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Item #: SCP-2783

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The containment chamber SCP-2783 is a 4 m x 4 m x 2 m concrete surrounded steel chamber with an adjoining 2 m x .9 m x 2 m concrete chamber containing SCP-2783-A (see addendum SCP-2783-A). The two chambers should be separated by a .3 m thick steel door. SCP-2783-A should be let into the containment chamber of SCP-2783 once every hour on the hour. SCP

Upon a containment breach of SCP-2783, SCP-2783-A should be restrained, blindfolded and taken to SCP-2783. When SCP-2783 is in the direct line of sight of SCP-2783-A, SCP-2783-A should be instructed, using a calm voice, to collect SCP-2783. After this procedure has been successfully executed, SCP-2783-A should be restrained, but not blindfolded, and taken back to containment. Do not pull or push SCP-2783-A during the transportation period, simply lead SCP-2783-A, as pushing or pulling may anger and/or cause SCP-2783-A to drop SCP-2783. The environment in SCP-2783 or SCP-2783-A should not change, neither react well to change and if change occurs a containment breach is risked, how both SCP’s breach together without disrupting security alarms is unknown. After the two breach they will not attempt to harm anyone as they will simply revert their chamber to it’s previous environment. Skin contact is not to be made with SCP-2783, as slow painful death will occur soon afterwards (see test-01). Personnel who complain about hallucinations and have been in direct contact of SCP-2783 should be terminated to prevent their inevitable psychological suffering.

If SCP-2783-A becomes enraged while in the containment chamber of SCP-2783 the chamber’s Electrical Discharge Rods (EDR’s) are to be activated and no personnel are to go into the chamber until the static electricity detectors show no signs of lethal electricity, this discharge should calm SCP-2596-A down.

Description: SCP-2783 is a 241 mm x 38 mm x 215 mm gravity-defying, “dancing” book weighing approximately 8 ounces, with approximately 219 pages. SCP-2783 title reads, The End of The World and the Universe by ████ ███████. Upon opening SCP-2783 the reader acts normally. After about 10 minutes the read puts down the book, claiming to have finished it, not matter what point in the book that they have reached. The reader the begins to talk to oneself speaking about what life really is about. These words are to be ignored, if not ignored the effects of SCP-2783 will spread to those who hear it. At exactly 25 minutes the reader will start to become translucent and eventually transparent until they have fully become transparent and trans-located themselves out of the chamber and into an unknown location; it is believed that these subjects later become SCP-2783-A2 (see addendum SCP-2783-A2) and because of such one class-D personnel must enter and read SCP-2783 every 30 minutes. SCP-2783 should not be touched by personnel for any reason. If SCP-2783 is touched, hallucinations of loved ones they have lost. Eventually, after the hallucinations have stopped the affected person's eyes will start to bleed and eventual death occurs (see test-01).

ADDENDUM SCP-2783-A: SCP-2783-A is a 6” 3’ middle-aged man wearing a navy blue suit with a red tie. SCP-2783-A claims to be 187 years of age, although there is no proof of this claim. SCP-2783-A appears to be of United States nationality, as he speaks are with a very light New York accent. SCP-2783 claims, and has proven, that he can speak exactly 5,245 different languages. SCP-2783-A is also the only organism who can both touch and interact with SCP-2783 without any adverse effects. SCP-2783-A is highly intelligent, scoring 180 on a standardized LSAT exam, given to him by Dr. ██████ during an interview. So far any attempts to communicate with SCP-2783-A have been only unsuccessful so far, except with Dr. ██████. It is clear that SCP-2783 does not wish to talk to anybody besides Dr. ██████. SCP-2783-A is to be left alone mos hours of the day, with allowed testing in between ██:██ - ██:██

ADDENDUM SCP-2783-A2: SCP-2783-A2 is a five-wheeled chair that is made of organic material after current research it has been discovered that SCP-2783-A2 is made of living skin tissue, further testing has revealed that it is human. SCP-2783-A2 appears to pulsate, presumed to act as a sort of shooting method for SCP-2783-A. Over a period of 24 hours SCP-2783-A2 will deteriorate, starting with the outer layer and working inwards. After the 24 hour period SCP-2783-A2 will be nothing more than a puddle of blood on the ground, class-D personnel are to clean said blood once every two hours..

Interviewed: SCP-2783-A

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Date █/██/██

Overview: This is an interview between Dr. ██████ and SCP-2783-A. The goal of this interview was so that Dr. ██████ may learn more about the relationship SCP-2783-A and SCP-2783. This is the first interview with SCP-2873.

Interview Start

Dr. ██████ walks into the room carrying a short stool

Dr. ██████: Why do these things have to be so heavy?

A large slamming noise echoes around the chamber as Dr. ██████ sets the stool down

Dr. ██████: Alright let him in.

The door to SCP-2783-A’s containment chamber opens and SCP-2783-A walks out

SCP-2783-A: Hello Doctor.

Dr. ██████: State your name.

2783-A: I do not wish to participate in your interview.

Dr. ██████: State. Your. Name, 2783-A.

2783-A: You may call me what you wish.

Dr. ██████: Alright, 2783-A. Where do you come from?

2783-A: You know where I come from.

Dr. ██████: I know where you were found, where do come from, 2783-A?

2783-A: I come from multiple places.

Dr. ██████: How so?

2783-A: Well, my counterparts are from different places than each other. And I come from a different place than them.

Dr. ██████: How do you create SCP 2783-A2?

2783-A: I do not create that. It is more like, a package that is delivered to me.

Dr. ██████: So who makes SCP 2783-A2?

2783-A: I do not know, nor do I bother myself to have such a curiosity.

Dr. ██████: What about 2783? Where does he come from?

2783-A: I found him.

Dr. ██████: Found him?

2783-A: Yes, found him. Just lying on the road, I thought it was rather strange for someone to just leave a book on the sidewalk, so I picked it up.

Dr. ██████: Please continue your story.

2783-A: I read him. I thought it was a good read, I felt enlightened afterwards, so I decided to share it with a good friend of mine. He became very weird afterwards, started saying something. He was acting very weird. I couldn't get that out of my head. I just kept repeating what he had said, and-

Dr. ██████: -even you don't understand the whispers?

2783-A: No, as I was saying A few days went by and I decided I would call him, just to make sure he was alright, he didn't pick up so I left him alone.

Dr. ██████: He died?

2783-A: I never found out.

Dr. ██████: What about your neighbors, why did you kill them?

2783-A: They were rude people, who knows what they might have done if I didn't stop them.

Dr. ██████:You didn't even give them a warning.

2783-A: They should have realized how they were acting beforehand.

Dr. ██████: Don't all people deserve to live though?

2783-A Does SCP-682 deserve to live? It seems like your main job with him is to annihilate him. You asphyxiate him in acid daily. Do you really have the right to criticize me?

Dr. ██████: Who are you to judge who lives and who doesn't!? 682 is a clear threat to every living creature, it's him or us.


Dr. ██████: Who's to say that The Foundation can't help humanity.

2783-A: The people that you claim to work for.

Dr. ██████: The 05?

2783-A: The citizens of the world.

Dr. ██████:Still my point remains, you can't just kill random people and claim that it is justified.

2783-A: Why not? Your foundation does it all the time.

Dr. ██████: How so?

2783-A: I know you know what a Class-D is.

SCP 2783-A turns around and walks back into his containment chamber

Dr. ██████ picks up the stool and leaves the containment chamber

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