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Item #: 2689

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Proceedures: SCP-2689 is located in ██████, Massachusetts where it is kept under 24 hour surveilliance at a safe distance of 20 meters from SCP-2689. Any civilians will immediately be neutralized if caught near SCP-2689. Personnel with Level 4 clearence are expected to be cautious while staying 5 meters from SCP-2689. Should an urge to go into the center of SCP-2689 be heard, personnel needs to retreat immediately.

Description: SCP-2689 is a ring of mushrooms and fungi that creates a 30 feet in diameter circle in the center of a grassy field surrounded by both dead an living trees located at [DATA EXPUNGED] . It is unknown how SCP-2689 suddenly appeared in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Subjects will hear convincing whispers emitting from SCP-2689 to come closer into the circle, if they resist, the whispers will become more tempting. The Subjects will be seen vanishing without a trace after entering SCP-2689 and hear a series of eerie female laughter. After 5 hours, the bodies of the Subjects will then fall out of the sky. Bodies are recovered via machinery to avoid contact with SCP-2689.

Autopsy reports show that the Subject's bones have been forcibly snapped and drained of blood. This was later reported to be the cause of SCP-2689-1, 5 female beings that were reported to reside in SCP-2689 and lure the Subjects into SCP-2689 to kill them as reported by a few survivors of SCP-2689.

SCP-2689-1 will transport the Subject to their dimmension as soon as the Subject enters SCP-2689, where SCP-2689-1 will trap the Subject within SCP-2689 and use their powers to forcibly drag the Subject closer to them and proceed to kill the Subject by breaking their skeletal structure and draining them of blood.

Archival data reveals that SCP-2689 has been here since the 17th century and has been the hotspot for children disappearing. Data reveals that villagers in the [DATA EXPUNGED] believed that SCP-2689 was a site for witchcraft due to delirious children who survived in SCP-2689 talking about SCP-2689-1 and described them as "5 beautiful women that looked like forest creatures" that tried to lure the children to the center of SCP-2689 and kill them. 5 suspicious women were found guilty and were hung. However, the disappearances continued.

SCP-2689 was discovered on ██/██/20██ by 3 hikers who have gone missing while exploring the area. A search party trying to find the hikers also went missing that day. A police investigation was launched later and was about to be called off until the bodies of the hikers and the search party landed in the middle of the circle, prompting The Foundation to be contacted.

So far, a few survivors managed to come out of SCP-2689, but in a delirious state.

SCP-2689 is currently being experimented with under the supervision of Director █████.

Audio log from Interview 2689-1A
Interviewer: Dr.█████████
Interviewed: Subject D-209, survivor of exploration 053
Exploration #053

<Begin Log>
[███ containment facility, Time: █████]
Dr.█████████: Hello there D-209, my name is Dr.█████████, I'm here to interview you about exploration 053 and how you managed to survive. Can you give me any details?
D-209: Okay. so me and 2 other guys were told by Director █████ to enter SCP-2689. When we stepped inside of SCP-2689, the ground around us crumbled and we sunk into this white void. There was this mist which was hard to see and we saw 5 beautiful women appearing to float, circling SCP-2689, laughing at us.
Dr.█████████: I assume this is [papers moving] SCP-2689-1?
D-209: If that's what the Foundation calls them, then yes.
Dr.█████████: May you describe how they looked?
D-209: Well all of them looked like forest creatures and they were glowing. One had some kind of leaf crown, her hair was green and she was dressed in gold. The other looked like she had a fish tail, her hair was white and she appeared to have blue antlers and she was glowing blue. One was glowing olive and had pink hair, wearing a flower crown. One was glowing pink and she had horns in her pink hair. The last one was glowing orange and had deer antlers.
Dr.█████████: Can you further explain what happened?
D-209: The 2 other guys tried to get out of SCP-2689, but it was no use SCP-2689 must've had some kind of forcefield or something that blocked us. We began to argue about what crap The Foundtation put us in until one of the guys started covering his mouth. We saw that the 5 women raise their right hand in a coordinated fashion, and shushing at us. We saw that they were forcing the guy to cover his mouth. Their right hand glowed a bright blue. One of the women came in and… Somehow caused the guy's torso to turn in a 360 degree angle and dismember his body by snapping his bones like it was tinfoil. The other 4 came in and began drinking the blood from the guy. After licking their fingers, they looked at us and then… [D-209 hesistates]
Dr.█████████: I'm sorry, what? Please don't hesistate, it's fine.
D-209: The women somehow forced me to strangle the other guy and then laughed as I choked the life out of him. I can still hear his pleading cries to this day…
Dr.█████████: So this is when they tried to forcibly drag you to the center of the circle?
D-209: Yeah, they were trying to drag me, but I managed to break free of their influence, and I resisted their pull and slammed so hard on the barrier of SCP-2689. I used all the willpower I needed and then, the white void returned and suddenly, I was laying down outside of SCP-2689. Director █████ found me and told me I fell out of the sky, but somehow got minor wounds. the other guys weren't so lucky.
Dr.█████████: [jotting down notes] anything else?
D-209: I think that's all I remeber from the whole ordeal.
Dr.█████████: Then I think we're done here. Thank you very much.
[chairs are heard moving and footsteps are heard. D-209 is confirmed to have been escorted out of the room]
Dr.█████████: This is Dr.█████████ requesting that D-209 be evaluated more and that SCP-2689 be further experimented with.
<end log>

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