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SafeSCP-2665 The Miner's EscapeRate: 41

Site-48 CCTV Live Broadcast: #0017
SCP-2665-A Containment

Item #: SCP-2665

Object Class: Safe

Containment Protocols: SCP-2665-A is housed at Site-48 in a Safe-class containment locker. Testing with SCP-2665-A is currently being supervised by Dr. Smith. SCP-2665-A is not to be used for testing unless permission is granted from Senior Researcher Andrew or a Level 3 researcher.

The tunnels within SCP-2665-B are to be constantly monitored by guards, who are also tasked with searching the tunnels in order to retrieve any additional documents written by the ENCC. SCP-2665-B's known entrances have been closed off using a cover story of hazardous tunnel collapses.

Update: As of Test 2665-A-6, access to SCP-2665-A is to be granted only to Senior Researchers. Junior Researchers are authorized to assist with testing of SCP-2665 only at the request of a Senior Researcher.

Description: SCP-2665 is the collective designation given to two anomalies, SCP-2665-A and SCP-2665-B. SCP-2665-A is a weathered pickaxe made out of non-anomalous oak wood and iron. It measures 5.5 kilograms in weight and 1 meter in length.

SCP-2665-A's anomalous effects manifest when a subject holds SCP-2665-A with one hand near the head and the other at the base of the handle.1 When holding SCP-2665-A in this manner, subjects will experience an audio-visual hallucination referred to as a 2665 event. During the hallucination, subjects will witness an event that matches up with real-life actions undertaken by the Extra-Normal Creatures Control2 (see below information). The subject's hallucinations will either take place within Connecticut, Massachusetts, or another northeastern state within The United States of America.

SCP-2665-B is an abandoned facility located within a small mountain in [REDACTED], Connecticut. This facility was the main base of the ENCC. Inside the facility are several crudely constructed containment cells for housing anomalous objects or entities. A majority of the anomalies that the ENCC had contained are either missing or have lost their anomalous properties. The anomalies contained by the ENCC have been classified by the Foundation as either Class-E objects or anomalous objects. The containment cells have been rebuilt by the Foundation and are being used as D-Class dormitories and Class-E holding cells.

Discovery of SCP-2665: SCP-2665-B was discovered during the first establishment of Site-48. While constructing the site, personnel discovered the entrance to the abandoned facility within a cliff face of a small mountain. Personnel inspected the area and discovered several documents somewhat similar in format to SCP Documents. Foundation documents were researched to determine if the organization was accounted for in the list of known groups of interest. This facility was not included.

During further exploration of the facility, Foundation personnel found documents belonging to the Extra-Normal Creatures Control. It was also discovered that a large part of the facility had been destroyed. The destroyed remains led to a series of mining tunnels and caves. Inscribed on the walls were arrows pointing towards a large cavern filled with water and with sunlight shining through the ceiling of the cave. In the middle of the cave, a book was found containing old documents along with SCP-2665-A.

Incident 2665-1: During Test 2665-A-6, Senior Researcher Andrew and Junior Researcher Branx took D-1169 inside of SCP-2665-B in order to determine whether any kind of special reaction would occur if a 2665 event were initiated inside of SCP-2665-B.

D-1169 then attempted to avoid being part of the test by breaking off a loose stalactite and stabbing the security guard escorting the Class-D and researchers. D-1169 then escaped out of SCP-2665-B and was terminated on sight when trying to exit Site-48. Shorty following the Class-D's escape, Junior Researcher Branx3 disappeared. SCP-2665-A was found in one of the caverns in which Branx had previously hidden in. Junior Researcher Branx has yet to be found.

Addendum 2665.1 Recovered Documentation of ENCC anomalies

Below is a list of some of the anomalies contained by the ENCC. Nearly all ENCC anomalies have been contained as SCPs or as Class-Es. Report to Dr. Smith if any anomalies are discovered within SCP-2665-B.


Containment Class: Low-level

Creature Control: Object is kept within Anomaly Locker #018. Personnel are to be on the lookout for any roughly cylindrical objects that have been affected by ENCC-018.

Update: ENCC-018 instances can be used as a message delivery system.

Description: ENCC-018 is a phenomenon that randomly affects almost any type of pail or cylindrical shaped object. The phenomenon (designated ENCC-018-A) creates duplicates of a cylindrical object. Some examples are a bucket or cup. If anything is placed within one of the duplicates, the object placed in will fall through the duplicate and exit out of the other one.

Anomaly was labeled as E-407.


Containment Class: Medium-level

Creature Control: Object is kept within a steel containment chamber in cell #001. Everyone is to remember the control protocols for ENCC-001 at every group meeting. Personnel are not allowed to used ENCC-001 unless approved by Sally and John.

Description: ENCC-001 is a small box with a lock. The key to ENCC-001 is currently guarded by the founder of the ENCC, John.

Whenever an object is placed within ENCC-001, the memories of the object are destroyed. This includes all memories associated with the object. The memory that the object was placed within ENCC-001 will also be destroyed.

For example, if one individual places an old watch into ENCC-001 that was passed down from their grandfather, then the memory of the grandfather will also be expunged.

Another anomalous effect of ENCC-001 is that it causes itself to be forgotten by some of the personnel within the ENCC.

Object was not found in containment cell.


Containment Class: High-level

Creature Control: ENCC-149 is to be contained in anomaly room #149. They are to be placed within a storage tank filled with water. No personnel are allowed to enter at this time. Constant movement within the containment room must be made.

Description: ENCC-149 are six abnormally large sea urchins, about the size of a wagon wheel. They do not move when other organisms are constantly moving. However, this applies to only one person per sea urchin. When a subject is not moving, they will charge at the organism and attempt to flee the ENCC facility.

ENCC-149 are rather hazardous because the spines they possess are somewhat crystalline [illegible]

Objects were found and classified as E-1649.

Testing Log: SCP-2665-A

Note: Information on each member of the ENCC has been collected from documentation within SCP-2665-B. The members stated in the testing logs are now identified.
The members of the ENCC mentioned in the testing logs are: Sally Rose, "John"4, Tommy Silver, Truss Jackson, and Andrew Hearth. The other 12 members of the ENCC have not been identified.

Test Log 2665-A-1

Subject: D-1169

Events: D-1169's hallucination showed a passageway within SCP-2665-B. D-1169 sees Sally Rose running down the passageway, being chased by an ENCC-149 instance. D-1169 shifts his body position and takes several steps to look around a corner in the passageway. Rose is seen running towards a pit full of water, but is then pulled to the side by John. The ENCC-149 instance falls into the pit of water and is unable to escape. Tommy Silver and Truss Jackson emerge from the spot where John was hiding, pull Rose to the side, and cover the pit with a net. John compliments everyone for capturing the ENCC-149 instance. Silver and Jackson shake hands and John kisses Rose. Test is then concluded.

Test Log 2665-A-2

Subject: D-1169

Events: D-1169’s hallucination shows a town full of people5 running and screaming in panic. D-1169 spots an anthropomorphic wasp terrorizing a town. The ENCC arrive; Silver runs towards the entity with a bucket of water and throws it on the entity. The wasp's wings become waterlogged, making flight extremely difficult. John, Rose, Jackson, and Andrew Hearth arrive and grab the entity by the arms and guide it into one of the buildings. D-1169's hallucination flashes to the inside of the building.

The ENCC begins to speak with the entity in order to understand why it is terrorizing the town. The entity refuses to speak. Silver then walks over to the entity and comforts it, promising that they are only trying to help. The entity complies and begins to explain. However, the hallucination ends before an explanation is given.

Test Log 2665-A-3

Subject: D-1169

Events: D-1169's hallucination showed the ENCC members by a campfire gazing up at the stars. "John" is holding a guitar and brings the other members into a song. Lyrics were recorded by D-1169:

I've been singing down that gritty ol' trail~

The one where dreams are a—coming truuuuueee…

And even though I may not be coming home real sooooo-oon…

I'll make it worth it, where ever I aaaaammmm!

The group rejoices after the song is finished. The hallucination ends, and D-1169 reported a feeling of lightheartedness and nostalgia after the test.

Test Log 2665-A-4

Subject: D-1169

Events: D-1169's hallucination showed a passageway within the ENCC facility. Truss Jackson runs down the passageway, limping, while being pursued by a tall, black humanoid entity. He trips and falls to the floor. The humanoid runs over to Jackson and begins to physically assault him. The humanoid flees after hearing other members of the ENCC running in the humanoid's general direction. The other members begin to bandage Jackson. They cease doing so after discovering that he had died from blood loss. Rose takes out a flask and drinks from it.

Test Log 2665-A-5

Subject: D-1169

Events: D-1169’s hallucination showed the inside of an ENCC dormitory. John and Sally Rose are spotted, arguing. A transcript of the event is provided below. At the end of the hallucination, Rose takes her luggage and leaves John.


"John": Please, honey. We can't do this without you.

Rose: I… It's too much, John. It's just too much. Truss, he still had the rest of his life left. Tommy's not going to get better anytime soon. I just don't think I can do this anymore.

Rose collects more of her personal belongings and place them into a suitcase

"John": I'm sorry, I really am. But, we have to move on. We have a job to do. The Foundation always picked itself up—

Rose: The Foundation, The Foundation. That's all you talk about. Who are those people anyway? Why haven't they helped us?

"John": I…

Rose: I'm sorry John. I can't take care of everything anymore. You have a lot more staff to help you, you know.

Rose picks up her suitcase

Rose: Good-bye.

Addendum 2665.2: Recovered Letter

During exploration of SCP-2665-B, a small hole was discovered. The hole was drilled through and a cave was discovered on the other side, containing the remains of a human skeleton and a small sculpture. The sculpture depicted the four primary members of the ENCC, "John", Rose, Silver, and Jackson. Next to the sculpture was a letter addressed to Sally. The letter is as follows:

To Sally,

Isn’t it exciting? The mystery, the wonders, the hysteria? Who knew all of this would happen, eh, Sally?

Once, I was just a nobody working at The Foundation. Life wasn’t that exciting, working in a cold facility filled with people I didn’t know or hated. Honestly, I’m glad this happened to me, that I was sent back. I finally got to build up my own Foundation with you, me and the others. I got to live out my dream. But more importantly, it allowed me to meet you, Sally. You understood me perfectly, and I would've done anything to keep you safe.

That’s why I left you at the facility to work and research. I was starting to focus more on my work and losing sight of what really mattered- the people I had around me. I just hope you understand. I never liked my job - I really didn’t - but I still did what I had to do. You know that I dedicate myself to my work no matter when or where I am, even if I may not like it.

If you ever come back, I hope we can go on more of our own adventures. I’m glad I spent all of this time with you.


Addendum 2665.3: Recovered ENCC anomalies

During routine exploration of SCP-2665-B, an ENCC document were discovered by Agent Saggio.


Containment Class: Medium-level

Creature Control: ENCC-111 is to be kept within containment chamber room #111. No personnel are to use it at this time.

Description: ENCC-111 is a Phonograph cylinder of unremarkable make. The object cannot play music, as the object's cylinder is damaged. The crank is still functional.

When a subject aligns themselves with the horn of the object while another user cranks ENCC-111, the anomalous properties become apparent. The memories of the subject will transfer to a nearby object in the subject's vicinity. All memories will be eradicated from the subject.

Anyone that interacts with the object that holds the subject's memories will have heavy hallucinations of the subject's memories.

Goodbye, Sally.

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