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Site Notice:

Containment of SCP-2693

As of 11/██/200█, containment specialists and the Ethics Committee are accepting proposals for containment of SCP-2693 from all qualified site staff. Inquiries and submissions may be directed to Dr. C Page. All containment proposals must be physically and financially viable, and meet general containment standards. Any unsuitable proposals will not be considered for mention or usage.
Only one proposal will be implemented, but any that are found contributing to the discussion of SCP-2693's containment may be included in the document for logging. Any contributing staff will be listed by their proposed procedures.

Foreword: This is a list of ongoing ethical concerns regarding SCP-2693 and its variants. More detail is provided in the official Ethics Committee briefing for submitting containment procedures or suggestions.

A: All variants of SCP-2693 are human on a technical level; this creates moral concerns regarding how to humanely handle SAMAEL and SANDALPHON instances.

  1. Do SCP-2693-SAMAEL instances deserve humane treatment? As they are human genetically, they could be invaluable as a human testing substitute.
    1. Should they be tested on in place of humans to discern potential hazards,1 or;
    2. Should they be terminated humanely, or;
    3. Should they be kept comatose and left to naturally expire?
  2. As SANDALPHON are a variant of SAMAEL, should it be treated differently because of this?
    1. If so, what should be different?

B: Preserving SCP-2693-JOPHIEL's physical anomaly could result in their death over time to the taxing nature of PERDITIO incidents and the physiological degradation resulting from their comatose state. This will eventually result in a VENENUM incident; 2032 is the estimated year this will happen in the current state of containment.

  1. Should this anomaly be removed?
    1. If it is, what will be done with JOPHIEL?
      1. Will they be kept in containment? Amnesticized and allowed back into the public?
  2. If not removed, JOPHIEL will expire by 2032 at the latest. How should this be handled?
    1. Should they be terminated?
    2. Should research be done to find a way to extend their lifespan?
      1. Should other anomalies be considered as ways to achieve this?
        1. Which?

Item #: SCP-2693

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-2693-A in their cell.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2693-JOPHIEL is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell. They should be situated in a hospital-grade cot and connected to a physiological monitor, mechanical ventilator, specialized tracheal vacuum connecting to the temporary holding area for SCP-2693-SAMAEL2, EEG, and EKG at all times. SCP-2693-JOPHIEL is to be kept in a barbiturate-induced coma. Research has indicated unconsciousness reduces PERDITIO incidents likelihood by 56-73%.3 An anesthesiologist and EEG technician should examine EEG trends daily to determine when the next injection may be administered ideally to continue the simulated comatose state. Medical personnel assigned to maintenance of SCP-2693-JOPHIEL must check no less than five times a day to ascertain the following:

  • SCP-2693-JOPHIEL's areas of tracheal intubation, IV catheters, and other sites that connect SCP-2693-JOPHIEL to monitoring, containment-related, and life sustaining equipment is undisturbed.4
  • SCP-2693-JOPHIEL's intravenous fluid drip is full.
  • SCP-2693-JOPHIEL has been fed within the past 6 hours.5
  • SCP-2693-JOPHIEL's vital signs are within acceptable parameters.6

SCP-2693-SAMAEL are only produced during PERDITIO incidents. These will be signaled by specialized monitoring equipment as soon as they are expelled, allowing a containment team to collect them and place them in the current temporary containment wing for them. At this time, they are to be kept in a state of coma until further procedures are planned and approved. Early termination of instances through intentional overdose of barbiturates is currently prohibited. Further deliberation on how to contain these instances most efficiently and humanely is a project underway by Ethics Committee and Containment Specialists assigned to this case.
Should any mature SCP-2693-SAMAEL break containment, all security teams are approved to use lethal force and should not try reasoning. Any personnel injured by SCP-2693-SAMAEL may be treated by medical staff using standard procedure.

SCP-2693-SANDALPHON is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell. It does not require medically-induced coma. SCP-2693-SANDALPHON has the needs of typical humans, such as food, bathroom facilities, etc. It has also requested lessons in learning Braille, books printed in Braille, and art supplies. These materials have been granted as of 1/██/20██. As of 2/██/20██, it no longer requires a Braille tutor.
Due to the diseases SCP-2693-SANDALPHON suffers from, it needs some level of specialized care to manage general health and daily pain levels. It is currently to take 400mg of ibuprofen by mouth after meals,7 and should be examined by a general practitioner every 4 weeks to make note of the progress of their diseases and treat them as needed.

As of 11/██/20██, testing requests for any type of SCP-2693 should be made out to the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-2693 is divided into 3 subcategories.
SCP-2693-JOPHIEL is a 24 year old human, 156 cm tall and weighing 138 kg. They have a mutation that affects the lining of their esophagus, causing an organ of indeterminate evolutionary origin to grow from the front of the esophageal tract. This causes some respiratory issues due to the growth pressing into the lungs.8 Within this sac, SCP-2693-SAMAEL and SCP-2693-SANDALPHON are produced and subsequently expelled. See description of PERDITIO incidents in addenda for further information.

SAMAEL are humanoid entities of considerable biodiversity. They typically resemble humans with varying deformations, such as the omission of organs or limbs. Intact genetic strands show they are human, and are genetically similar to SCP-2693-JOPHIEL and SCP-2693-SANDALPHON.9 They have minimal healing capacity, with extremely weak tissue throughout their bodies.10 Due to these factors, instances of this type have an average lifespan of 23 days and rarely live beyond 6 months.
Instances of SCP-2693-SAMAEL are sentient and do not exhibit sapience.
They have extremely aggressive tendencies towards all parts of their environments; they will attempt to attack and destroy both inanimate objects and other living organisms.11 They have been noted to throw themselves at walls, floors, and furniture when they have fractured their fingers from digging at their surroundings.


Illustration by SCP-2693-SANDALPHON.

SCP-2693-SANDALPHON is a specific instance of SCP-2693-SAMAEL that has demonstrated physical and mental wellness, and is sapient. It is fairly passive and willingly cooperates with staff. SCP-2693-SANDALPHON is significantly disfigured, similar in appearance to a SAMAEL-variant. It lacks eyes12 along with outer ear structures.13 It has several conditions caused by genetic mutations,14 listed here:

  • Alopecia
  • Ataxia
  • Localized Scleroderma15
  • Tetany
  • Keloid Disorder
  • Sensory Processing Disorder16,17
  • Elhers-Danlos Syndrome18
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

SCP-2693-SANDALPHON frequently produces small illustrations of things it read, typically of scenes present within the literature.19 Over the years in containment, its skill with art has grown significantly, despite its lack of vision.

SCP-2693-JOPHIEL: Born 12/15/1981 to D. Sautin in Bridgewater, Vermont, US. Contained 8/██/199█ during Incident #0414HD.
Status: Contained, alive. Estimated death: 2032.20

SCP-2693-SAMAEL 01-13: Terminated during containment efforts, 8/██/199█ during Incident #0414HD.
Status: Terminated.

SCP-2693-SAMAEL 14-17: Contained 8/██/199█ during Incident #0414HD.
Status: Contained, all expired as of 12/██/199█.

SCP-2693-SANDALPHON: Contained 8/██/199█ during Incident #0414HD.
Status: Contained, alive. Estimated death: 4/██/202█. Awaiting containment and testing deliberation from Ethics Committee.

SCP-2693-SAMAEL 18-27: Each instance successfully contained upon expulsion from SCP-2693-JOPHIEL.
Status: Contained, alive. Estimated death of oldest instance: 3/██/200█. Awaiting containment and testing deliberation from Ethics Committee.

Foreword: 8/██/199█ - Emergency services in Bridgewater, Vermont received call reporting a domestic disturbance in neighboring house. Foundation had eyes on area due to a rising number of complaints of strange events in the area. MTF-Nu-7 intercepted police action on-site once SCP-2693 was engaged and brought all instances of SCP-2693 to Site 27.

Involved Persons: Agent Adámas, BWPD Dispatch (G. Sae), BWPD Officer 1A1 (F. Virgata), BWPD Officer 1A2 (J. Tyndall), BWPD Officer 1A3 (F. Chaus), BWPD Officer 1A4 (B. Jensen), D. Sautin21 (Mother), E. Sharpe (Child), MTF-Nu-7 01-05

<Begin Transcription>

(05:38:03 PM) DISPATCH: One able one, one able three, this is dispatch. Acknowledge.

(05:38:32 PM) OFFICER(1A1): One able one.

(05:38:54 PM) OFFICER(1A3): Officer Chaus here.

(05:39:01 PM) DISPATCH: ███ Gold Coast road, suspected domestic problem and fight in progress. Report to area and standby for further instruction. ███ Gold Coast road.

(05:39:28 PM) DISPATCH: One able one, copy.

(05:39:35 PM) DISPATCH: One able three, copy.

(05:40:11 PM) OFFICER(1A1): One able one copy.

(05:40:38 PM) OFFICER(1A3): Roger.

(05:40:45 PM) DISPATCH: One able three, copy.

(05:41:13 PM) OFFICER(1A3): One able three copy.

(05:56:06 PM) OFFICER(1A1): Dispatch, this is one able one, I am on site. Will standby and await further orders.

(05:56:31 PM) DISPATCH: Copy that, one able one.

(05:59:38 PM) DISPATCH: One able two, one able four, this is dispatch. Copy.

(05:59:49 PM) DISPATCH: There may be a situation on ███ Gold Coast road. Be prepared to arrive and provide backup.

(06:00:01 PM) DISPATCH: One able two, copy.

(06:00:07 PM) DISPATCH: One able four, copy.

(06:00:16 PM) OFFICER(1A4): One able four copy.

(06:00:43 PM) DISPATCH: One able two, please copy the previous directive.

(06:01:30 PM) OFFICER(1A2): Shit, sorry. This car's radio is fucked. One able two, copy.

(06:01:45 PM) DISPATCH: One able two, please file a complaint about the radio after this incident is wrapped up.

(06:01:59 PM) OFFICER(1A2): Affirmative, will file one later.

(06:10:26 PM) DISPATCH: One able three, what is your status?

(06:10:35 PM) OFFICER(1A3): Still en route to location, riding up Cur… [transmission unintelligible] … minutes.

(06:11:03 PM) DISPATCH: One able three, say again, all after riding.

(06:11:14 PM) OFFICER(1A3): Riding up Curtis Hollow Rd. ETA 6 minutes.

(06:11:26 PM)DISPATCH: Affirmative. One able three, standby on arrival for further instructions.

(06:24:45 PM)OFFICER(1A3): Dispatch, this is one able three. I am on site.

(06:25:03 PM) DISPATCH: Copy. One able one, one able three, continue standby.

(06:27:34 PM) DISPATCH: One able one, one able three, continue into the residence, assess the situation, and respond back.

(06:27:58 PM) DISPATCH: One able one, one able three, copy the previous directive.

(06:28:12 PM) OFFICER(1A1): One able one copy.

(06:28:23 PM) OFFICER(1A3): One able three copy.

(06:34:23 PM)OFFICER(1A3): One able three, to dispatch… Jesus, Dis, this place is wrecked. Gouges in the walls, torn carpet, ripped- wait, there's blood over here. Looks like an animal attacked the place but marks in the wall look human, and I can't think of any animals that go on rage-sprees destroying decor. Going to confirm fight, may still be in progress.

(06:36:45 PM) OFFICER(1A1): This is one able one, confirming what three said. Definite assault and potentially homicide, destruction of property, probably more. Not looking good.

(06:37:03 PM) DISPATCH: One able three, one able one, this is dispatch. Confirming situation, secure a safe area and stand by for directives.

(06:38:53 PM) DISPATCH: Agent Adámas, this is BWPD dispatch. There may be anomalous activity on ███ Gold Coast road. House, owned by family of two, a mom and child. Scene described as having the pattern of an animal attack with the persistence of a human, gouges in the wall also described as looking human. Awaiting your directives, over.

(06:39:36 PM)AGENT ADÁMAS: Affirmative. Tell your people to stay in the area and secure any survivors. Try to keep communication with them to a minimum until we know what the thing is. If you have any of your own backup on the way, tell them to turn around - if things go bad, don't need more people to get caught up in it. I'll send a team out to clean the place; your officers are gonna need to be quarantined briefly, you know the drill.

(06:40:34 PM) DISPATCH: Yeah. Yeah, I do. Will relay directives and keep you updated on the situation.

(06:40:14 PM) AGENT ADÁMAS: Affirmative. Out.

(06:42:32 PM) DISPATCH: One able one, one able three, this is dispatch. Secure the house and search for the Sharpe family, should be a mother and child. Do not escort them off the premises until backup arrives; a specialized team is en route. Copy.

(06:43:02 PM) OFFICER(1A1): Copy.

(06:43:09 PM) OFFICER(1A3): Copied, 'spatch.

(06:43:17 PM) DISPATCH: Don't. Over.

(06:44:23 PM) DISPATCH: One able two, one able four, disregard previous directive and return to normal patrol. Situation is being handled. Copy.

(06:44:54 PM) OFFICER(1A2): One able two, copy that.

(06:45:03 PM) OFFICER(1A4): One able four, copy, though is there any way we could, I don't know, help?

(06:45:54 PM) DISPATCH: No. Over.

(06:47:11 PM) OFFICER(1A1): Dispatch, this is one able one. We found the Sharpes, the kid has a nasty cut on their arm and won't talk. Mom says some naked freaks that looked like scifi monster rejects were running through the house, swiped at the kid before they locked themselves in a bathroom. Bald, weird, scarred people. The kid looks like death, too.

(06:47:57 PM) DISPATCH: Uh… Huh. Uh, one able one, one able three, standby for directives. Copy.

(06:48:06 PM) OFFICER(1A1): Copy.

(06:48:13 PM)OFFICER(1A3): Copy.

(06:49:46 PM) DISPATCH: Agent Adámas, this is BWPD dispatch. Civs has been found and are both alive, kid has been minorly injured and won't speak. The mother says humanish things that - quote - look like scifi monster rejects - unquote - attacked the kid and were responsible for the damage in the house, probably still around the area. How long until the uh, mobilized task force is there?

(06:50:50 PM) AGENT ADÁMAS: Mobile task force, estimated 5 minutes away. Tell the officers to stay with the civs and not to -

(06:50:59 PM) OFFICER(1A1): Dispatch, this is one able one - officer Chaus just went downstairs - she was getting the kid a glass of water - I, I uhm, I think she's dead, ma'am. I heard running, um. Two gunshots… Something hitting a wall. Chaus screaming. I've got the Sharpes upstairs with me, door locked. Don't think she'll be coming back up. W-Waiting for your directives, dispatch.

(06:51:27 PM) DISPATCH: Standby, do not leave the civs, and stay in the room, one able one. Copy.

(06:51:43 PM) OFFICER(1A1): [unintelligible] …. One, copy.

(06:51:58 PM) DISPATCH: Agent Adámas, I have a man down. Idiot went to get the fucking kid a drink and got mauled by whatever the hell is down there. Other officer is shaken but alright and is with the family in a safe room, door locked, et cetera.

(06:52:44 PM) AGENT ADÁMAS: Oh. Uh, shit. MTF squad will be on site in a minute - you have clearance to tell the officer that they will be detained and questioned after being secured by the squad, might calm them down, provide a little reassurance by letting them mentally lean on the bureaucratic red tape. They'll get wiped afterward anyways, no doubt, but uncertainty and fear never helped anyone during a shitstorm. And absolutely tell the officer to sit their sweet ass still and watch that family.

(06:53:33 PM) DISPATCH: Yeah. Yeah. Over.

(06:54:05 PM) DISPATCH: One able one, this is disp… [stutters] It's Gwen. Reinforcements are on route, just sit tight. Do not leave the room, do not let the family leave. The special ops guys are going to keep you overnight, you'll get taken care of and asked a few questions, same for the family. You just make sure nobody leaves that room and everything will be fine, Sal.

(06:54:28 PM) OFFICER(1A1): Y-yeah.

(06:54:34 PM) DISPATCH: Copy.

(06:54:37 PM) OFFICER(1A1): Copy.

(06:54:49 PM) MTF-02: BWPD dispatch, this is MTF-Nu-7 one nine oh one. We are on site. Please relay this to your officer with instructions to park their ass even if we're here. Over.

(06:54:57 PM) DISPATCH: Uh.. Yeah. Affirmative, out.

(06:55:10 PM) DISPATCH: Sal, back up is here, but do not leave the room until they come up and get you. Copy.

(06:55:23 PM) OFFICER(1A1): Copy.

(06:55:36 PM) MTF-01: Dispatch, Agent Adámas, this is MTF oh one of Artistic Fury, confirming anomalous activity and dead officer, just so you know. The things are like humans, but weak and mean as all hell. Took two of em down, definitely something fucked up. Sounds like there's some upstairs, you should warn your officer ASAP, dispatch.

(06:56:01 PM) DISPATCH: Yeah. O-

(06:56:03 PM) OFFICER(1A1): Dispatch, Gwen - there's one of those things at the door, fucking beating and clawing at it - weird snapping noises - oh god. Gwen? What do I do?

(06:56:15 PM) DISPATCH: One able one, p… [stutters] prepare for engagement. I… I love you. Good luck, Sal.

(06:56:24 PM) OFFICER(1A1): The door is almo… (Crashing noises) Fuck, fuck, fuck, fu… (Gunshot) You two hide under the be… (Loud slamming and sound of radio hitting the floor) Fuck! Get the fuck off of m… (Officer screams, cracking sounds, heavy footsteps, gunshots)

(06:57:11 PM) MTF-02: Dispatch, this is MTF oh one, your other officer got mauled too. Bagged the little bastards that did it, if it's any consolation. The family is safe, though, they did good.

(06:58:34 PM) MTF-01: You two are the Sharpes, correct? You need to come with us, this is an unsafe ar… Kid? You uh, you okay? Oh, sick, yeah, it's going to be okay, uhhh, here, here's some newspapers to chuck on if you're gonna. They're all gone now, don't worry. [retching from child] Ma'am, is this normal for them? [pause] Ah. Uh, kid, you haven't like, thrown up anything weird, have you? [pause] I need to make a call.

(06:59:01 PM) MTF-02: [quietly] Dispatch, Agent Adámas, the kid is anomalous, they seem to be throwing the things up. Will secure now, please send extraction to this locatio- [full volume] Uh, no ma'am, you and your child need to come with us. No, I can't say where. No, I don't kno- Ma'am, I need you to calm down immediately. [quietly] Extraction, please and thanks. The mother is getting agitated. Out.

(06:59:31 PM) MTF-02: Ma'am, we need you to calm down and let us do our jobs. What? No, we're taking you and the kid to a facilit- No, I can't tell you where. Ma'am- ma'am get down on the floor, right now. Hands flat on the gro- Shit, oh one! Grab her, she's trying to.. Fuck, don't let her get that kid out of the buildin- (gunshots) Jesus fucking christ, what the fuck, oh one?

(07:00:01 PM) MTF-01: She was going to potentially make this event even worse, so I- [loud retching] … Fuck.

(07:00:23 PM) MTF-02: That's an understatement. (sobbing and retching) Kid, uh, just don't look, okay? It's - it's not okay but don't worry. And uh, oh one, go get a tupperware container or something for the thing the kid just hacked up, the brains back at the facility might want it, seems like the poor kid is coughing up these things that grow into what we saw earlier. I'll also request you be the one to radio Agent Adámas and tell him what you did after you grab a container.

(07:01:20 PM) MTF-01: Fine.

(07:02:45 PM) MTF-01: Agent Adámas, this is MTF Squad member oh one. Mother was attempting to run off with the kid, uh, I panicked and shot her, in short. Kid is okay, but airquotesy okay. Over.

(07:03:01 PM) AGENT ADÁMAS: Uh… Huh. Oh one, you will be undergoing a mandatory performance evaluation upon recovery of the anomaly. Extraction is en route, please try not to shoot any more civs. Out.

<End Log>

Addendum: Special designations have been made for incidents involving the creation of SCP-2693-SAMAEL and SCP-2693-SANDALPHON, along with theoretical incidents involving systemic failure in SCP-2693-JOPHIEL.

  • Incident - VENENUM: SCP-2693-JOPHIEL displays a drop in a vital life signs,22 signalling potential death. Several factors of current containment are potentially detrimental towards the health of SCP-2693-JOPHIEL. Comatose state, physical stress of PERDITIO incidents, and atrophy due to immobilization are all potentially shortening their lifespan. All proposals on how avoid accidental neutralization should be addressed post haste to Dr. C Page.
  • Incident - PERDITIO: Instances of SCP-2693-SAMAEL23 begin forming within the anomalous sac along SCP-2693-JOPHIEL's esophagus. They begin as an presumably asexually produced zygote24 and undergo similar growth to normal human fetuses. However, this process happens significantly faster and results in varying degrees of genetic decay, possibly due to the speed of cell division. Once the instance is 2.5-3cm in length, the muscles around the sac contract and simultaneously trigger SCP-2693-JOPHIEL's gag reflex, expelling the instance via the mouth. To minimize choking hazard, SCP-2693's containment team developed a device similar to a tracheal intubation attached to a breathing machine, that instead attaches to the mouth of the sac and applies a vacuum when monitoring equipment detects expulsion of instances of SCP-2693-SAMAEL. These are deposited into a holding pod via the intubation, and will continue to develop and grow until maturity. This occurs within several hours.
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