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SCP-2793 instance


SCP-2793 instance


SCP-2793 instance

Item #: SCP-2793

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation assets are to regularly remind extant space agencies of the risks involving exploration of Saturn's rings to prevent possible discovery of SCP-2793. If a non-Foundation mission attempts to access the rings of Saturn it is to be sabotaged and a cover story issued. Misinformation campaigns are to remain on constant standby to dispute any discovery of SCP-2793. Non-Foundation personnel who become aware of SCP-2793 should be administered Class-C amnestics.

Study of SCP-2793 is to be conducted with samples collected from prior missions to Saturn. Further missions towards the main body of SCP-2793 orbiting Saturn are prohibited without level 4 approval.

Description: SCP-2793 is a collection of nano-machines located in the rings of Saturn. The overall purpose of SCP-2793 is hypothesized to involve the maintenance and repair of Saturn's rings. Individual nano-machines have been observed harvesting trace elements from space. SCP-2793 also deploys several specialized micro-machines into Saturn's atmosphere on a regular basis to harvest materials for maintenance activities.

The rings maintained by SCP-2793 are part of a much larger transmitter capable of releasing a laser in a continuous beam with over 2 x 10^26 watts. By measuring residual background radiation after each activation, Foundation astronomers have determined that over the past century the ring activated 7 times in total (1903, 1933, 1960, 1990, 1994, 2006, 2010). This has corresponded with the appearance of the Great White Spot in Saturn's atmosphere.

Detailed analysis of single instances of SCP-2793 has revealed engineering and materials far in advance of current technologies. Such technology includes quantum processors1 and nano electrokinetic thrusters.2 To date, SCP-2793 instances acquired by the Foundation have been reverse engineered and the new technologies are currently being deployed in experimental models.

Following further studies by Foundation researchers, SCP-2793 is hypothesized to be the creator of the rings around Saturn. Further documentation recovered from SCP-2793, along with observations of instances of SCP-2793 expanding sections of the ring, lend credence to the hypothesis that SCP-2793 constructed the rings around Saturn artificially.


Saturn schematic recovered from SCP-2793 database

Recovery of SCP-2793 instances after the incident listed in Addendum-C revealed that the hardware locks on their storage medium had been severely damaged, allowing the Foundation to gain access to the files stored. Uncorrupted files were obtained and included the schematics for the construction of several SCP-2793 instances (above), as well as a schematic for the construction of the ring itself (below).

The schematic for the overall construction of the ring appears to detail the planetary engineering of Saturn to include a large broadcasting dish anchored in the atmosphere. The dish is theorized to be active when the Great White Spot emerges in Saturn's atmosphere. The rings around Saturn appear to collect energy by acting as a kinetic generator, producing a large amount of energy as it moves through space. This energy is transmitted into the core of Saturn which has been modified into an extremely large power capacitor. When a transmission is taking placing this energy is released into the dish and focused into a high powered laser beam.

An uncorrupted segment of a mission statement was also recovered and deciphered:

Mission Statement
Peace through absolute power
In this galaxy of chaos, one can only achieve true peace with a powerful army in charge.
The 7 space beacons were built with great cost to bring the dissidents to heel, ushering in a golden age of peace and prosperity.


3 large constructs, collectively designated as SCP-2793-A, were detected during an exploration mission. The constructs appear to be powerful wireless transmitters, transmitting energy into the core of Saturn. This energy is harvested from the ring itself by other SCP-2793 instances and provided to SCP-2793-A for transmission.

When Foundation probes first encountered an instance of SCP-2793-A, a message was remotely uploaded onto Foundation computers. The message was deciphered and included below:
Note: One Cycle is hypothesized to be correspondent with two Earth hours. One Epicycle is thought to be correspondent with 30 Earth seconds. The exact correlation between Rcycles and Earth time is unknown.

Transcript Start
Unknown species interaction logged, welcome to the local space beacon.
Estimated time since last operation: 21900 Cycles
Power levels: Acceptable
Ring matrix: Offline
Spatial region: Stable
Risk of collapse: Minimal
Overall status: Offline
Additional Notes: Ring matrix is offline. Please restart core generators before operating space beacon.

It should be noted that according to the information provided, SCP-2793 was last operated during the re-emergence of the Great White Spot in 2010.


On the date of ██/██/2016, a power surge was detected along the rings of Saturn. Observation of Saturn revealed that the Great White Spot had reformed in the northern hemisphere of Saturn, coinciding with the build up of power occurring in the rings. On ██/██/2016, a pulse of energy was released from Saturn, measurements of its trajectory revealed that it was on a collision path with the Castor star system. Attempts to access SCP-2793-A by the observation post returned the following statement. The message was deciphered and included below.

Transcript Start
Unknown species interaction logged, welcome to the local space beacon.
Estimated time since last operation: 0 Cycles 22 Rcycles 17 Epicycles
Power levels: Acceptable
Ring matrix: Online
Spatial region: Unstable
Risk of collapse: High
Overall status: Armed
Additional Notes: Risk of collapse is high, operation of space beacon is dangerous, proceed with caution.

Several segments of the ring were also observed to be breaking away from the main ring around Saturn and entering the atmosphere. This continued for several days before subsiding. The following statement was returned upon the Foundation accessing SCP-2793-A after the event. The message was deciphered and included below.

Transcript Start
Unknown species interaction logged, welcome to the local space beacon.
Estimated time since last operation: 40 Cycles 10 Rcycles 12 Epicycles
Power levels: Acceptable
Ring matrix: Online
Spatial region: Stable
Risk of collapse: Minimal
Overall status: Armed
Additional notes: Ring matrix is subsiding, space beacon will shut down in 150 Cycles.

Following that storm activity subsided after 300 hours had elapsed. The released pulse of energy is still travelling through deep space. Microwave telescopes at Site-67 are continuing to track its progress.


On the 16th of December 2016, a message was transmitted from SCP-2793-A towards the observational post. It was deciphered and included below.

Transcript Start
Unknown species interaction logged, welcome to the local space beacon.
Estimated time since last operation: ERROR
Power levels: Offline
Ring matrix: Offline
Spatial region: Error
Risk of collapse: Error
Overall status: Error
Additional Notes: Massive damage sustained. Space beacon integrity at risk, complete collapse estimated in 3600 Cycles.

Scans reveal that SCP-2793 had intercepted a massive electromagnetic pulse that was released by the magnetar star SWIFT J195509+261406. About 70% of all nano-machines within the ring were instantly destroyed, neutralizing much of the pulse in the process by absorbing it with their own electromagnetic shielding. Calculations of the trajectory revealed it would have engaged in a close range encounter with the Earth.

Although no damage was done to the ring, simulations showed that without the nano-machines to maintain the structure, the ring would begin to break apart and reenter Saturn over the course of a year. A proposal for Foundation intervention in order to preserve the ring of Saturn is currently pending.

Following the event, a message transmitted from the magnetar star was also intercepted by the observation post around SCP-2793. The message was in a similar language to the ones utilized by SCP-2793-A instances and was deciphered without incident. It included below.

Transcript Start
Cease your investigations into the rings and return to your primitive world.
Those rings have ruined entire worlds yet you still seek to take it for yourselves.
Consider yourselves warned.

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