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Item #: SCP-2753

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2753 is contained within a reinforced cryogenic storage locker. SCP-2753's containment unit must be inspected for any signs of degradation on a bi-weekly basis. Removal of SCP-2753 from its containment unit is restricted except under pre-approved experimentation or study.

Personnel found exhibiting signs of SCP-2753's effects are required to take a 2-3 day leave from SCP-2753's containment and related duties. All entrances to SCP-2753's containment unit must be fitted with an airlock to minimize accidental exposure to SCP-2753. Access to SCP-2753's containment unit is limited to medical personnel, and any other personnel found attempting to access SCP-2753 will be disciplined accordingly.

Description: SCP-2753 is the corpse of a human male, aged approximately 47 years old. SCP-2753 exerts a memetic effect on individuals viewing it, causing the viewer to believe that SCP-2753 is a dog, and insist that SCP-2753 is "looking for someone". Despite this, viewers are able to identify SCP-2753 as a human corpse. The contradictory nature of SCP-2753’s effect has been known to cause a degree of confusion in affected individuals’ ability to distinguish certain items from others.

SCP-2753 shows no biological abnormalities from a typical human corpse, and decomposes at rates normal to environments it is placed in. The effects of SCP-2753 have been known to cause some individuals to attempt to aid in determining who SCP-2753 is "looking for". This is not believed to be an additional effect, but rather a normal human response to a creature they believe to need assistance.

SCP-2753's effect does not spread through visual media, including photos, videos, and artistic depictions. In addition, viewing SCP-2753 from an adjacent room by use of windows does not appear to trigger SCP-2753's effect, except when a door is opened. From this it has been discerned that a viewer must be in the same room as SCP-2753 to be affected by its memetic properties. Prolonged exposure to SCP-2753's effects have been known to cause occasional periods of mild auditory hallucination, usually in the form of muffled barks.

Interviewed: Neighbor of █████████ ██████

Interviewer: Agent ██████

Foreword: Excerpt from an interview conducted during investigation following SCP-2753's acquisition.

<Begin Log>

Agent: Good Afternoon, Mrs. ██████████, I'm here to ask you a few questions about the man who lived next door to you. Is this okay with you?

Neighbor: Sure, sure. I can't see why there would anything of note, but I can talk.

Agent: Okay. What can you tell me about this gentleman?

Neighbor: He certainly was a character… I wouldn't call him gentlemanly, though. Sometimes he was fairly civil, but he'd have these rabid fits. I stopped by to ask for a dolley while I was moving a new couch in, and he growled at me… poor guy though, he was batshit insane. The racket and yelling he'd make in the night kept me up. The first few weeks I'd check up on him and he'd yell at me to go away, so I eventually just stopped.

Agent: History of unusual behavior. What else can you tell me about him?

Neighbor: From the few times we had normal conversation, which was rare, mind you, I could tell, I think, he was well educated. He talked about his work a lot, so I figured he was some sort of scientist… well I was a bit off. I guess he kinda went off the deep end, because I found out he was working on some stuff straight from science fiction… I kinda just waved at him and avoided him after that, so I didn't care too much when he shut himself in that house for good.

Agent: Okay… Can you tell me anything about where he lived before he moved in next to you?

Neighbor: I don't know too much. He was a bit, er, how do I say…

Agent: Reclusive?

Neighbor: Unhinged. From what I could gather, it looks like he had been released from some sort of hospital.

Agent: Alright then, I think I've got enough for now. Anything else you'd like to say?

Neighbor: This whole thing is just… weird. I've lost sleep thinking about that guy. It's been driving me crazy, to see this happen… I know he's gone… it's just… maybe it's guilt or something, but I get these feelings sometimes like I hear his dog barking, but I know they're gone. I don't know if this building will ever go back to how it was after this.

<End Log>

SCP-2753 was identified as the corpse of █████████ ██████, found dead in his apartment in 2007.
Following this, an investigation into the cause of death was intercepted by Foundation field agents. The cause of death was determined to be cerebral hemorrhaging, however the cause of this remains unidentified. It is noted that █████████ ██████ had a long history of mental illness, including depression and schizoid symptoms, prior to his death and subsequent classification as SCP-2753.

Upon recovery of SCP-2753, the personal diary of █████████ ██████ was found.


I am here. This is taxing to have to keep them all together.
Its getting a bit… chaotic here.

Im refracting, the rest of them are
………..What, the rest of us are what
You know what. I cant keep the lens focused anymore, theyr'e all going to their own devices
Its become difficult to keep them controlled… moss is barking a lot and my leash is breaking
this is not layman's terms, im sorry
…………Who are you apologizing to?
How does this even work… moss I dont know what you want… can you two keep quiet for a few minutes i cant think
I'm not apologizing to you im apologizeing to whoever finds this… you
………we shouldnt break the fourth wall thats bad
i know.

Theyre driving me crazy!
………we know what you write, we can write too
There's nothing I can say without them knowing, you all are going to be the death of me
I just want to do my work but everything is getting blurry. All of these little madnesses are so loud i cant think.
BARK bark bark BARK
What the fuck does that dog even try to say?
………maybe he doesn't like you
I keep him safe and leashes and fed and happy. He needs me right?
He can't go without mee

I swear to god dog, I love you, but you're driving me insane
…………..He doesn't understand you papa
How the fuck do you know
…………..I speak dog
You are me, if you speak dog I should too, and I can't. I dont KNOW WHaT the dog wants from me
…………..I am not you I'm me, who is you but not
…………..I want ice cream
…………..Buy me ice cream

No. I won't do anything until you leave me alone.

The two FUCKING children are making SO mUCH NOISE
…………..I hate YOU papp

See you;ve made moss angry
God DAMMIT why can't I have some peace and quiet here
Why am I arguing with myself
……………not until you give me ice cream


BARK bark bark
I never wanted any of you, but I still took care of you

I can't go much longer because of the noise
too much noise too much noise noise too much I i DONT WANT THIS

He keeps whispering in my ear and the dog
THE FUCKING DOG he keeps barking
I can't have any quiet
………..you dont deserve quiet
Just shutup
…………..you can't get rid of me
…………..That dog is a part of you and I am too

I never ASKEd for any OF this

of my hands
Get out of MY HeAD

Can I cut them out?
Why can't things just go back to how they were?

………He doesn't talk to us
………I don't know if he's here

……..Shutup and eat your cookies
bark bark
……….Papa isn't coming back.
…………I'm having fun too
………….No fun, angry he needs to come back
…………go look for him


…………moss hasn't come back im so lonely
………..I miss papa

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