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Drawing of SCP-2691 By Test Subject

Item#: SCP-2691

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2691 is to be pursued at all times by an unarmed ground unit squad equipped only with handcuffs for the possible capture of SCP-2691.

Any cases of SCP-2691-B created by SCP-2691-A are to be removed on sight by any means necessary including destruction of private property. If SCP-2691 is spotted in a public area it is to be reported and recognized as a criminal by that location’s local authorities. Any and all agents who are pursuing SCP-2691 are not to display any kind of melicous intent as not to scare SCP-2691.

SCP-2691 is not to be approached directly unless his capture is more or less garunteed. If ever captured SCP-2691 is to be put in a 5m x 6m. padded room at the nearest site at point of capture.

Description: SCP-2691 is a Russian man wearing a red cape or mantle standing at approximately 2m. tall with an unknown weight. Any information regarding SCP-2691 is not confirmed but is only measurements taken at a distance of 30m.

SCP-2691 carries an unbranded spray can with the words „ „Ангел Смерти”(Meaning ”Angel of Death” in Russian) written on it, this object is identified as SCP-2691-A. Whenever SCP-2691 feels it is alone it will use SCP-2691-A to spray The words „Смерть Для Всех” (Meaning Death For All in Russian), this graffiti was identified as SCP-2691-B. After the completion of SCP-2691-B SCP-2691 will immediately leave the area running at approximately 70 k/h and moving to another location to repeat the process.

If someone is to read SCP-2691-B and understand the meaning of the words they will have a sudden heart attack in approximately 2 months even if the victim has had no heart problems prior to the effects of SCP-2691-B. Most heart attacks caused by SCP-2691-B are not deadly unless the victim has had heart problems prior to the effects of SCP-2691-B. Test subjects affected by SCP-2691-B are observed to experience nightmares of SCP-2691 ranging from SCP-2691 simply standing next to them to strangling them in their sleep. These dreams last for a total of 5 weeks after which subjects seem to lose any memory of SCP-2691 but will still retain their memory of SCP-2691-B and its location.

SCP-2691 has been observed to move at speeds to up to 140 k/h when panicked. SCP-2691 will constantly travel between locations crossing the boarders of countries by illegal means.
SCP-2691 has never been spotted in continents other than Asia or Europe. It's theorized that SCP-2691 is unable to cross bodies of water. Any attempts to speak with SCP-2691 have resulted in SCP-2691 running away in panic at 140 k/h.

SCP-2691 has been observed to eat thrown away food like molded dream or spoilt milk. SCP-2691 has also been observed to kill animals like rats, cats or dogs and eat them. It seems that over time if SCP-2691 doesn't eat often its speed decreases by a maximum of 40 k/h however this has been observed to happen only once.

SCP-2691 has no record as a citizen in any of the locations he has been spotted. SCP-2691 has no identifiable family or relatives and has no record of being born in any hospital. SCP-2691 does not appear to age, this however is only confirmed by the fact SCP-2691's physical structure hasn't changed since its first observation. SCP-2691 has been observed to be able to feel pain as he has tripped multiple times while running, after falling over SCP-2691 will get up immediately displaying obvious reactions of pain but continue running despite its injuries.

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