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Item #: SCP-3666

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each individual affected by SCP-3666 is to be confined within a standard humanoid cell. Several researchers are to study the immune system and DNA of affected individuals to further understanding of SCP-3666. Doctors are to analyze affected immune systems for potential health risks and damage.

Alternative amnestic treatments are to be utilized Research is to be conducted to find or create new medicine with the capacity to alter memories.

Description: SCP-3666 is an allergic inflammatory reaction to the presence of amnestic proteins and substances within the bloodstream of affected individuals. Immune systems modified by SCP-3666 are unable to change or adapt to both normal anti-allergy treatments and those developed by the Foundation. As of now, no gene or allele has been correlated to the creation of SCP-3666 within the genome of affected individuals.

Currently, 147 individuals from Scandinavian origin have been diagnosed with SCP-3666. This corresponds to the total population of the former town of Ahni, Norway. The town did not exhibit any anomalous properties which could lead to the activation of SCP-3666 within unaffected or affected individuals. Since the arrival of Foundation forces, the town has been shut down.

Individuals affected by SCP-3666 show regular symptoms of digestion or skin related allergies when exposed to Class-B to Class-F amnestics which are ingested or inserted into the patient. Individuals affected by SCP-3666 show symptoms of respiratory related allergies to Class-A amnestics which are inhaled.

Affected immune systems effectively eliminate all amnestic substances while inside or before they can reach blood vessels within the brain. Due to this effect, all affected individuals are effectively impervious to the main effects and side-effects of all amnestic treatments. SCP-3666 is capable of adapting itself to protect the central nervous system from memetics and cognitohazards which target regions of the brain processing long-term and short-term memory.

Discovery Log: SCP-3666 was discovered following Incident-█████-O near Ahni, Norway. Foundation forces were quick to administer Class-A amnestics to residents exposed to the incident. Exposed residents did not forget the incident following the administration. All residents were found to possess the same SCP-3666 properties and were relocated to Site-52 for further examination.

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