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nn5n: scp-2729 The Throats of the Earth Hum and Howl
EuclidSCP-2729 The Throats of the Earth Hum and HowlRate: 19

Item #: SCP-2729

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As soon as a new instance of SCP-2729 or SCP-2729-# has been found, any and all civilian individuals believed to have knowledge of the anomalous properties of SCP-2729 should be located and amnesticized. Any information captured at a formation or active state of an SCP-2729-# location (imagery, video, audio, text, or otherwise) is to be destroyed or contained (based on its utility).

Should an I-Class Information Leak occur (the likelihood of which is significantly increased, due to the nature of SCP-2729), the DDF (Department of Disinformation and Falsification) is required to follow all internet knowledge, and contribute to the meme with obviously false videos detailing normal sinkholes creating edited in noise. Spread of disinformation should follow a similar pattern. Set of SCP-2729 discovered to be the origin of information leak should be filled and neutralized.

No more than 5 SCP-2729-# instances should be allowed at one time. Upon the creation of a new SCP-2729-# instance, satellite imagery detailing the holes should be modified, and a perimeter of fence should be set up, marking private property. A temporary research site should be erected, and the pattern of notes must be documented before termination of the anomaly.

Description: SCP-2729 is a natural phenomenon which can occur in earthen areas once winds exceed 60 knots. Beyond this, no discernible pattern for SCP-2729 instances has been observed. The phenomenon is the rapid creation of bottle shaped sinkholes, with small openings that widen into cylindrical holes with slightly curved bottoms. All sinkholes created in such an event are between 10 and 20 meters away from any other given sinkhole.

As long as SCP-2729-# exists, and winds exceed 60 knots, SCP-2729-# will repeat patterns of musical notes by rapidly changing the interior of SCP-2729-#-#. All notes to date have been in the chromatic scale, except for a muted note occasionally made by various sinkholes. When a sinkhole is not making noise, it will close up, but will reactivate under favorable conditions. As soon as winds dip below 60 knots, all motion of the sinkholes will cease. SCP-2729-# instances left alone will display anomalous properties every time winds exceed 60 knots in the area, repeating the similar patterns of notes1. Filling approximately 20% of the empty space within an SCP-2729-#-# completely will dispel all anomalous properties tied to the entire SCP-2729-# instance.

SCP-2729-# instances respond to outside actions, particularly auditory stimuli. Nearby sources of noise may influence the patterns of notes that SCP-2729-# instances produce. Due to the responses by SCP-2729-# instances, there is a possibility that the phenomena might be sentient. Further research has been done in various attached documents.

List of Instances & Related Behaviors:
Below is a list of all recorded instances as of the time of writing. All active SCP-2729-# instances are kept so because they have been deemed crucial to research of SCP-27292.
Designation Location Date Discovered Behavior Status
SCP-2729-1 █████, Spain █/██/19██ Imitates flamenco music. Active
SCP-2729-2 ████████, France █/█/19██ Imitated chanson music. Neutralized
SCP-2729-3 █████ ████, China ██/█/19██ Imitated sichuan opera. Neutralized
SCP-2729-4 ███████, Samothrace █/█/19██ Imitated traditional Samothrace music. Neutralized
SCP-2729-5 ██████, Brazil █/██/19██ Imitated samba music. Neutralized
SCP-2729-6 ████ ███████, California █/██/19██ Imitates psychedelic rock music. Active
SCP-2729-7 █████, Antarctica ██/██/19██ Imitation unknown. Neutralized
SCP-2729-8 ████, Russia ██/█/19██ Imitated traditional Russian music. Neutralized
SCP-2729-9 █████████, Greenland █/█/19██ Imitated Inuit music. Neutralized
SCP-2729-10 ████, South Africa █/██/19██ Imitates rhythmic tribal music. Active
SCP-2729-11 ████ ███████, █████ █/█/20██ Unknown. Presumed Active
SCP-2729-12 ███████, Czechoslovakia ██/█/20██ Imitated chodsko music. Neutralized
SCP-2729-13 ██████, Canada █/██/20██ Imitates classic rock music. Active
SCP-2729-14 ███████, Kenya ██/██/20██ Imitated benga music. Neutralized
SCP-2729-15 ████ ██████, Mexico █/█/20██ Imitated mariachi music. Neutralized
SCP-2729-16 ██████, Thailand █/██/20██ Imitated kantrum music. Neutralized

Additional Notes, Tests, & History:
The following is a timeline of the events surrounding SCP-2729. True knowledge of the dates of said events is restricted to personnel of 3/2729 clearance and above.

[█/██/19██] Discovery of the first SCP-2729-# instance, Research Site 32 erected.
[█/██/19██] SCP-2729-1 responds to the presence of Agent L████████ playing an acoustic guitar on his time off. SCP-2729-1 attempts to harmonize with Agent L████████.
[█/█/19██] SCP-2729-2 was discovered, and a temporary perimeter was set up.
[██/██/19██] After sufficient research ruled out an interdependence between SCP-2729-1 and SCP-2729-2, testing began on how to neutralize SCP-2729-2.
[██/█/19██] SCP-2729-2 responds to the presence of traditional chanson singing (as part of a test), and attempts to harmonize and support the singers.
[█/█/19██] SCP-2729-2 successfully neutralized, SCP-2729-1 shows no difference in behavior.
[██/█/19██] SCP-2729-3 discovered and neutralized.
[█/█/19██] SCP-2729-4 discovered and neutralized.
[█/██/19██] SCP-2729-5 discovered, neutralization proved difficult as a large group of civilians had gathered around the phenomenon, claiming it was the "voice of god". All were consequently captured and amnesticized, breach of information was successfully contained.
[█/██/19██] SCP-2729-6 discovered and contained. SCP-2729-6 had proven that the SCP-2729 phenomena was capable of imitating modern music, and has since been kept active for research purposes.
[█/█/19██] SCP-2729-6 was introduced to an electric guitar. As soon as the guitar was plugged into an amp, SCP-2729-6 responded by having all SCP-2729-6-# instances closing up and ceasing to create noise. SCP-2729-6 produced no noise until the electric guitar ceased, when a single sinkholes (SCP-2729-6-3) let out a high "E" and then a lower "C" note, before resuming normal behavior.
[██/██/19██] SCP-2729-7 discovered. ██ dead bodies (identities unknown, █ males and █ females, █ of ██████ descent, the other █ of █████████) were found inside of SCP-2729-7. Once activated, no imitation could be discerned, and on site staff described it as "unnerving". SCP-2729-7 was neutralized the same day.
[██/█/19██] SCP-2729-8 discovered and neutralized.
[█/█/19██] SCP-2729-9 discovered harmonizing with birds. The phenomenon was allowed to continue for 8 hours, and the largest audience of birds that SCP-2729-9 accumulated was ███. Kept for research purposes.
[█/██/19██] SCP-2729-10 discovered and kept for research purposes. First recorded time of an SCP-2729-# instance using muted notes.
[█/█/20██] SCP-2729-11 discovered. It is unknown how SCP-2729-11 came into existence, due to the low atmosphere of its surroundings, withholding the possibility of winds over 60 knots. The Foundation does not have the resources to reach SCP-2729-11 and test any imitations it may have, and is unable to be neutralized.
[██/█/20██] SCP-2729-12 discovered and neutralized.
[█/██/20██] SCP-2729-13 discovered and kept for research reasons, as it is assumed that SCP-2729-13 specifically imitates the musical composition of the classic rock band Rush. If so, SCP-2729-13 is the first recorded SCP-2729-# instance to imitate a specific musical artist.
[██/██/20██] SCP-2729-14 discovered and neutralized.
[█/█/20██] SCP-2729-15 discovered and neutralized.
[██/██/20██] SCP-2729-9 neutralized.

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