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Item #: SCP-4139

Object Class: Safe


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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4139 is to be kept in secure containment lockup with all SCP-4139-1/6 attached, at Site-45 outside of testing. The password to the combination lock affixed to SCP-4139 is restricted to level 2 personnel.

If SCP-4139 exhibits unusual noises or rocking, research leader Samuels must be contacted along with site security to allow for acquisition of POI-326.

Description: SCP-4139 is a medium sized, white, single-door fridge/freezer of unknown brand. SCP-4139-1 through -6 refers to 6 crude drawings depicting people and objects in various activities, including a picnicking, space travel, and intercourse. Aside from an electrical combination lock affixed the the front door, SCP-4139 has no electrical components. The back of SCP-4139 consists of a small assembly of pipes, ending in two curved openings.

SCP-4139-1/6 instances act as a control board for SCP-4139, meaning that the manipulation of their placement on the front of SCP-4139 can alter it's properties. These properties only take effect when SCP-4139-1/6 are connected to SCP-4139 through the use of magnetism. SCP-4139 functions as a non-anomalous fridge cooling at a 1.6°C as long as SCP-4139-1/6 are attached to it. The relation between the arrangement of SCP-4139-1/6 and the effects are not fully understood, prompting a trial and error approach to research.

Addendum 1: As of writing, these are the known orientations of SCP-4139-1/6 and their properties:

SCP-Fridge-2 Position Outcome
GErbg9Y.jpg A gas chemically similar to class A amnestic is released from the holes on the back of SCP-4139 until the orientation of SCP-4139-1/6 is altered. The gas vents at a low rate, tending to take many hours to effectively fill a standard test chamber.
vrFveaj.jpg SCP-4139 decreases in weight by a factor of 12, and straps emerge from the back of SCP-4139 allowing for it to be carried.
w2dpl6J.jpg The internal topography of SCP-4139 increases irrespective to it's external size. Space inside SCP-4139 measured at 10m by 6m by 50m, with the fridge shelves expanding to fit the internal walls. Leaving the door open while this takes place pauses it's growth and causes SCP-4139 to emit regular beeping.
oETEc8k.jpg Discolouration on SCP-4139 immediately disappears, slowly followed by the reforming of dents on it's external surface and the regeneration of rusted surfaces. Extensive rust damage can take many days to fully repair.
3gLQRm9.jpg SCP-4139 increases in weight by a factor of 4. The holes on the back of SCP-4139 begin to emit low levels of red and yellow light, similar to candlelight. A flexible camera tube was extended down the pipe. after 3m of tube was released into the pipe, the camera emerged out the other pipe entrance. Analyses of the path taken by the camera are non-euclidian, as the pipe would need to extends beyond the scale of SCP-4139.
Q1rp29i.jpg The holes on the back of SCP-4139 eject wooden splinters at between 4-60km/h, roughly every 12 seconds. analysis of wood shows a wide variety of sources.
g5qXT8A.jpg SCP-4139-1/6 begins to flash slowly. The colour each luminesces is related to the colour of the paper. As their are multiple images flashing at different intervals, this can effectively light up a room, but the difference in colour is irritating and impractical.
dniyIUW.jpg SCP-4139-1/6 instances begin to flap as if being blown by a strong northerly wind. The accuracy of this phenomena allows SCP-4139 to be used as a compass.
0i3ngRL.jpg SCP-4139-1/6 instances begin to flap as if blown by a wind blowing in the general direction of the hotel room SCP-4139 and POI-326 were recovered from.

Due to the extensive possible arrangements of SCP-4139-1/6, it is unknown how many phenomena can be produced through the manipulation of SCP-4139. Estimates based on current ratio of successful to unsuccessful combinations suggest that there may be 50 to 9900 seperate phenomenon possible.

Addendum 2: The following is the Audio/Video log transcript from the raid on POI-326's hotel apartment, in which SCP-4139 was discovered.

Recovery Team Audio/Video Log Transcript

Date: 28/6/██

Exploration Team: MTF-Delta 10 ("Wonderers")

Subject: ██████, WA, Australia

Team Lead: D10-Cap

Team Members: D10-1 / D10-2 / D10-3 / D10-4 / D10-Sup

Notes: Delta-10 had been tracking the movements of POI-326 since his initial connection with Dr. Wondertainment as a contract carrier in association with SCP-████. The incursions objective was to capture POI-326 for interrogation, and possible containment of related anomalous materials.


D10-Sup: Audio and visual recording online. Fun's over.

D10-Cap: That's right Johansson, you wouldn't want that on official record.

D10-2 chuckles.

D10-Cap: When we get up their, we're looking to apprehend three twenty-six as quickly as possible. Mr. Manchild1 said that he noticed old-english lookin' runes around the entire area, so be looking out for alchemy.

D10-Sup: Remember, if conventional medical attention isn't working, try a bezoar. If that isn't working, it probably isn't alchemy.

The elevator door opens to the 4th floor with Police tape blocking every door except that leading to apartment 8. The hallway is clean aside from a purple, painted thaumic hazard on the roof above apartment 8. in the centre of this is a security camera, aimed at the elevator with a cord running into the top of the door. D10 had experienced little training against Thaumaturgical anomalies, allowing none of them to effectively visualise the camera clearly.

D10-Cap: Hemsworth, check one through seven and Johansson, nine through twelve.

D10-Cap, D10-2, and D10-3 approach the door to apartment 8 and performs routine check for alchemical anomalies, allowing for the thaumic hazard to go undetected. D10 was later reprimanded for negligence. D10-2 unlocks the door revealing an immaculately cleaned walkway opening to a kitchen. SCP-4139 is visible at the end of the walkway, but goes unnoticed due to it's unexceptional appearance. D10-2 moves into a the bathroom to the left while D10-3 walks further down the hall, revealing a hole in the wall leading to room 7 surrounded by similar paint as outside. D-10-sup notices this hazard.

D10-3: The wall's knocked in here. The rooms are connected. (begins walking towards the hazard.)

D10-sup: Careful in your approach three, that looks thaumaturgical.

D10-3 looks around but appears not to be able to see the paint. She moves over to the hole in the wall. As she steps over, a bright flash damages the video feeds from D10-3 and D10-Cap. Yelling and thumping is heard.

D10-Cap: What the hell is that thing?

D10-3: Cut it off!

D10-2 Rushes down the hall to the others. The painted section of floor has extended out of the ground and attached around D10-3's leg. D10-Cap uses his field knife to cut the protuberance, causing it to disintegrate into wet paint.

D10-2: That thing looks bloody disgusting.

D10-3: Behind you!

D1-2 turns, showing POI-326 running down the walkway to SCP-4139. POI-326 opens SCP-4139 while rearranging the SCP-4139-1/6 obscured from the body cam. D10-Cap shots POI-326 in the leg causing him to collapse into the open door. D10-2 runs to SCP-4139 as it closes.

D10-2: put your hands behind your head!

D10-2 opens SCP-4139, which appears to be entirely full of carrots and potatoes. They tumble out knocking over D10-2.

D10-Cap: Where'd he go?


Due to the large vegetable mass in the room when collecting SCP-4139, and the disorderly actions of D10 the order of SCP-4139-1/6 used by POI-326 in his escape is unknown. Knocking and muffled vocalisations were heard originating from inside SCP-4139 roughly 30 days after procurement of SCP-4139. Due to the possibility that POI-326 may still be inside, testing of SCP-XXX-1/6 combinations has been deemed top priority in discovering the whereabouts of POI-326.

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