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Item #: SCP-2765

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Civilian vehicles and Foundation convoys are permitted to use roads affected by SCP-2765 to travel. SCP-2765 is neutralized as of 2003.

The areas surrounding instances of SCP-2765-1 are to be disguised as archaeological dig sites. Non-Foundation archaeologists are allowed access to any approved artifacts discovered that are not anomalous or discuss anomalous properties. Newly discovered instances of SCP-2765 are to be acquired by the Foundation and examined.

Anomalous materials or those which pertain to anomalous activity discovered inside are to be sent to Reliquary Site 26.

Description: SCP-2765 is an anomalous effect that influences multiple passageways throughout central Eurasia, notably Route 44 in Iran, Route A-77 in Afghanistan, and the R504 Kolyma roadway in Russia, and which may have had a much larger effect radius. SCP-2765 affects trade that involve the selected routes by decreasing travel time and slowing the weathering of roads. Effects are not consistent and have been shown to be decreasing since at least 1948. Subjects affected by SCP-2765 or on a road affected by SCP-2765 do not perceive any noticeable change in travel speed, fuel use or distance while on the route, but are measured to have a 10% increase in speed added on anomalously. When compared to other routes with similar levels of traffic and trade, roads affected by SCP-2765 show visibly less damage, even in active war zones.

Due to the large range of effect, the Foundation is unable to control or restrict all areas pertaining to SCP-2765. Notably, much of SCP-2765 lies in the territory of GRU-P and the ORIA.

SCP-2765-1 is the collective designation for 5 villages which may have formerly been affected by SCP-2765 and which are believed to be connected to SCP-2765's anomalous effects. Individual instances are to be referred to as SCP-2765-1 A-E. Each instance contains multiple architectural styles and materials, many of which are not native to the area and are believed to be imported. It is believed that instances of SCP-2765-1 were intended as resting places for travelers due to the presence of large market areas, inns, diverse shrines, food stores, and walls possibly capable of withstanding long periods of siege warfare. Records recovered from SCP-2765-1 instances typically have multiple translations present and often refer to or display knowledge of SCP-2765's primary effect, as well as other anomalous phenomena.

  • SCP-2765-1A is the largest known site, and possesses much larger facilities, as well as extensive amounts of records. It is located in Western China, in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Uses Roman concrete and Ionian style pillars.
  • SCP-2765-1B is located in northern Afghanistan. Prior to Foundation Acquisition, it had sustained heavy damage due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Construction is mostly based around the style of Qing China, with construction stone and jade decorations imported from as far east as mountains in Sichuan.
  • SCP-2765-1C is located in northwestern Kazakhstan. Prior to Foundation acquisition, SCP-2765-1C was in a state of severe disrepair due to siege warfare during medieval crusades. Architectural style was primarily Egyptian, although Japanese sliding doors were heavily used.
  • SCP-2765-1D is located in coastal northeastern Egypt. Noted to have severe rat infestations which prevented initial containment, SCP-2765-D was heavily damaged during the Suez Crisis of 1956. Remains of docked boats suggest Nordic trade partners.
  • SCP-2765-1E is located in eastern Turkey. Architectural styles are more modern, dating to around 800 AD, and include strong influence from Arabic construction methods. Christian motifs are also present.

SCP-2765 was originally discovered through investigation of apparent errors in Foundation transportation times1. Eventually, SCP-2765-1 instances were discovered and absorbed into the current form of this article.

Addendum: SCP-2765 has ceased to show any noticeable effect as of 2003. SCP-2765 is now classified as neutralized.

All recovered materials are cross checked using other surviving translations. Portions too damaged to read or missing are marked as [Unreadable]

Recovered Material 2765-1A-257
Discovered Location: In the center of of SCP-2765-A's primary temple complex.
Description: Four 5-meter tall marble pillars, engraved with gold and covered in substance similar to that produced by SCP-████. Each pillar uses a different language (including Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic and Chinese) , and is covered by approximately 204 lines of script. Approximately 35% of the text has faded or been rendered unreadable.
Decipherable contents:

In the 16th year of Emperor Wen's reign, 7th of the line of Han, 618 AUC, a caravan formed in and departed for the land of Sina. Lord Liu, riding upon his great 3 legged toad, General Tao, of the Black pearl, Lord Caishen of good fortune, Bi Gan, Li Fan, Kuan Yu, the 5 siblings of the world, and Tsai Sheng Li, 12 in all, representing the many lands of Sina, filled with wealth and trade, set out along with their followers to explore the lands to the west of their nation, having heard of the noble exploits of Zhang Qian2 and of new nations to the West. Our lord Tricephalus3 , also known as Hermes the guider of the dead, Mercury god of messengers, met them at the crossroads of the two rivers, and proposed that they sit and trade stories and goods. And they introduced themselves, and exchanged tales of their lands for 2 years. Tricephalus, wise and cunning, proposed to spread prosperity together across the land. He envisioned a great road, stretching to both east and west, where the gold would never end and merchants would not fear the bandits. Seeing that this was good, the Gods of swore to the pact, and shared their gold and spices. And considering this meeting fortuitous, and that greater gains might be made, they left to find other pantheons.

Aje Shaluga, the 7 lucky lords of the Eastern Archipelago, and the many Jambhalas, masters of gold gathered together with the first 13 here, to discuss a great Prosperity, to benefit all nations. For 101 days and nights they sat and consulted, and finally they came upon a decision to sponsor a great and mighty road, sustained by their combined powers, to ease travel between their lands and bring wealth to all, whereupon these pillars were created to commemorate their alliance. Thus they numbered 42.

And eventually others came, Lakshimi and her attendants, decked in the Spice of the southern lands from whence they came, (The cautious?), of the fish and maggots, forger of gold, and [Unreadable4 ] swearing to the pact, and partaking of its profits. Thus the total came to 76, in the Great Treaty.

Recovered Material 2765-1A-572
Discovered Location: Storage room located below the primary temple complex of 2765-A.
Description: One of several hundred 1m by .5m clay tablets (Labeled 2765 A-300- 1674) located in the same room, apparently containing records of trade developments and negotiations. Evidence shows that the room was damaged by fire.
Decipherable Contents:

In the 215th year of the Qin dynasty, 200th year of the Western Han, 694th AUC, the Golden Confederation met again to discuss their continued compliance. There have been 37 raids on traveling caravans by Northern Barbarians, and many fear a direct assault on one of the way points. The Confederation has requested that those of the Central Kingdom lead an attack to prevent further interruptions of trade. To further assuage fears, the gods of the Indi, numbering 34, have agreed to fund 2 new resting points together, to be constructed in 5 years, for a total of 8 way points. The confederation then discussed raising tariffs, which can be found in tablet 4 of the year 694 AUC, and the supply of spices and metals, found in tablet 6 of the year 694 AUC. And thus the 76 member lords agreed to disperse and discuss with their respective kingdoms a unified measurement system. Thus ended the Confederation meeting of the year 694 AUC, 215th year of the Qin dynasty, blessed by the gods.

Recovered Material 2765-1B-463
Discovered Location: Smithy for the construction of horseshoes.
Description: Granite carving, possibly designed to be a part of a wall.
Decipherable Contents:

Thank the gods, for they have blessed us. From islands of the east, to the ocean of the west, we have spread. The thieves hide in fear of their judgement, and the caravans move unharassed. Forget not libations and offerings, that each country may grow rich through this divine alliance.

Recovered Material 2765-1D-818
Discovered Location: Buried underneath the guardhouse of the northern gate.
Description: A piece of bamboo parchment, preserved with salt and sand inside a flask and sealed with wax. The writing is cramped and shaky. Writing is solely in latin.
Decipherable Contents:

I fear for my life, for last night one of the great lords came and visited me. We welcomed two travelers from the east before we closed the gates. They had no caravan, and barely any baggage.

As I let them in, a worm flashed in one's clothes. I went up to him, and said "Brother, watch your clothes, for there are worms. Get them washed, that you may not get sick." He smiled, and said to me, "Your accent is that of Athens, is it not?"

I said "Yes, Lord, my family maintained a temple to Mercury there. I left to seek my fortune with his blessing." He nodded and said no more.

Later that night, I awoke to find the stranger in my room silencing me. He held up a staff, golden and intertwined with snakes, and I knew him to be my lord Hermes. He said "For your family's loyalty, I will let you know of a calamity that is coming, for I have done the greatest theft of all time. For years, I pretended to be content to rule with the others in the Confederation, but now it will all come down. The worm of silk, the great pride of the central kingdom, has been stolen by me." And he showed the inside of his cloak, filled with the valuable worms, and other treasures of the east. "Of course, the gods will be shaken and rage against the theft. But I have made a new alliance with the Northern tribes, and as the gods blame each other the Golden Hordes will sweep down as a storm and conquer, with me as their sole sponsor. None, god or merchant will be spared, of the South or the East, but Bynzantine will be my chosen city, and I will rule the world's trade networks from there. Flee while you can." And Hermes left.

I write this now, as a record, should I not make it home to write it again. Any god which remains would surely call for my head, but this is one time I think my lord Hermes does not lie.

Recovered Material 2765-1C-647
Discovered Location: Floor of the central market area
Description: A 15 m by 15 m glass panel. When viewed, subjects will hear the same message translated into their primary language, as spoken by a female.
Decipherable Contents:

The thief may have had his merry laugh, but he cannot sustain this forever. One day, the gold will run out, as will his luck. But until then, the rats will be carried along with his victory, the pestilence with his profit, and the hordes shall be less friendly than he hoped. We will find another way to trade, without him, without his route, and his vanity shall dissolve. Thus says the Confederation.

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