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Item #: SCP-2648

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2648 is to be monitored between 22:00-04:00 local time. A minimum of two of Foundation agents in disguise are to remain within 10m radius when around SCP-2648. At no time is a single person to stay within the area during the object's active time.

If, despite these precautions, SCP-2648-1 does manifest, the personnel is to notify Site-24 command and proceed to remove any civilians from the surrounding area. Any subjects leaving SCP-2648-1 are to be detained and transferred to Foundation custody for questioning.

According to Procedure 341-Cozad, a single D-class personnel is to enter SCP-2648-1 and subject M. ████ is to be recovered for experimental purposes. If the subject expresses desire to do so, he is to be allowed to be reintroduced to SCP-2648-1. For details and schedule, see Document 2648-23.

Description: SCP-2648 is a bus stop located in █████, United Kingdom on ███ street. It was built in 1987 according to the city hall records and is officially still in use. The object's anomalous properties manifest only at night, between 22:00-04:00 local time. When a single person remains nearby SCP-2648 for a period of time measuring on average 10 minutes, an instance of SCP-2648-1 will appear in close proximity. SCP-2648-1 takes a form of a typical city bus, always belonging to a nonexistent line and with markings and license not corresponding to any registers. Extraordinary feature of SCP-2648-1 are the tinted windows obstructing any view of the inside. SCP-2648-1 will not manifest if the subject is restrained, unconscious, or otherwise incapable of boarding the vehicle. Vehicle will also not stop by SCP-2648 if another person enters the 10m radius.

After appearing, SCP-2648-1 will drive to SCP-2648, stop and open its doors. At this time, the subject will exhibit signs of disorientation and board the vehicle. D-class personnel instructed not to board the vehicle after it stops have so far been unable to do so. Afterwards, the bus will head further down the road, before disappearing. To this day no way of tracking SCP-2648-1 has been developed, since the object is capable of disappearing momentarily when not directly viewed. Any GPS, or locating device placed on SCP-2648-1 ceases to function as soon as the object disappears, displaying rapidly changing, seemingly random coordinates. Cameras, microphones and other recording devices are also incapable of transmitting after the disappearance.

When the next subject approaches SCP-2648, the same process will take place, but this time, after the vehicle doors open, the subject who has previously disappeared will leave SCP-2648-1 and a new subject will board the bus. These people seem to have not experienced any time passage, claiming that approximately an hour has passed since their departure, even if significantly longer time has passed since their disappearance. When questioned about their memories of the trip, these subjects describe a normal travel and always remark about a pleasant conversation that they had with the bus driver, designated SCP-2648-2. Passengers are also unable to state their reasoning behind boarding SCP-2648-1.

Subjects leaving SCP-2648-1 appear to be in the same physical state as before their disappearance. However, all of these subjects suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, sleep problems and other symptoms characteristic for victims of physical and psychological torture. These subjects, after returning to the society, will often show signs of social maladjustment which, in some cases have ended with suicide. They also display irrational fear of buses and other public transport vehicles. In a number of cases, subjects have reacted with violence or escape attempts when talked to by passengers or drivers.

SCP-2648-2 is described as a Caucasian male in his late 40's, referring to himself as Michael, possessing kind and friendly personality. According to the D-class personnel used in experimentation, it initiates the conversation with the passenger in every case. Personnel used in experimentation, who have been instructed to further inquire on SCP-2648-2's identity, have failed to deliver any answers. According to their relations, the entity refused to respond to their questions.

SCP-2648 has been discovered after a series of unusually high number of cases involving missing persons in ████. Analysis of CCTV footage and interviews with the victims have led to location and containment of the anomaly.

Addendum A-1: After SCP-2648's discovery, subject M. ████ has been recovered. Based on the interviews conducted with him and analysis of documents found in the subject's home, containment procedures have been designed. Subject has shown a great deal of knowledge about SCP-2648 and was eager to share the information with Foundation personnel.

Notes and diaries recovered from M. ████'s house suggest that subject has spent long time searching for information about SCP-2648 and similar cases. His research indicates that SCP-2648 was first observed in 1887 in form of a stagecoach in Germany linked to many disappearances. Since then, the anomaly has also appeared in Poland in form of a black GAZ-21 Volga, rumored to have been kidnapping children from the streets. This information suggests that with the passage of time, SCP-2648 will relocate. Means of tracking the object's location are in development.

M. ████ has theorized in his notes, based on archival newspaper issues that SCP-2648 originates from a series mysterious kidnappings that took place in Berlin and the surrounding areas that ended in a large scale ritual involving human sacrifice. According to the article describing the incident, all perpetrators, except one, have been caught and brought to justice. Arrestees testified that the last one "has ascended above the mortal boundaries" and "will torment humanity forever".

Addendum A-2: Interview 2648-3:

Interviewed: M. ████

Interviewer: Dr. Andon

Foreword: the goal of the third interview with M. ████ was to discover the motivation behind subject's presence in SCP-2648-1.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Andon: Can you state the reason of your presence abroad SCP-2648-1?

M. ████ : I wanted stop this thing after she did it. You probably know everything from my notes already anyway.

Dr. Andon: Please clarify.

M. ████: I have seen what this thing does to people. I heard Helen screaming in her sleep. I saw how she started to examine her teeth every morning. I knew.

Dr. Andon: And yet you decided to go through the same thing. Your notes and previous interviews indicate that you knew exactly what happens to people boarding SCP-2648-1. Why did you do it anyway?

M. ████: Have you ever seen someone disappearing in front of your eyes doctor? Someone dear to you? I have and I wanted to stop the same thing from happening to someone else. This thing destroyed me. After she died, I was left alone.

Dr. Andon:Are you referring to the divorce, that took place soon after miss ████ death?

M. ████ remains silent.

Dr. Andon: You have stated your desire to return to SCP-2648-1. Why? You are certainly aware that we have death row inmates at disposal who may take this responsibility off you.

M. ████: I know, but… I don't know. I think I have lived in pain too long to live without it.

<End Log>

Addendum A-2: Interview 2648-5:

Interviewed: M. ████

Interviewer: Dr. Andon

Foreword: fifth interview with M. ████ helped with understanding the nature of SCP-2648 effects.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Andon: From your research we can see that you know a lot about the history of SCP-2648. Can you tell me about its effects?

M. ████ :You know what it does. Why ask me?

Dr. Andon: I understand that this is painful, but we need to hear it from you.

M. ████ : Michael, or whatever you call the driver, is a sick [EXPLETIVE REMOVED]. It lures people. It toys with them. And then… It does what it likes the most.

Dr. Andon: Could you describe it in more detail.

M. ████ remains silent for a moment.

Dr. Andon: ████?

M. ████ : No. I can't. Please, don't make me

Dr. Andon: This is understandable, given your experiences. You have already told us more than any other victim of SCP-2648-2.

M. ████ : Yeah, no wonder. I was prepared for it the first time I went in and I can still barely look at pincers without shivering. Imagine what it does to those who do not expect it. And that [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] always threatens to get back to them if they tell anyone. They don't know that it's just talking.

Dr. Andon: Are you sure that SCP-2648-2 is unable to reach people beyond the bus? Or manifest without the usual trigger?

M. ████ : Absolutely. He was given power by something, but it has its boundaries.

Dr. Andon: How many times have you boarded SCP-2648-1?

M. ████ : Dozens. Whenever someone takes my place I stay on the stop. It is always easier to get back, you know? I think it grows bored of me. Hurts less every time.

Dr. Andon: Do you still want to board SCP-2648-1?

M. ████ : Yes. It is my mission.

<End Log>

Addendum A-4: After psychological screening M. ████ was allowed to return to SCP-2648. Subject is to be recovered every month and substituted with D-class personnel for a period of two days in order to interview the subject about relocation of the anomaly. If M. ████ expresses desire to do so, he is to be permanently substituted with D-class personnel.

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