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Item #: SCP-2743

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2743-A is to be contained in a small metal safe no more than two meters from SCP-2743-B’s containment chamber. SCP-2743-B is to be kept in a small jewelry box fitted with noise detectors. For the duration of any future Petrushka events, a remote-operated drone is to locate SCP-2743-B and record the piece played and any effects observed. Personnel assigned to SCP-2743-A are to report any occurrences of 'Rite of Spring' as soon as possible, and engage in interview with SCP-2743-A immediately.

Due to the destruction of Site-██ and the loss of SCP-████, and SCP-████, SCP-2743 is to be contained in a specialized site located in a remote area. Following the loss of certain documents pertaining to SCP-2743, records and research files are to be filed physically, rather than electronically.

During an interview with SCP-2743-A, any topics regarding her legs, family, death, and her school are never to be discussed, to prevent any decay of SCP-2743-A's currently healthy psyche.

Description: SCP-2743-A is a small, handmade, ballerina doll. It is made entirely out of modeling clay, with a coat of faded acrylic paint. A cavity is visible in the chest, painted crimson red on the interior. SCP-2743-B is a small clay heart with visible degradation of the surface. A brass bead is affixed to the superior vena cava. This bead has been known to unhinge during a Petrushka event.

During a Petrushka event, SCP-2743-B will begin to project a piece of classical music from the brass bead. Upon the start of the music, SCP-2743-A will animate, and perform a dance, which will vary between pieces of music produced. This dance has been observed to distort surrounding space in order for SCP-2743-A to optimize a route to SCP-2743-B, with additional effects present based on the music played (See Incident Report). SCP-2743-A has yet to successfully make contact with SCP-2743-B in Foundation custody, with the music ceasing immediately before SCP-2743-A makes contact. SCP-2743-A will then reappear back at its previous location.

There have been four occurrences of the piece 'Rite of Spring' during a Petrushka event in Foundation custody to date. During an occurrence of the piece SCP-2743-A will become sentient and sapient. SCP-2743-A seems to regard these events as "waking up from a dream" and has shown memory of previous conversations. SCP-2743-A recalls at least six performances of the Rite of Spring prior to its acquisition by the Foundation, though it refuses to provide any details regarding said performances. SCP-2743-A currently holds a delusion that its legs are amputated, and refuses to divulge any further information regarding the circumstances behind the amputation.

SCP-2743-A has given few details about its past, with the only relevant material pertaining to the attendance of the Satriyomnyomf Conservatory, a defunct arts academy outside of Chelyabinsk, Russia. (See Interview 2743-A-3). Any attempts to discover more concerning this organization have been unsuccessful. SCP-2743-A has also provided a few details about its father, claiming that he was a highly skilled codebreaker during World War II.

Events are shown in chronological order.

Incident on recovery
Piece Moonlight Sonata Mvt 1 by Ludwig van Beethoven
Effect: SCP-2743-A performs dance, alerting personnel to the existence of SCP-2743-B. No on-scene effects were initially noticed. Later discovered that what appeared to be a beam of concentrated moonlight destroyed the village of ██████████, Uttar Pradesh, India. Witnesses administered Class-C amnestics, and local media given the guise of a large fire.

Piece: La Valse by Maurice Ravel
Effect: Wind currents accelerated to approximately 35 km/hr. Personnel reported hearing sirens and the sound of aircraft. 1 minute into the dance, security reported that the exterior walls of the facility were being bombarded by shells by an unknown source, sustaining large amounts of damage. At the 2:09 mark, the exterior walls were breached, and a state of emergency within Site ██ was declared. The interior halls and cells began reporting explosions and fires, with two SCPs subsequently breaching containment. A message was broadcast over the on-site intercom, transmitted through an external source: "Deploying nuclear arsenal in T-5, 4, 3, 2, 1.". The site was subsequently destroyed by a nuclear explosion located between SCP-2743-A and SCP-2743-B. An investigation team dispatched recovered the two in the center of the crater. Construction of special containment site proposed.

Incident-3 'Rite of Spring'
Piece: Rite of Spring, by Igor Stravinsky
Effect: SCP-2743-A gained sentience and sapience. Interview SCP-2743-1.

Incident-4 – ‘Heart of Sorrow’
Piece: Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber.
Effect: During dance, 3 security personnel committed suicide via gunshot to the head. For the following week, Personnel reported reduced morale and suicidal thoughts. Two research personnel later committed suicide.

Incident-5 'Rite of Spring'
Piece: Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky
Effect: Same as previous. Interview SCP-2743-2.

Incident-6 'UNKNOWN'
Piece: Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns
Effect: Event occurred approximately 45 minutes after Incident-6. As dance progressed, the heart rate and brainwave activity of nearby personnel surged. 5 janitorial staff experienced heart failure, and 3 research personnel suffered from neural hemorrhaging. After the 0:54 mark, corpses stored in the on-site morgue began to re-animate. Victims seemed to lapse in and out of cohesion, making unintelligible grunts and pulling out their hair. The music ceased after SCP-2743-A made a loud scream. All activity ceased afterward.

Incident-7 'Rite of Spring'
Piece: Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky
Effect: Same as previous. Interview SCP-2743-3.

Incident-8 – ‘Heart of Devotion’:
Piece: Carnival of the Animals - “Aquarium” by Camille Saint-Saëns
Effect: SCP-2743-A begins dance. Shortly after, personnel report feelings of obligation to SCP-2743-A. After approx. 2 mins, Personnel begin gathering sharp objects including scissors, pens, knives, and broken glass and proceeded to cut out their hearts, and sought after SCP-2743-A for unknown reasons. Despite massive blood loss, subjects maintained consciousness for the duration of the event before expiring at its conclusion. Site ██ reported a loss of approximately 56% of their personnel.

Piece: Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky.
Effect: First planned interview with SCP-2743-A. Plan followed and results recorded. Interview 2743-4

Piece: Ode to Joy (Symphony No. 9) by Ludwig van Beethoven.
Effect Personnel reported feeling satisfied. Work morale and efficiency improved by 75% for the following 31 days.

Piece: Wassermusik Suite by George Frideric Handel.
Effect: Humidity in air increased by 20%. Nearby plant growth was documented to increase drastically over the course of one week, with several wilted plants returning to health.


Interviewed: SCP-2743-A

Interviewer: Agent ██████

Foreword: First occurrence of 'Rite of Spring'. Agent ██████ interviewed SCP-2743-A with no standing guidelines. Subject was agitated throughout, lapsing through Russian and English.

<Begin Log>

SCP-2743-A: Hello! It better be something very important, to have woken me up from that, ugh, how rude!

Agent ██████: (Surprised, remains silent for approx. 10 secs) You can—-

SCP-2743-A: Was it you? Who are you?

Agent ██████: I am uh… Agent ██████.

SCP-2743-A Well, Agent ██████, Don't you know it is very rude to wake someone up from their sleep? I was having a most lovely dream-

Agent ██████ You were.. sleeping? And… dreaming?

SCP-2743-A Yes, I was! I suppose you might want to hear about it, but don't interrupt me like that again, it's very rude! Anyways it was a lovely dream where I was back at my kottedzh with mama and papa, and I had my legs back and I… (SCP-2743-A begins crying)

Agent ██████: Is there a problem, SCP-2743-A? (Agent ██████ later states he chose not to mention SCP-2743-A's legs, as he believed them to be the source of the subject's distress)

SCP-2743-A My name is… (sniffles) Nadia!
<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-2743-B subsequently de-activated, and SCP-2743-A entered an inert state.

Interviewed: SCP-2743-A

Interviewer: ██████ Muhahmmar

Foreword: ██████ Muhahmmar was designated as the interviewer for SCP-2743-A due to his fluency in Russian.

<Begin Log,>

██████ Muhahmmar: Hello there SCP-2743-A.

SCP-2743-A: (silent for approximately 40 seconds)

██████ Muhahmmar: I have some questions for you. I would like to start out by asking why you did that to those people?

SCP-2743-A: (faintly) I danced… to be… free.

██████ Muhahmmar: I asked you a question.

SCP-2743-A: free… from, myself. Free from what I don't have… free from my life! (begins speaking louder and more frantically) I want it to end, oh end it! You are here to finish, no, enjoy, what you did to me! You stole my dances, my legs. You stole me!

██████ Muhahmmar: I need an answer! Why did you kill those people?

SCP-2743-A It wasn't my fault. (begins crying) It wasn't my fault. He, YOU, wanted me to dance, to… the firebird! And I danced! (unintelligible) burned and burned and burned, like I did, and it all was over. I was going to save mama and papa and korny… But I can't, you see, you didn't want it! All you wanted were my legs… Give them back!

██████ Muhahmmar: Can you tell me about your family?

SCP-2743-A It wasn't my fault. (repeats until end of event)

██████ Muhahmmar: (into microphone) Subject isn't co-operating. End log.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: ██████ Muhahmmar assigned Agent ██████ with SCP-2743-A's next interview.


REF: 034-N "Insufficient Clearance": Please contact your site director for appropriate credentials.

Interviewed: SCP-2743-A

Interviewer: Agent ██████ and Researcher ██████ Muhahmmar

Foreword: The protocol for this interview had been pre-organized, with the anticipation of a future event. The goal of this interview was to determine SCP-2743-A's psychological state upon observation of mental instability during Interview 2743-A-3. SCP-2743-A upon beginning the interview requested for Agent ██████, who she had the most connection to. Interview lasted until music ceased and SCP-2743-A was rendered inert.

<Begin Log,>

██████ Muhahmmar: SCP-2743-A?

SCP-2743-A: (remains silent)

██████ Muhahmmar: I would like to perform a standard—

SCP-2743-A: Where is…? ██████ was his name? I want to see him!

██████ Muhahmmar: I can assure you he is here, but first you will have to-

SCP-2743-A: I want to speak to him.. I trust him, he is… kind to me. You are a mean and cold man.

██████ Muhahmmar: Fine. (into microphone) Uh, yes can we please get uh- Agent ██████ in here?

[approximately 1 minute passes]

Agent ██████: Hello Nadia (turns to ██████ Muhahmmar, who is now silently watching) Is it okay if I refer to her as Nadia?

██████ Muhahmmar: (sighs) Whatever gets the job done.

SCP-2743-A (visibly more energetic) Hello ██████! What do you want to talk about today?

Agent ██████: Well, to start off, how did you sleep?

SCP-2743-A: I slept wonderfully! It was Christmas back in Smolensk with my father, and the white snow was falling so beautiful!

Agent ██████: Okay, that's good. Do you want to talk about your home back in Smolensk?

SCP-2743-A: (Silent)

Agent ██████: Okay (sighs) moving on.. When you are dreaming, do you feel trapped or paralyzed?

SCP-2743-A: (SCP-2743-A takes on a much more somber tone) No.. I feel more alive than ever. I feel… powerful.

Agent ██████: How so?

SCP-2743-A: It feels like.. I can be everything when I'm away. Like I'm broken free from my bindings and iron of this world. Like I can burst out with my thoughts and pain with great, powerful movements!

Agent ██████: What do you see when you are in these dreams?

SCP-2743-A: It always starts out in darkness, with a spotlight shining me. Once I begin to hear the music, this… this door, it lights up! It always seems… so far… But the music is coming from it, and it seems so close… like it is just out of reach.

Agent ██████: Please go on.

SCP-2743-A: Then, as I dance.. A picture forms slowly.. oh! How beautiful it is! Colors swirl around and darkness breaks away, and then! So many things! Sometimes it is from.. home. Other times, something that… I can't touch. But that door, oh that door! it is always there, and I can never quite make it! ██████ do you know what that door is?

Agent ██████: I'm afraid not.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent ██████ begins to tell more about himself to SCP-2743-A in an effort suggested by Researcher Muhahmmar to gain more of SCP-2743-A's trust.

Addendum-3: SCP-2743 was recovered in the center of a large crater near Chelyobinsk, Siberia in 1954 by personnel investigating reports of a large explosion coming from just outside the town. Along with SCP-2743, a metal safe containing several letters was found. Handwriting matches ████ █████, a resident of Smolensk, Russia who was found deceased via suicide by gunshot in 1953.

To my little firebird
Your mama is so happy for you
We are proud of you, happy of your acceptance into the school.
We still have to find that payment for it, but we will find it.
We want to make sure you are happy
also, uncle Suko says hello from the America
Love, papa

To my little firebird
we have managed to get the money from a neighbor down the street.
He said that he would be very gracious to help a little girl dance to the stars.
God bless that man.
How are you at the school? Please write back, we long to hear from you..
love, Papa

To my brave firebird
I got your letter, that mister posgolniev sounds like a rude man!
He doesn't have a right to criticize you dancing, you got into the school did you not?
Your mama has been very strange lately, she has been going out very late.
Hopefully we can get some money to visit next month
love, Papa

To my little firebird
Mama went out yesterday and never came back.
me and your little karniov are very worried about her.
but she will be fine.
Mr. Sakolnich from row three said she went out to petersburg visiting family.
love, papa

To my poor little firebird
Oh God bless your soul, Nadia!
I recieved a letter about an accident at the school and..
Your legs! Why have they been taken from you? Why have they taken your legs?!
How I love you my child. I wish that you are well
may god's grace be gifted to my sweet
love, papa

The following note was found attached to SCP-2743-A's leg

To my strong little firebird
To keep you strong i give you my heart
So that oneday, my little malaya may dance again
love, papa

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