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SafeSCP-2751 Hydrophobic DogsRate: 14

SCP-2751-4 upon discovery.

Item #: SCP-2751

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
All SCP-2751 instances are to be housed in an indoor kennel at Site-██, consisting of four military-grade canine housing units housing four instances each and a communal run 100 meters by 50 meters. Canine housing facilities are to be expanded as needed to accommodate any future instances. A circular in-ground swimming pool 10 meters in diameter is to be allowed access at all times will be made available under supervision only. Instances are to be fed on a diet of standard canine dog food and require no water. Appropriate toys and other materials are allowed. Cleaning of the run is to take place once per week. All instances are to be properly groomed as needed.

Due to the docile nature of SCP-2751, personnel are allowed access for the purpose of socialization. Instances are not to be sprayed with or bathed in liquid at any time, as to avoid injury. Dry shampoos are to be used for washing.

Description: SCP-2751 refers to a pack of 12 16 domestic dogs, 9 male and 7 female, who show distinctly hydrophobic properties by reacting to liquids as if they are solids. Instances are able to walk or sleep on bodies of liquids, and otherwise interact with liquids as if they were solids, but cannot force appendages beneath the surface even when compelled to do so. Instances consistently prefer to sleep on undisturbed bodies of water as opposed to ground. All bodily fluids expelled by SCP-2751 instances are powdery and lack liquid. Instances do not drink water and do not urinate, and are otherwise healthy, not suffering from dehydration or any other adverse health effects related to lack of liquid.

Instances can reproduce with other instances, with anomalous properties being passed on with a 50/50 non-sex-linked ratio. See incident log 2751-a.

Notable Instances

See document SCP-2751-t183 for full log.

Designation Notes Recovery
SCP-2751-1 “Lady” 5-year-old female German Shepherd. Scar from healed gunshot wound on upper right shoulder blade. Well-trained, responds to commands consistent with US Army bomb detection animals. Found wandering the Persian Gulf following reports from military vessels of strange animals killing sea birds on the water. Found equipped with US Army tactical K-9 gear, tag reading “Lady”. Recovered with SCP-2751-2 and SCP-2751-3. Spayed.
SCP-2751-4 “Diego” 4-year-old male German Shepherd, right hind leg amputated at the hip. Trained in simple English commands. Recovered from Turquoise Bay, Australia, having run onto the water after stealing food from a visiting family. Photo taken by civilian and posted on social media with accompanying story; Foundation was contacted for investigation. Amputation of right hind leg was carried out at a young age. Tracking device found implanted in lower abdomen, see Addendum 2751-a. Unneutered.
SCP-2751-5 “Max” and SCP-2751-6 “Buddy” 2-year-old male Labrador Retrievers, trained in basic English commands. Recovered from apartment complex in Thunderbolt, Georgia, after reports of two local dogs sleeping regularly on the surface of the apartment pool. See Recovered Materials Log 2751-a. Neutered.
SCP-2751-7 “Bella” 2-year-old female Siberian Husky. Trained as a seeing eye dog by US standards. Spotted sleeping on the Atlantic ocean with SCP-2751-8 by passing deep sea fishing boat. Outfitted with proper seeing-eye dog vest and lead, collar reads “Bella”. Inflicted with severe sunburn and malnourishment upon containment. Spayed.
SCP-2751-10 “Baxter” 7-year-old male, unknown breed. Untrained at time of containment. Brought to the attention of Foundation agents after public alarm resulting from instance being found resting on the surface of a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park. No identification tags. Unneutered.
SCP-2751-12 “Annika” 5-year-old female Saint Bernard. Trained in simple commands in Swedish. Found with SCP-2751-13 traversing the Tyrrhenian Sea. Exhibited symptoms of extreme exposure, malnutrition, and mange; also four weeks pregnant at time of containment. Carried to term and birthed six puppies in containment; See Incident log 2751-a. Simple leather collar reads “Annika”. Unspayed.
SCP-2751-13 “Gustaf” 6-year-old male Saint Bernard. Trained in simple commands in Swedish. Found with SCP-2751-12 traversing the Tyrrhenian Sea. Exhibited symptoms of extreme exposure, malnutrition, and mange. Simple leather collar reads “Gustaf”. Genetic testing confirms instance as the father of 2751-12’s offspring. Unneutered.

Addendum 2751-a: Tracking device recovered from abdomen of SCP-2751-4
Recovered during routine veterinary examination following containment. Consists of a small titanium capsule measuring 1.3 centimeters in length and .5 centimeters in diameter, containing a GPS microchip pinging to unknown coordinates at the rate of one ping per 24 hours to a location in London; signal scrambled upon closer investigation. Chip archived in a radio-inhibiting container. GoI intervention expected; investigation underway.


SCP-2751-5 and SCP-2751-6 resting on apartment complex pool upon initial investigation.


Depiction of SCP-2751-5 and SCP-2751-6 upon recovery as strays. See Recovered Materials Log 2751-a.

Recovered Materials Log 2751-a:
████ ████████, owner of SCP-2751-5 and SCP-2751-6 until recovery, reported that her son, Mike, had brought them home as strays. The following illustration was drawn upon questioning of the child by an agent. Image reads, "I gave them my snack and [they came] home". When questioned about the figure in the water, Mike stated that it was "who made the dogs sad". Further investigation ongoing.

Incident log 2751-a: On █/██/████, SCP-2751-12 birthed a litter of six healthy Saint Bernard puppies, four male, two female, in a whelping box provided by Foundation veterinarians. Puppies were found to suck up a dry, powdery substance in place of normal mother’s milk, produced by the mother via normal breastfeeding methods.

On the morning of █/██/████, approximately one week following birth, all instances appear visibly distressed at the regular morning feeding time, refusing to move from the swimming pool and clawing repeatedly at the water. Further investigation reveals the drowned bodies of three of the puppies, one male and two female, at the bottom of said pool. Security footage shows SCP-2751-12 individually carrying pups from the whelping box to the pool for feeding on the water's surface, becoming distressed when half fall through. As of ██/█/████, access to the swimming pool is allowed only under restricted conditions.

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