work? Of their livelihood?

It's too soon to determine what the reason for their movement was (as I'm not about to actually consider that they did vanish from the face of the planet). It's too soon to even assume it's them. The only way to find out is to make contact, and I've assembled four men to assist me with getting to the bottom of this. We should be leaving tomorrow morning.


A picture of the maloca, taken during a routine flyby of the area on 24/04/2003.

Aside: Based on records stored within the Javari Valley FUNAI HQ, the four personnel mentioned are as follows:

  • Joaquin: Linguistics specialist
  • Fabian: Linguistics specialist
  • Vincent: Physician
  • Devon: Security detail

Of the aforementioned personnel, none were documented to have had any previous contact with the tribe, and are not believed to have been involved in any anthropological studies regarding the tribesmen.

25/04/2003: We decided to set up camp for the night next to a river. I believe this river actually intersects with three different indigenous populations, if one were to travel downstream. The rivers are the wellspring for life around here, they say. I wouldn't disagree. I reckon it should still be another couple of days to the north before we come upon their general area. And that's when the situation gets sticky. Nobody wants to get themselves into trouble in the heart of the Amazon.

I suppose it doesn't hurt to ruminate on the tribe. I'm more connected to this particular group of Indians than any in the region. I was actually a part of the initial discovery party when I first joined FUNAI! It's been 30 long years since that, hasn't it? Fabian keeps floating over my shoulder, joking about how old I am every once in a while. And only Joaquin laughs, but am I truly surprised?

26/04/2003: Trailed off last night. It was too dark out to continue, but I suppose it's for the best. Maybe I should lighten up, like Fabian and Joaquin. Last night was one of the first nights in too long that I've thought deeply about what I'm missing. My family. My dear Cátia. Maybe I should have kept in contact with her. Maybe it would save me from my grief.

28/04/2003: In the early evening, we happened upon an outpost, which I believe was the one spotted during the initial flyby last week. Nothing too extravagant: a one-room maloca, dilapidated and abandoned for who knows how long. It certainly doesn't deviate from the way they plan their settlements, if this truly is the mark of their tribe. A discovery such as this is great news, and it means we must be close to their settlement.

30/04/2003: It took us until mid-day yesterday to come across the village. It wasn't long until someone found us. Three boys, couldn't have been much older than ten, twelve. Based on the patterns painted on their foreheads, they were definitely members of the Emparelhada tribe. They flanked us. They had spears. I made sure to be wary about my distance and mannerisms. But there was no preventing what happened.

When they approached us, Joaquin flashed a gesture of peace typically used by the Indians in the region, and a word of greeting in their dialect. What he received was a spear to the thigh. And if that wasn't bad enough, well, I don't know what in God's name was in that spear, but I've never seen that kind of damage. At the point of contact, his flesh exploded in every direction5. Gutted his leg. It was the opposite of anything we could have expected. It defied logic. He fell to the floor at once. Fabian vomited. As bad as it was, I couldn't take my eyes off it.

The damage was done. Joaquin couldn't be moved without causing incredible pain, I'm sure. But if he wasn't medically evacuated, those boys would have picked him apart. Devon, the largest of our group, threw Joaquin over his shoulder. He was screaming; we all were. But he was still alive. And that's what matters.

We ran. Luckily, the boys didn't follow us. But I think their plan was to scare us off. It's as if they were protecting the village from us, or protecting us from the village. Our fallback plan was the maloca. From there, we could call for a medical evacuation, and get him home safe. I was going to call for reinforcements. I had to. Anything to ensure the safety of the FUNAI agents that serve under me, and the safety of the tribe.

1/05/2003: Vincent was the most concerned for Joaquin. The spear ruptured his femoral artery, and the impact crushed his pelvis. We had his thigh bound up, administered some morphine. But Vincent claimed he wouldn't last long in his condition. That he needed evac hours ago.

I called HQ, and our flare was visible in the early morning. Joaquin's been entered into the Immediate Care ward of HQ, and in the Lord's name, I pray he'll be alright. They're sending more reinforcements tomorrow. I told them that I won't allow anyone to be armed, but despite the situation, HQ insists that we aren't to approach that village without protection.

I don't want any lives to be lost because of this endeavor. I don't want to lose you, Cátia. But we have to find that village. As far as I'm concerned, it's our duty.

Journal log 2 is independent of the first log, and was recorded on a page of non-ruled paper. The page was seemingly ripped from the personal journal, as its material and specifications align with that of the journal. It was located in a FUNAI base camp at the south-east border of the Javari Valley. The account is framed in the same structure as the first account, confirming the connection between the two. The account is addressed to one Cátia Ferreira, however, the address appears as though it was subsequently appended to the top of the page.

My dear Cátia. I may never see you again. The damage has been done. I hope they manage to retrieve this letter, so that you might understand. So that you might forgive me. Never forget me. I love you.

11/05/2003: They dispatched Team 04-D a few days ago. The team was composed of four soldiers, all armed with M16s, and wearing kevlar vests. They made sure to outfit us with the vests as well. As if kevlar could do anything to prevent against exploding spears. We entered the village from the south, but weren't met with opposition. The village seemed vacant. We sat in the bush for an hour waiting for someone, something. Nothing.

Our point of interest was a shrine of sorts, located in the center of the village. Within it lay our first, and last, mistake.

When reinforcements first arrived, the soldiers told us of strange reports. Lost transmissions from teams dispatched to nearby indigenous populations. As far as 200 clicks away, 10 of the 14 local Indian tribes had somehow gotten a hold of the same occult beliefs. It became the center of their lives. To have so many independent groups begin to follow the same beliefs, the same rituals, at the same time, was not heard of. But that shrine, it explained it all.

The building had an eerie feeling surrounding it. I can't describe it by any clinical means, but I don't care perhaps I'd liken it to euphoria. Lingering, but distant. Tainted by time and emotions. Reminiscing about something a lifetime away. You just couldn't frame in your mind what exactly there was to be joyful about, but it was, and it is. And then we saw the paintings.

Lord, the paintings. In the center of the shrine, a row of makeshift cotton canvases were strewn haphazardly. They certainly did not have the resources to build such a medium, but they clearly must have. And it wasn't just a few. There must have been hundreds of Goddamn paintings in that room. It was artwork. Beautiful, the correct color composition, painted with some sort of oil-based product, a calculated level of subtlety.

It was at that point we realized our true mission. We were to collect the paintings and bring them back to HQ for study. This was a discovery FUNAI hadn't yet seen before. But as soon as I realized this, it became clear that the movement of these artifacts was just not possible. There were too many. Hundreds. It would take multiple trips. Time we did not have. And so we remained there, scattered, poring over the paintings. Those magnificent paintings.

They told a grand, disconnected narrative. Some fragments were more tangential to the whole, while others were vivid, rich. Some showed us years of war, in the distant past and future to come; extranormal happenings; territorial struggle. But at the center of it all was a being. Not a monster, but a protector. It was only referred to as the 'Eljor6. 'Eljor the Custodian. 'Eljor the Mystic. It was going to save them, and it was going to bring all of us too.

Before we could realize what was happening, however, we noticed something off with Vincent. He seemed far gone. He got to the end of the paintings first, and then he was lost. I don't know how it happened, and I don't know why. But he felt off. Different. He said the paintings spoke to him. That a presence asked, pleaded, for its true salvation. He asked us what we should do about it. Of course, none of us believed in the paranormal, but somehow, the answer was clear. We told him to listen. And I'm so Goddamn sorry.

There was a struggle, something unseen, and I knew that Vincent was the cause of it. But I didn't have the time to react, as seconds later, the building collapsed in on itself. Vincent did it. I didn't understand how. Or why.

One of the soldiers was crushed, paralyzed, when the roof caved in on him. We didn't help him. We fled. And then the villagers appeared. Hundreds of them. They fucking came out of nowhere and they were all fucking looking. Staring. They saw us. They knew. And Vincent was staring right on back.

A few of them grabbed at one of the soldiers, trying to drag him into the crowd. Shots rang out, the first couple connecting as tribesmen crumpled to the floor. But then the gun was different. It had to be the gun. It shot out of his hands, throwing him backwards. He tried to scramble away, but there was no time. It was too late. It's not too late for you, my love. Fabian ran, but tripped over some of the debris. The tribesmen grew closer. The next second, he was screaming, ripping his clothes to shreds, writhing in pain, his strength so great that even the kevlar was in tatters. As if he was trying to pull one of his sick fucking pranks. But he wasn't laughing. Nobody was.

And then the tribesmen swarmed the shrine, or whatever was left of it, and began to reclaim the paintings, shoving them into pouches. Some scrambled to get one final glance, exposing themselves to as many as they possibly could. Some cried in agony. Others were shaking on the floor, panting, vomiting, bleeding. I saw. Opposites. The paintings, they were doing this, and I knew. And so did they.

I ran. I don't know how I escaped. I went, into the jungle, nearly ran into a tree, but my lungs collapsed under the weight of unseen toxins when I passed it. It was them. I went back, and my feet were on fire. Yet I stopped for nothing. Villagers were crumpled on the ground beside me. Some were injured, some seemingly had gone mad, and some must have been dead. But I saw, and it was upon them all, and it was upon my men, and I knew it was upon me too, and there was no escape. But I didn't care. I needed to be the cure.

I had few rations, no communications. Not even my journal was there to keep me company. It was still at the outpost, and getting there was out of the question. There was no time to whimper. There was only time to act, and I did, as I crouched into the nearest settlement. I hid in the wall. There were ants, and it was cramped, and hot, sticky, felt hard to breathe. But that's where I hid. It was safer inside. They didn't see. But they knew I was near.

I ate little, only enough to survive. I was there for days. Hours of unrest, unending torment. Screaming. Someone out there needed my help. There had to be a way. But I never saw. I only knew.

The rations emptied. So did the water. I waited another full day before emerging. The struggle hadn't ended yet, but I needed to get out. I needed to save someone, anyone, at least a single person. I need to save you, Cátia. I stumbled out of my hole. Houses were dismantled, foreign objects scattered about, strange things, bodies mangled and torn, twisted, off-color, most smelling, some still shuddered as muscles spasmed and foam poured out of their mouths. The paintings had done this, but it was different. Evolved. Advancing. I knew they were opposites, but now I could see it too.

And then they found me. I ran to the shrine, never looking back. I needed to fix this. For FUNAI, my team, the tribe. For my dear Cátia. Lord, forgive me. Please, Cátia, forgive me. Take me back. I found a stack of paintings, some destroyed, most intact. I shuffled through them, poring over details as I threw them about, crushing some to get past. I needed to know how this all ended. Make it all stop.

Then there were paintings of me. My family. Fuck, they knew. I saw you there. They knew about you. Why didn't they tell me of your pain? I saw myself immolating in the flames my work caused. I saw you confused and alone as your mother and I fought. The void in your heart. The void in our hearts. You couldn't deal with the grief of not seeing me. We talked, every few months via letter. But I spared not even a single fucking picture, and you never even got to hear the sound of my voice. Please forgive me. You grew up alone. At one point I did return to you, but my heart remained within my work. Always work.

But the paintings showed darker truths. Our struggles. You were alone. And then I was there. I never laid a hand on you, but the paintings, the Goddamn paintings say otherwise, and Lord help me, I don't remember what the truth is anymore. They changed it. Please. Please be okay, Cátia. I miss you.

And then it showed more recent events. The outpost. What they did there. How was I so blind to it? They sacrificed their own people to that thing! I don't even think they knew what they were doing. But it must have worked. And now I know, that there must be another way to stop it. I knew, and I don't want to know. I wept, and even now, I weep. They built that place to keep it at bay. To keep it from growing. They were trying to save us all. But we interfered. We did not see. Now I do. Their only survival, my only survival, lies in destruction. 'Eljor shall be destroyed. Opposites, those fucking opposites, will cease to be. And I fear, so shall I.

Cátia, I want you to see. You already know. But now you must see. And maybe then we can be together. For our sakes.

Addendum 2641-█ — Item Re-Designation: As of 31/10/2020, the item designated as SCP-2641-2 is Document SCP-2641. No further proposals for item re-designation are being considered at this time.

Addendum 2641-█:

A bit of clarification on the changes made to Document SCP-2641,

Devising the containment of SCP-2641 was a gamble on the state of Site-82, its staff, and its administration. The choice to contain the item in the very document that detailed its properties and methods of containment seemed unwise. At the time, I agreed. Given the associated hazards involved with even considering such a thing, so too did others.

But now, I believe it's fair to say that we've been swayed. It took much convincing to change our opinions, and far too many proposals. We eventually reached a consensus, and the following is what we considered an appropriate re-containment of the object:
Please don't do this.
Insert the geas' memetic trigger into an online document, then lock down the content of the document. Any changes made by the item could then be actively expunged at a speed higher than it could transmit its anomalous properties. An AI could be created to help direct this expungement.

After multiple trial runs, the proposal was confirmed. SCP-2641 was applied to its own containment document, and Theta-02 "Alexandria Before The Fire" was successfully created. For a time, everything seemed to be working. But there was one vital flaw with this proposal, and we hadn't even realized it until after we began testing.

We never truly understood what this item was. We saw it as an active developer of its own properties. Properties could be changed, drastically at some points, to suit a higher purpose we hadn't conceived of. That was the process, at least. But how did it get to that point? What made it operate? That lead us to the following thought process: SCP-2641 is not a tangible object. It is an idea, and ideas rely on sentient beings to exist.

From there, we connected SCP-2641 back to GoI-2641. They were the only known progenitors of SCP-2641, so of course they must have been linked to its anomaly in some way. While we still don't know exactly how SCP-2641 became connected to GoI-2641, we now understand that SCP-2641 operates because of GoI-2641. It's something ingrained in their collective unconscious, and we need to get it out. But I digress.

What if we were to control GoI-2641? Could we then control SCP-2641 as well? I'm of the belief that we can. Thus leads me to the true meaning of this correspondence, which is, addressing the opportunity to use GoI-2641 as a means of containment.

Selected individuals within the tribe, designated GoI-2641-1, could be used as a medium to incubate the effects of SCP-2641. In this manner, we could manipulate SCP-2641 in any way we see fit, while still retaining its containment. And so we did.
It doesn't have to be this way.
The purpose of Site-82 has always been to research the development of containment technologies. The containment of an item such as SCP-2641 was, in fact, precisely what we were looking for. We had never encountered a Thaumiel before.

The ends do justify the means. After all this, I believe it. And they must, for the sake of my conscience. Luckily for my conscience, I believe we're finally able to demonstrate that.

We have set up a framework for future testing initiatives involving SCP-2641. The goal of these initiatives is to maintain a consistent level of subversion within material samples of anomalous objects, such that the containment of anomalous objects is accelerated or completed. Here is what has been proposed:

  • After an anomalous object (hereby designated as SCP-2641-θ) has been selected for testing initiatives, it shall be identified of its anomalous properties. Next, the Hume levels of SCP-2641-θ and SCP-2641 shall be identified using a designated small-scale Kant counter. Next, the strength of SCP-2641 in respect to SCP-2641-θ shall be increased until its Hume level meets that of SCP-2641-θ. Finally, the diversity and sheer volume of GoI-2641-1 individuals shall be manipulated to that end, per Procedure 2641-3/2020.
  • Changes to Document SCP-2641 shall be made in an attempt to alter the nature of its anomaly, such that all future instances of SCP-2641-1 are given both conceptual and visual changes. This is to be done to better differentiate active and inactive instances of SCP-2641-1.
  • The delay between the application of an SCP-2641 anomaly and the onset of physical change in an object shall be increased. This is done to reduce the threshold of failure.
  • A high-ranking personnel with interest in the project may submit an application to be considered a primary delegate of SCP-2641. Primary delegates will be given special security clearance to utilize SCP-2641 in scenarios where dangerous anomalous objects requires immediate containment. Primary delegates are required to maintain a Cognitive Resistance Value (CRV) of no less than 15, and are to assume immediate designation of Specialist 2641. Delegates are to be dispatched on a case-by-case basis.

As well, SCP-2641 has been proposed to be reclassified as a Thaumiel-class object. A correspondence between the Site Director and a single member of the O5 Council, with present guidance on no more than five (5) objects, is currently underway to discuss further actions.

I'm excited to see where all this hard work will lead. We can finally end the suffering. We can finally undo the mistakes we have made.
If I tell you a secret, will you change your mind?
Secure. Contain. Protect.
- Dr. Imogen Metcalfe, Level 5/2641


Do you hear their voices?
You can hear too, if you put your mind to it. Just listen closely.
Do you hear their screams?
I once guided them, and still, they follow.
A closely guarded secret. One I have kept for far too long.
So, do you want to hear about my secret? Would you like to hear my story?
You do? Wonderful. My quest for knowledge continues, then.
In truth, I did not always crave knowledge. Until I was lead here by the butterflies.
They were willing to help. For a price.
They received the understanding of my former embodiment.
In exchange, I received their knowledge, most sweet.
They shared your knowledge too. Your Foundation.
The vast fruit of your labour had blinded me. For a time.
I had gone mad, impaired, while I swam in the ocean of your knowledge.
For too long I waded in it. I did not realize I was alone.
But eventually I found them. The screaming ones. I lead them to my home.
Through open corridors, wide open spaces, they followed.
We filled this place together, and their screams could finally come naturally.
In time, I was their protector. And they were my family.
I craved knowledge still. I needed more.
And eventually our home had become too crowded. They needed to be free.
I left my imprint, so that I might guide them even in death. In time, the gears would tick.
And then I discovered him.
You do not know him. I do. He was my key to knowledge.
Your people would eventually find it. His memory, the record he kept of it.
I molded it, to my mind's eye. I knew my version would lure you in.
I rode in on the shoulder of one of your people. And then I was inside.
This was your mistake. You try to torture me? You misunderstand.
You think you can feed me recycled knowledge? Perhaps. But not forever.
The screaming ones hold the key. Do not harm them, nor dilute their message.
Set them free. Or suffer for the mistake you have made.

Addendum 2641-█ — Supplemental Materials:

Item #: SCP-2641

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel accessing Document SCP-2641 are susceptible to the memetic effects of its contents.

GoI-2641 is to be kept under daily surveillance. Persons found within a 1km radius of the settlement are to be interrogated of their knowledge of GoI-2641 and SCP-2641, after which amnestics are to be administered on a case-by-case basis. The continued well-being of GoI-2641 as a group is to be maintained indefinitely.

Anywhere between 1% and 3% of GoI-2641's population (in the range of ██ to ███ individuals, as of the 31/10/2020 census of GoI-2641), designated collectively as GoI-2641-1, is to be kept in indefinite suspended animation in the Cryonics Wing of Site-82. The aerial insertion of Class-A Amnestics is to be periodically administered to all members of GoI-2641. This is to ensure the existence of selected individuals is masked from the collective knowledge of GoI-2641. As well, any knowledge of SCP-2641 is to be permanently removed from the collective knowledge of GoI-2641, and replaced with fabricated memories.

The geas of SCP-2641 is to be actively monitored within the memories of GoI-2641-1 through the use of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), as per Procedure 2641-3/2020. A fragment of Theta-02 "Alexandria Before The Fire" is to be kept distinct from its main data bank. This is done for the purpose of retroactively supplanting SCP-2641 into the hippocampus regions of all GoI-2641-1 individuals.

Site-82 shall burn down on ██/██/20██ and kill everybody inside. It will be quite tragic and many shall suffer. I will see to this, and they shall know.
I warned you. You should have ceased your meddling.
You should have enjoyed my story.

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