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EuclidSCP-2742 Caelivorous RemnantsRate: 72

Item #: SCP-2742

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2742 instances should be contained in an aquatic containment chamber, outfitted with a Kant Counter to monitor Hume levels. Multiple Long-Ranged Reality Adjusters should be kept focused on the chamber at all times, adding to the Hume level of the chamber to keep the SCP-2742 instances fed. Hume levels should be around the area average. The LRRAs should be checked for maintenance on a weekly basis to ensure optimal Hume levels are kept. If any changes in Hume levels are detected, Level 4/2742 personnel should be notified immediately.

Any new SCP-2742 instances should either be transferred to containment sites or used in experiments at secure testing facilities. In the event of a containment breach or the discovery of instances, LRRAs should be focused on any aquatic location away from civilians and increase the location's Hume level. Once the instances arrive at the location, a task force will be deployed for containment.

If a 2742-VÁRDIA Event occurs, the area of the event should be quarantined for as long as necessary. Following the end of the event the area should be assessed for any remaining anomalies, and personnel should be interviewed. Any remains of an SCP-2742-1 instance should be collected and studied.

Description: SCP-2742 is a species of anomalous aquatic animals, resembling Anguilliformes in body shape. SCP-2742 instances have 1.5 meter long trilaterally symmetric bodies, with slight edges separating each side. The instances are dark purple in coloration, with lighter patches on certain parts. The head is a tetrahedron, composed of a grey rocky material. Extending from each edge on the base are frills resembling the gills of Ambystoma mexicanum, likely used in feeding or as a sensory organ. Each side of the body has a row of three bioluminescent sacs, which rapidly flash random colors. SCP-2742 instances do not have blood or any similar substance. Instances reproduce asexually, transforming a sac on their body into a new instance. A single instance may reproduce up to nine times, as the sacs do not regenerate.1

The entities are caelivores, consuming the strength of reality for sustenance2. This is seen as a decrease in Hume levels3 within a 15 meter spherical region around the head of an instance. As more instances enter a single region the decrease will become more severe. Once seven are present any additional instances will begin to die from starvation. As a result, SCP-2742 are rarely seen in groups; though they can form schools. Instances also move between locations frequently, suggesting that staying in one area can also lead to starvation.

Effects of the Hume decrease include a region of visual distortions in the area, normally resembling those caused by heat waves. Sounds also undergo various distortions. A sense of unease is often reported from subjects, sometimes escalating to terror. There is also a higher chance of non-anomalous subjects becoming reality-benders for the duration of the decrease. In most subjects this is done unintentionally, often stemming from changes in perception being applied to the area. It is also more likely for anomalous phenomena to spontaneously occur, though it is rare for anything created during this to exist outside of the area.

When an SCP-2742 instance dies, either from starvation or other means, the bioluminescent sacs will burst and stop glowing. There is a chance that an 2742-VÁRDIA Event will occur, which entails a temporary restructuring of reality in a spherical region. The event has an approximate radius of 30 meters. An outside view of the event shows the area as repeatedly bending and twisting, though no such phenomena are described by those entering or inside it. What happens in an event varies, though hallucinations and appearances of anomalous entities are common.

After an event the area will return to normal, though some objects created or distorted in it remain. Hume levels will increase to the local average after approximately five hours. No casualties have occurred from these events. The remains of the SCP-2742 instance are typically heavily damaged on recovery. The remains do not appear to decay.

Not all entity deaths will result in a 2742-VÁRDIA Event, with four out of the nine recorded deaths not causing one. Whether the probability of an event occurring is determined by outside factors or by chance is unknown.

Discovery Log: SCP-2742-1 was detected in Lake Ontario after a trail of lower than usual Hume levels was detected by Kejel-Kant Ranged Monitors on Foundation patrol boats. MTF-Nu-3 ("Limnophobia") were dispatched to track and contain the cause of this decrease on 15/10/2016. SCP-2742-1 was discovered on a yacht, stored in an aquarium at the back of the ship. Interrogation of the ship's crew revealed that they were members of GoI#03088 ("The Church of the Second Hytoth")4, and were planning on bringing the anomaly, referred to as a Nohl-Av, back to a Church facility for preservation. A ritual was used by the crew to let them detect changes in reality, leading to the discovery of SCP-2742-1.

Due to the affects of the reality decrease, a full interview was unable to be performed at the time of discovery. The crew was detained, interrogated, and subsequently administered amnestics. SCP-2742-1 was brought to Site-201 for containment, and the yacht was stored for investigation.

Since the containment of SCP-2742-1, 24 instances have been born, 9 of which have died. SCP-2742-22 is the only other instance to have been discovered in the wild, also found in Lake Ontario. The instance died during recovery.


NOTE: Due to difficulties in retrieving footage of these events, most of the known details are based on reports from personnel. Conflicting reports will be described.

Event #: 1
Date: 19/10/2016
Location: Site-201
Instance: SCP-2742-8
Cause of Instance Death: Starvation

Description: A purple silhouette of an elongated SCP-2742 instance (designated SCP-2742-E1) begins moving through the area, carving holes in walls and personnel it would pass through. The walls become gray in color as an object described as a 3-sphere5 manifests. The silhouette passes into the 3-sphere, causing a ripple effect on its surface. The object remains until the end of the event. Other personnel report seeing hallways flooded with a liquid appearing as visual static, which had no mass to it.

Recovered Items: A standard issue Foundation water bottle containing a gray liquid, composed primarily of carbon.

Event #: 2
Date: 2/11/2016
Location: Site-201
Instance: SCP-2742-9
Cause of Instance Death: Starvation

Description: The entire area becomes black, with personnel experiencing the effects of zero gravity. A large white entity is seen in the distance, rapidly changing in size and shape, occasionally being separated in half and reforming. Various white dots and amorphous shapes are seen coming off of it. SCP-2742-E1 appears in the distance. At this point some personnel report being pulled towards the entity, which reportedly had a Hume level of zero around it. Descriptions following this vary.

Other personnel reported the white entity breaking apart into clusters of stars and some nebula. Some personnel would morph and divide into miniature solar systems of varying structure, which would disintegrate or change shape when near SCP-2742-E1. A dark blue silhouette manifests in the distance, with a vaguely humanoid torso, a spherical head on the chest, legs that have a mass of tendrils as the lower half, and five amorphous objects that circle around the torso (designated SCP-2742-E2). The silhouette is positioned above assorted gas clouds researchers had burst into, which had formed into a large disc.

Recovered Items: Eleven spheres composed of assorted human tissues, varying in size, with genetic matches to personnel in the event; a Foundation issued tablet with the words "The Lesser of Mind envies" inscribed on the screen, with a corner of the device stretched out one meter in length.

Additional Notes: Contrary to reports, no changes in Hume levels were detected during this.

Testimony - Dr. Ilana Vardah
"I spent a good while tumbling around through that boring void. Sure, the cosmic paint splatter was interesting, but there was a whole lack of excitement. Up until the serpent thing began slithering its way towards me. I tried to push myself away, but that's difficult to do when you can't push on anything. I saw James and the rest of them get sucked towards it and disfigured, so I freaked out and got a nice lungfull of bitter nothing. Next thing I knew I was joining them. I got stretched and split and reformed repeatedly, while the colors engulfing me beat disharmonious drums. My eyes turned into fractals and my spine elongated to somewhere, while that thing… Nohlos… its nine eyes just stared. Thank whatever god exists that I'm not in its vision now."

Event #: 3
Date: 10/11/2016
Location: Testing Facility-31
Instance: SCP-2742-13
Cause of Instance Death: Starvation

Description: The area's floor bends into an orange platform with a large metal statue in the center of it. The platform is constructed from bones of unknown entities, some of which protrude from its surface. The statue depicts a tripedal entity, with tendrils wrapping around its torso, a crescent shaped head, and two femur-shaped protrusions extending from its back. The walls expand until the platform appears to be in space, surrounded by yellow nebula and dark planets. A bright pink sphere with circular patterns moving across it illuminates the area.

Various silhouettes of different entities appear on the platform and begin to worship the statue. Personnel either turned into the silhouettes or joined in the worshiping. Common noises in the area included chirping, gargling, and chanting. On occasion the entities are accidentally forced off of the platform, and dissolve into clouds of particles. One researcher stated that they saw the entity SCP-2742-E2 floating overhead.

Recovered Items: The statue, which bears an inscription in Ortothan that says, "AllPraise the YerLord of AllMind"; a liquid composed of water, carbon, and sulfur6.

Testimony - Dr. Selman Haluk
"It was beautiful. What, you want me to say more? Did the others sound too delusional with their descriptions? It would be impressive if they didn't. Being there, bowing and shouting and… I… We had no privacy there, but nothing cared! We could melt into each other and dance through mental rivers as wafts of the burning skeptical thoughts filled the glory of the whole! It wasn't a big deal that nobody could dissent, since we had no reason to!"

Event #: 4
Date: 24/11/2016
Location: Testing Facility-31
Instance: SCP-2742-17
Cause of Instance Death: Physical trauma

Description: The event began in a similar manner to Event #4, though one researcher transformed into the shape of the statue at the start. Eventually personnel reported SCP-2742-E2 appearing in front of them. The crowd around the statue starts to panic, and the entity reportedly vanished. At this point personnel report losing all control over their bodies, stating that SCP-2742-E2 had forced them out of their minds. The researcher who became the statue transforms into a white silhouette of the entity it depicts (designated SCP-2742-E3). Versions of SCP-2742-E2 emerge from crowd members and fly towards SCP-2742-E3, with the researcher reportedly blacking out. The SCP-2742-E2 versions vanish, and SCP-2742-E3 can be seen spasming while releasing blue light. The platform breaks apart as the pink sphere contorts.

Recovered Items: None

NOTE: This event was experienced by a crew of three agents from MTF-Nu-3, who were on a Foundation containment submersible during this. The names of the agents are used in this, due to there being few personnel involved.

Event #: 5
Date: 1/12/2016
Location: Underwater, Lake Ontario
Instance: SCP-2742-22
Cause of Instance Death: Prior injuries7

Description: The area turns black, with a cluster of light specs in the distance. The corpse of SCP-2742-22 transforms into SCP-2742-E1 and begins to swim around. The submersible transforms into SCP-2742-E3, and Agent Garvan Neil becomes SCP-2742-E2. The interior of the vehicle turns to resemble white, metallic versions of body tissues and organs. Agents Alan Bridger and Kenna Rodina begin yelling various words of an unidentified language repeatedly as Agent Neil phases out of SCP-2742-E3, moving towards SCP-2742-E1. He enters the head of the silhouette, and after several minutes SCP-2742-E1 transforms into a large four-dimensional maze, which Agent Neil is inside of. Neil attempts to attack the maze with the objects circling him, which have transformed into long triangles. Parts of the maze break, and it begins to rapidly spin around, causing Neil to be thrown around inside of it.

At this point Agents Bridger and Rodina pass out from exhaustion. Based on damaged footage from a camera on the submersible, Agent Neil continues to be thrown around until the maze breaks apart. SCP-2742-E1 reforms, and splits apart into various smaller versions of itself.

Recovered Items: Eleven slivers of tissues suspected to be from SCP-2742-22, found in the submersible's ballast; a red metal spike with various unidentified thaumaturgical symbols carved on it.

Additional Notes: All agents were recovered when the submersible resurfaced an hour after the supposed end of the event. Agent Neil is currently undergoing medical and psychological treatment, after being found unresponsive and unaware of recovery agents while repeatedly tapping his fingers. The corpse of SCP-2742 is presumed to have been eviscerated during the event.

As psychological issues are now known to result from 2742-VÁRDIA Events, all upcoming experiments involving SCP-2742 at Testing Facility-31 have been canceled. Instances stored at the facility are being transported to nearby sites.

Testimony - Agent Alan Bridger
"Rodina and I couldn't talk to each other, but we knew we were going through the same hell. We weren't just compelled to chant about whatever it was, we were being forced to. Something was actively pushing and prying at my thoughts, scraping something that made us speak. Even when I thumped onto the floor I kept feeling it hold onto and reach through my brain in every place it shouldn't. Last I remember it just frantically carving at my for a while before it stopped."


Event #: 6
Date: 18/1/2016
Location: Area-12
Instance: Unknown
Cause of Instance Death: None

Description: The area becomes black and all walls melt into the floor, with a white 3-sphere manifesting after. Various red cracks appear along this 3-sphere and it bursts after a minute, ejecting a grey silhouette of an SCP-2742 instance out of it. The silhouette floats through the area until a second 3-sphere forms, which it enters. After entrance the 3-sphere vanishes, and the event ends.

Recovered Items: A four meter tall mass composed of skin tissues from SCP-2742 instances, resembling SCP-2742-E1 in shape, with tendrils anchoring to the ground; one liter of SCP-874 in the instance containment chamber.

Additional Notes: During this event all LRRAs at Area-12 shut off, accompanied by a large increase in Humes. Multiple hallways leading to the SCP-2742 containment chamber had also collapsed, injuring five researchers. Security footage of the containment chamber immediately prior to the event show no signs of any instance deaths, suggesting that 2742-VÁRDIA Event can occur at any time.

Containment procedures are being reassessed by the Secure Containment Board to ensure proper containment of SCP-2742 instances. Information regarding this event has been restricted to prevent fears of major reality shifts from low level personnel. Whether the shutdown of LRRAs was caused by the anomaly or an outside force is under investigation.

The following is a document recovered by Agent Marth Karin from an Ortothan8 church in Jena, Germany. Due to similarities between the narrative of this story and certain 2742-VÁRDIA Events, it has been included in this document. All text has been translated from Ortothan to English.



This story involves events that occurred during the First Hytoth. It is likely that certain details in the story have been modified since it was first told, due to the age of the story and the events it concerns. Readers should not consider information in this to be completely accurate. Any questions regarding this, along with any additional information on the story, should be brought to any Church Scholar.

May the Holy Fourth forever protect us.

~Eiv-Scholar Diana Olivier, Branch of History

Uravol the Bodiless

It was the Fourth Aeon of the Hytoth. The lesser deities combated and slaughtered for measly chunks of territory in the recesses of the universe, as the almighty VyzGods ruled across the galactic planes. After the despair that was the First Turmoil, all was at rest.

Uravol, the deity of Ozroq-Mind, gazed up at the sparkling planes with fear and animosity. The VyzGods should not have so much power, nor should they have such massive kingdoms, nor should they exist. He knew that it was an impossibility to level them and their realms, even with great effort. The chasms of Uravol's mind twisted and bent as a plan was formulated to erase it all. As blood marred the constellations and the last galactic arm dispersed, the idea was completed.

He left the shattered Galaxy of Yu and flew towards the Empire of the Thought Conglomerate, ruled by Vsi-Mind Erjo. Great swaths yellow nebula, galaxies, and grey harvested stars circled on the outskirts of the unimaginable psychic core. The swarming, bodiless telepaths released a pink glow as they labored for the Vsi-Mind's will. The Trillion Followers bowed and praised their lord, their free will lost centuries ago, dedicating their existences to the worship of her. They danced upon stellar warnings constructed from the remains of those that lived before, the insubordinate ones.

Uravol knew of the potential of their minds, and used his power to exploit it. One by one the Followers' minds were replaced, and they all became Uravol. Erjo sensed a loss in faith, and dispatched a body of her's to solve the issue. The Uravol-Trillion mentally bombarded Erjo, and gradually her conscious was melted and absorbed. His physical form wretched and disjointed from the strain, but it mattered not.

The bodies of Uravol soared out of the collapsed Empire and into the Eaten Chaos, the void carved out by the ancient Nohlos. The beast swam through the inky madness, shaping the flowing realm with its imagination. Strange colors and shapes whispered and vanished as he passed through the unnatural. Things that were between life and death reached out for an end, and were peeled away to other dredges. If the First could be taken, the rest of the VyzGods would go too. The strength of the psychics coursed through Uravol as his advent came, delegating the perception of surroundings to entities outside of the realm. The area would not overload his focus.

The proxies assembled into a grid around the First, and he began to channel his mind into it. Wave after wave of mental slices tore through the psychic barriers surrounding its brain, yet the beast only waited. After a seemingly timeless century passed, a gap had been carved into the barrier, and Uravol lunged into the depth that awaited him.

What was learned and witnessed within the thing will remain unknown. On the day of the entrance a scream rang out through the denizens of the universe and all of its dimensions. The secrets that were uncovered trapped and buffeted Uravol, the alien unknowns encompassing him. It could not be incorporated into himself or controlled, though it had begun to do so to him. He fought for sanity, but it was futile. As he lashed out in fright, Nohlos convulsed and tore itself into many children, ejecting them as far as the Nameless Creator can perceive.

Uravol lost the grip on his bodies, and the trillions of them collapsed, transformed into unconscious husks. The persuasive warmth of the psychic core faded, and the Empire released its last echos. The consumed realms were a colorful chaos no more. With vast lands relinquished from their prior owners, the Second Turmoil began, and peace became a forgotten concept. Uravol lost the ability to permanently connect to any corporeal form in his madness, forced into the role of a psychic nomad.

The mind continues to roam across the Hytoth, drifting from being to being in search of a body to claim as his. If one feels an unknown presence carve at you, briefly tugging on the strings and filaments of your mind as alien ideas spill forth, Uravol the Bodyless has gone through you.

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