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nn5n: scp-2674 An Ancient, Submerged Burial Ground
KeterSCP-2674 An Ancient, Submerged Burial GroundRate: 22

Item #: SCP-2674

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding Trearddur Bay is to be monitored for any topographical alterations. Subjects entering or exiting the perimeter of SCP-2674 are to be monitored for changes in behavior. Any instances of SCP-2674-1 observed to vacate the perimeter of SCP-2674 are to be terminated upon discovery.

Should the perimeter of Trearddur Bay become populated, MTF-Omega-09 ("The Fishermen") are to be dispatched to the area for disinformation campaigns and amnestic administration. Contact with SCP-2674-1 instances is forbidden outside of controlled testing protocol. Affected areas are to be quarantined, and local news stations are to be given cover stories about unusual weather patterns. If SCP-2674 begins to spread, evacuation is authorized and encouraged to minimize casualties from the entity's anomalous properties.

Under no circumstances are instances of SCP-2674-1 to be captured without express permission from Head Researcher Harold. Following incident 2674-1, explorations into SCP-2674 are suspended indefinitely.

Description: SCP-2674 is a spatial anomaly affecting the shoreline of Trearddur Bay, Wales. SCP-2674-1 is the general designation for 5 instances (labelled SCP-2674-1 through -5) of deep-sea lifeforms residing inside the perimeter of SCP-2674.

The following instances were discovered during Exploration 2674-09. Updates to this list are highlighted in BLUE for ease of reading:

  • SCP-2674-1 instances appear to be aquatic humanoids. Skin is olive green in coloration, with three spindly appendages extending from the sides of the head. Webbing was observed in-between the appendages. Gills can be seen flaring from just below the jawline. Face is compact, with a pair of nasal cavities clearly visible. Eyes are elliptical, yellow in coloration, with a slitted pupil. Fingers and toes are elongated, with clear webbing in-between them.

Update(05/16/19██): Upon further inspection of the video feed from Exploration 2674-09, the SCP-2674-1 instances were identified as Halkost. The Halkost are observed to be serving under SCP-2674-2.

  • The SCP-2674-2 instance appears to suffer from harlequin syndrome. Skin is cracked with a mixture of teal and blue pigmentation. Faces are compact, similar to SCP-2674-1 instances, with a vertical mouth running from below the nose to the chin. Gills are present on the lower portion of the neck. Fingers are elongated with clear webbing in-between them, however feet are replaced with a pair of spindly legs ending in a point. Eyes are covered in a film and only cavities are visible where ears should be.

Update(05/16/19██): Upon further inspection of the video feed from Exploration 2674-09, the SCP-2674-2 instance was identified as a Karcist.

  • The SCP-2674-3 instance also appears to suffer from harlequin syndrome; however, the skin is slightly elevated and has a glossy shell-like sheen. Webbing is also present between sections of skin, with gills visible on the lower portion of the neck. Face is humanoid in appearance, but is lacking ears in a similar manner to SCP-2674-2 instances. Feet are completely flat with clear webbing in-between the toes. Fingers are elongated, however hands are humanoid in appearance.

Update(05/16/19██): Upon further inspection of the video feed from Exploration 2674-09, the SCP-2674-3 instance was identified as a Võlutaar. The Võlutaar is also noted to be serving under SCP-2674-2.

  • SCP-2674-4 instances appear to be organic structures. The structures appear to be capable of manipulating objects with a degree of skill comparable to a human hand. They are dark red in coloration and are tentaculoid in shape and appearance.

Update(05/16/19██): Upon further inspection of the video feed from Exploration 2674-09, the SCP-2674-4 instances are identified as snatchers. The snatchers are presumed to be guarding SCP-2674-5.

  • The SCP-2674-5 instance is a large structure made out of flesh and bone. The primary use of SCP-2674-5 appears to be ritualistic activity. Upon closer inspection, SCP-2674-5 also appears to be alive but does not require food or water.

Update(05/16/19██): Upon further inspection of the video feed from Exploration 2674-09, the SCP-2674-5 instance was identified as a Kiraak. Documents recorded inside of the Kiraak bear depictions consistent of Yaldobaoth

The radius of SCP-2674's influence was recorded to have a superimposed limit of 5 meters from the point of origin. Observers outside of SCP-2674's perimeter will perceive a cave created from sand collected on the ocean floor. When subjects traverse the cave, they will be relocated to an area that is a perfect replica of the beach bordering Trearddur Bay except devoid of life. Duration of relocation varies, with the process taking anywhere between 1 to 5 minutes. Alterations to the topography inside of SCP-2674's perimeter include:

  • Growth of fresh water plants and ecosystems
  • Alteration of air into water
  • A noted, gradual pressure increase. Maximum pressure was recorded at 4883.6 psi after 5 minutes had elapsed.

If the subjects remain inside the event horizon for more than five minutes, this usually leads to termination by asphyxiation or compression of vital organs. However, subjects are capable of vacating the area by simply swimming back through the cave to return to the area they inhabited previously. At time of writing, research on SCP-2674 has proven difficult.

Incident 2674-1: On 05/15/19██, a new manifestation of SCP-2674 appeared in Trearddur Bay, Wales. MTF-Omega-09 is dispatched to just outside the event horizon and a perimeter is established. MTF-Omega-09 are given special pressurized diver suits along with pressurized air tanks, waterproof body cameras and radios, and are given the task to find the source of the manifestations. MTF-Omega-09 enter the sand cave and arrive at the replica of the beach surrounding Trearddur Bay. The audio and video transcripts are documented below.

<Begin Log>

Omega-09 begin to slowly traverse the area after exiting the event horizon. A pair of SCP-2674-4 instances can be observed on the path ahead, forcing Omega-09 to halt their forward progression.

Omega One: Careful. Keep your head low and don't make any sudden movements.

Omega Two: I see them. Visual on number?

Omega Three: Two. They're standing vigil on the path, we need to wait until they leave.

Shortly after Omega-09's arrival, the SCP-2674-4 instances burrow into the ground and the holes seal behind them. Further down the path, a SCP-2674-5 instance comes into view.

Omega Two: I'm getting a visual on a SCP-2674-5 instance. About fifteen meters ahead of our current position.

Omega One: Visual on SCP-2674-2 and SCP-2674-3 instances also. Hold position.

A pair of unidentified figures are observed to briefly pause near a set of steps, before climbing them and entering the temple. Visual identification is impossible due to a cloudiness present in the water. Omega One radios in to the Foundation to report his findings.

Omega One: Foundation, this is Omega One. We have located a SCP-2674-5 instance, which appears to currently be occupied by as of yet unidentified individuals. Permission to infiltrate?

Captain: Granted, on the terms that you vacate the area should the situation become untenable.

Omega One: Roger that. Omega One out.

Omega-09 continues their approach, coming to a short flight of steps carved out of bone from an unknown source. A large group of SCP-2674-1 instances are perceived to be swimming into a hole in the side of the temple. The SCP-2674-1 instances do not appear to notice Omega-09 as they ascend the steps and enter the temple.

Omega Four: Visual on SCP-2674-1 instances. Rough estimate places the number at about a hundred. Culling attempts would be inadvisable in our current situation.

Omega Two: Affirmative. Water isn't an ideal target-rich environment.

Omega One: Let's move.

Inside of the temple, paintings on the wall bear depictions of an entity undergoing varying states of creationism. Further down the hall, an antechamber can be seen where a SCP-2674-2 instance along with a SCP-2674-3 instance stand on a raised stone dais, addressing the collected SCP-2674-1 instances.

SCP-2674-2: The time has come, my Halkost, to perform the ritual anew. We must hasten our conversion of the surface world, before our enemies who attempt to halt our progress appear. Now, to your antechambers!

The SCP-2674-1 instances appear to pause and start holding a conversation amongst themselves. The SCP-2674-2 instance exhibits emotional distress during this time.

SCP-2674-2: Go! Um…shoo? Away with you? Go off to do whatever things you usually do? (Turning to face SCP-2674-3) Um, do you know how to make these creatures leave?

SCP-2674-3: Well…uh, I kinda hoped that you had things under control honestly. You did state that you had experience with this kind of thing, right? I don't have any idea, this isn't my field of expertise.

The SCP-2674-3 instance shrugs, causing SCP-2674-2 to exhale sharply. SCP-2674-2 eventually turns to a pearl embedded on a pedestal on the dais. SCP-2674-3 joins SCP-2674-2 after a minute.

SCP-2674-2: It's fine, I don't care if they know what I'm doing or not. Okay, now how do I work this thing again? Was it "Waters rise and flood the land, drowning all vile creatures of man?" No, that doesn't sound right.

SCP-2674-3: I thought it was "The Devourer, oh great and vast. Wash away the unborn past." I could be wrong though. Maybe we need to turn the dais?

SCP-2674-2: I tried that. Didn't work. Must be voice activated or something. Shit, I knew I should've read the manual for this thing!

SCP-2674-3: Maybe one of your loyal subjects know?

SCP-2674-2: What, the Halkost? They are mindless drones; their sole reason for existing is to do my bidding. How the fuck would they know how to operate this?

Omega One: It appears we have our work cut out for us.

Omega Two: Are we sure those are the targets? They don't seem very threatening to me.

Omega Four: Looks can be deceiving, Two. Don't let your guard down.

Omega One: We need to remember that anybody can be dangerous, no matter how inept. Proceed with caution.

As Omega-09 starts to traverse the hallway, Omega Two trips over a bone outcropping, causing the bone to snap. The SCP-2674-2 and SCP-2674-3 instance become alerted to the noise, facing the hallway that Omega-09 occupy.

SCP-2674-2: Intruders! Come, my Halkost! Rip the flesh from our interlopers!

Omega-09 turn and flee from the temple, pursued by the SCP-2674-1 instances. During the commotion, the pearl becomes dislodged from the pedestal and impacts the dais, damaging itself in the process. Omega-09 manages to reach the event horizon, however a SCP-2674-4 instance erupts from the ground and captures Omega Four by the legs. The SCP-2674-4 instance disappears underground with Omega Four before the other members are able to react.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The remaining members of Omega-09 manage to vacate the perimeter safely, the SCP-2674-1 instances ceasing pursuit of Omega-09 once they cross the event horizon. Omega Four was never located and was presumed to be terminated in the field.

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