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Item #: SCP-2694

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-2694 is largely focused on monitoring of file-sharing, torrenting, and music sharing websites. Instances of SCP-2694 that appear on these sites are to be removed immediately. Upon discovery, physical copies of SCP-2694 are to be immediately transported to Site 22 to be stored in a soundproofed holding cell.

Foundation representatives are currently investigating the whereabouts of POI-2694, and any civilians shown to possess knowledge of the individual are to be detained and interviewed immediately.

Civilians displaying awareness of SCP-2694 and its effects are to be administered Class C amnestics and released. Subjects are to be monitored in case of potential re-exposure.

Description: SCP-2694 is an anomalous piece of music, 3 minutes and 25 seconds in length, titled "My Heart Forever is Yours" by Danny DeLane, now labeled POI-2694 by the Foundation. The song is composed in a style reminiscent of mid 1990's pop music. No records of a commercial release of the song have been discovered, nor has anyone by the name Danny DeLane ever been shown to have produced any commercial musical pieces. Voice recognition software has not been able to link the singer of the song to any known person, named Danny DeLane or otherwise, and normal internet searches do not return any results for the song title.

Subjects that listen to SCP-2694 consistently report enjoying the song, regardless of individual taste in music. Studies to discern whether this effect is anomalous or not are underway.

SCP-2694's anomalous effect is only displayed when a subject attempts to sing along with the piece. Subjects invariably vocalize the song pitch-perfectly in the same voice as the artist on the track, regardless of their original voice. This change ranges from subtle tone changes to voices dropping several octaves and non-English speakers suddenly able to sing the song in English. This effect is not a compulsion, and listeners are not required to sing along. However, upon doing so, the anomalous changes happen instantaneously and continue until either the song ends or the subject ceases vocalization.

Subjects are not immediately aware of changes to their voice, and express shock and curiosity upon hearing themselves sing in a different voice. After finishing vocalizing the song, subjects tend to attempt to perform their new "talent" to friends and peers. This generally causing a potent spread of the anomaly as each individual shows SCP-2694 to more people.

Experiment 2694-1a
Subject: D-1523
Experiment Notes: Subject expressed an interest exclusively in classical music, and a great distaste for modern music as a whole.
Testing Procedure: Subject was placed in testing chamber with a transcript of the lyrics to SCP-2694 and SCP-2694 was played over loudspeaker. Subject was instructed to sing along until the song had completed.
Testing Results: Subject reacted very positively to song, and immediately began singing along. Anomaly manifested as expected, and subject proceeded to sing the song until completion, showing heightened levels of excitement consistent with other subjects. Upon questioning, subject report that the song "was maybe the best piece of music he'd ever heard." When asked how it affected his views of the pop music genre, subject replied, "Still hate the shit, but I guess nothing is all bad."

Experiment 2694-4a
Subject: Dr. ███████
Experiment Notes: Dr. ███████ is well known around Site 22 for being generally serious and professional, and to not have any interest in music as a whole, dismissing it all as "useless noise."
Testing Procedure: Subject was placed in testing chamber with a transcript of the lyrics to SCP-2694 and SCP-2694 was played over loudspeaker. Subject was instructed to sing along until the song had completed.
Testing Results: Dr. ███████ appeared very confused upon hearing the song, and nervously sang along as per instructions. Anomaly manifested as normal. Dr. ███████ stated in a post-testing interview that the song "sounded weird. No further testing necessary." Dr. ███████ has been frequently observed quietly humming the melody of SCP-2694 to himself following the experiment.

Experiment 2694-2b
Subject: D-1525
Experiment Notes: Subject is completely mute, having suffered severe tracheal damage early in life.
Testing Procedure: Subject was placed in testing chamber with a transcript of the lyrics to SCP-2694 and SCP-2694 was played over loudspeaker. Subject was instructed to sing along until the song had completed.
Testing Results: Subject began singing as if possessing the capability to do so. The anomaly manifested as normal. Subject showed signs of extreme elation and excitement, jumping around the testing chamber and dancing to the music. Upon cessation of the song, Subject immediately lost the ability to create vocal sounds again. Subject began sobbing and was escorted from the testing chamber. Psychological evaluations showed that D-1525 began exhibiting signs of severe depression, and developed suicidal tendencies over the next week.

Discovery: SCP-2694 was first brought to the attention of the Foundation by Agent █████ in ██████████, Wisconsin, when the agent witnessed several citizens singing loudly in a public street, while SCP-2694 was playing over a portable radio. Upon discovery of the nature of SCP-2694, the affected individuals were treated with Class C amnestics, and all physical copies of the song were collected. An interview with one of the subjects revealed that he had found the song on a file-sharing website, noted by the original uploader to be "the cure for tone-deafness." After downloading the file, the subject was contacted via cell phone by POI-2694, claiming to be Danny DeLane, instructing him to learn the song and sing it to all of his friends. How POI-2694 was able to obtain the subject's cell phone number is currently under investigation, and Foundation efforts to locate POI-2694 have so far been unsuccessful.

Instances of SCP-2694 frequently appear on various websites designed for file-sharing and music. However, due to complications with any websites containing SCP-2694, no information on the uploader is available. These site errors are currently under investigation. Downloading the file invariably leads to the user receiving a phone call from POI-2694 via the nearest available form of telecommunication, and instructions to spread the object to nearby individuals.

POI-2694 has displayed some knowledge of Foundation activities, specifically those regarding Foundation efforts to abate the spread of SCP-2694. On multiple occasions, POI-2694 has come in contact with Foundation personnel during routine testing, and attempted to convince them of the benevolence and usefulness of SCP-2694, and to encourage them to allow it's continued existence. POI-2694 has stated on multiple occasions that they simply "wish to fix every broken voice in the world, and unite them in beautiful music." POI-2694 has refused to answer any questions asked by Foundation personnel, and promptly disconnects calls when subjects deny his requests.

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