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Item #: SCP-2649

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2649 is to be kept inside a locked safe at all times. The room the safe is contained in must be soundproof, and also house a record player. No personnel other than D-Class are to be present in this room during testing, nor are they permitted to enter the room while testing is in session.
Every month, one D-Class personnel (hereby designated Subject 2649) is to be exposed to SCP-2649's effects. Subject 2649 is to be housed in a standard humanoid containment cell adjacent to the room containing SCP-2649, and is to be interviewed once a week and terminated once another subject has been chosen. Subject 2649 must never be made aware of the current year.

Description: SCP-2649 is a vinyl record; specifically, a recording of Miles Davis's 1957 album Birth of the Cool. SCP-2649 is estimated to be from around 1960, although it still retains its original condition and sound quality.
SCP-2649's anomalous properties manifest when one ore more human beings are in a room with it playing: Over the course of the record, any humans present will undergo a gradual transformation into an exact genetic copy of jazz trumpeter Miles Davis at their age. Subjects exposed to SCP-2649 do not retain any memories of themselves before exposure, instead remembering the experiences of Miles Davis at their age. Subjects will also remember experiences had by younger subjects, whether or not the events have occurred yet.

Addendum 2649: Interview Log
The following is a list of notable interviews of Subject 2649, conducted by Dr. Nagai.

Interview 1: █/██/20██
Subject 2649 Age:** 64
Begin Log
Dr. Nagai: Hello, Subject 2649. Do you know where you are right now?
Subject 2649: Yeah, I sure as hell do. I don't have any f███ing short-term memory problems, Dr. Nagai.
Dr. Nagai: How do you know my name?
(Subject 2649 Laughs Mockingly)
Subject 2649: I've been here more f███ing times than you can count on both hands, doc. Why don't you remember me?
Dr. Nagai: I…well…This is the first time I've ever interviewed you.
Subject 2649: Oh, I remember more. I first saw you when I was three, then it was like I came here every year. And according to those books you gave me, this'll be my last time.
Dr. Nagai: Well, Subject 2649, I've brought you here today to ask a few questions about…
Subject 2649: I've already given you enough f███ing information. f███ off.
End Log
Closing Statements: Well…that was a rough start. The only worthwhile information I got from this interview is that Subject 2649 must remember things that have happened to younger subjects, even if they haven't even happened yet. I'll add that to the document.

Interview 1: █/██/20██
Subject 2649 Age:** 45
Begin Log
Dr. Nagai: Hello, Subject 2649.
Subject 2649: Please, call me Mr. Davis.
Dr. Nagai: Will do. Now, I'm here to ask you some questions about your previous experiences here. What do you remember?
Subject 2649: Oh, these dreams? I've had 'em since I was three years old, and I've kept having them since. The last one, though…It was kind of freaky.
Dr. Nagai: Explain.
Subject 2649: Well, it starts off in the same place as usual…but everything hurts. It feels like my guts are being crushed and twisted. Then, it just ends. I had that pain for the whole week!
Dr. Nagai: Interesting…Is there anything else you want to tell me?
Subject 2649: Well…thanks for the inspiration. It was a big success.
End Log
Closing Statements: Well, this is kind of creepy. As I was escorting Subject 2649 (or Mr. Davis) to his room, some medical personnel rushed past us with a stretcher. Apparently, the Site Director had approved testing of SCP-2649 on a 9 months pregnant woman, which went awry for obvious reasons. She died within minutes, fortunately, but here's the part that gets me: She was only one week younger than the current Subject 2649.

Interview 1: █/██/20██
Subject 2649 Age:** 28
Begin Log
Dr. Nagai: Hello, Mr. Davis.
Subject 2649: Who said you could call me that?
Dr. Nagai: Well-
(Subject 2649 Laughs)
Subject 2649: Relax, Dr. Nagai. You can call me whatever you want.
Dr. Nagai: Please don't do that. I have a seminar in one minute, and I don't want to waste any time.
Subject 2649, still laughing: Whatever you say, doc.
Dr. Nagai: All right. Now, I'd like to ask you some questions about your life.
Subject 2649: What? I hardly know f███ing anything about you or this place, and you just up and ask me about my life? No dice, doc, I won't f███ing sing!
Dr. Nagai: Well-(Dr. Nagai is abruptly cut off by his smartphone alarm, coincidentally Miles Davis's So What.)
Subject 2649: Hey, that's a nice tune. Can I use it?
End Log
Closing Statements: I might have just partially influenced one of the most influential jazz albums of all time. Now I know what it feels like to be an unsung hero of history.

Interview 1: █/█/20██
Subject 2649 Age:** 3
Begin Log
Dr. Nagai: Hello, Miles! I'm Dr. Nagai. Welcome to the SCP Foundation!
Subject 2649: Am I in Heaven?
(Dr. Nagai laughs)
Dr. Nagai: No, it's just Earth. It can be Heaven to some and Hell to others.
Subject 2649: Then how do you know my name?
Dr. Nagai: Well…you've been here more times than you can count on both hands.
Subject 2649: But this is the first time I've been here!
Dr. Nagai: Oh, I remember more. I first met you when I was ██, then I've seen you every year after that. And according to what you've told me, this'll be the last time I see you.
Subject 2649: But how-
Dr. Nagai: You'll find out, soon enough.
End Log
There are no closing statements for this interview.

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