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SCP-2819 - Bond Beetles
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Item #: SCP-2819

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: At no time should SCP-2819-1 and SCP-2819-2 be within 100m of each other, except during mandated testing. Both are to be contained in standard small-organism terrariums inside Size-2 Containment Lockers on opposite sides of Site 67. A milkweed plant should be maintained inside each tank for the SCP instances to feed on.

Description: SCP-2819 refers to a set of two male Tetraopes tetraophthalmus, otherwise known as the milkweed beetle. SCP-2819-1 is primarily white with black markings, while SCP-2819-2 is primarily black with white markings. This differs from usual instances of Tetraopes tetraophthalmus, which are red.

SCP-2819-1 and 2819-2 show extreme animosity towards each other, and will fight in a way inconsistent with behavioral patterns of non-anomalous Tetraopes tetraophthalmus. If SCP-2819-1 and 2819-2 are within 100m of each other, they will seek out the other and attack it. The lengths at which they will fight have not been thoroughly tested; it is theorized that if left alone, they will fight to the death. Neither shows any violent tendencies toward other members of Tetraopes tetraophthalmus, even ones disguised by Foundation personnel to resemble the opposite entity of SCP-2819.

Subjects placed near SCP-2819-1 or -2 experience an emotional stagnation. ''Happy'' or ''content'' persons exposed to SCP-2819-1 will remain so indefinitely, and the opposite is true for individuals exposed to SCP-2819-2. This effect can be countered via Class-B Amnesiacs. Post-administration, subjects report ''a feeling of loss'' for a few hours before returning to normal.

Both SCP-2819-1 and -2 were recovered on opposite sides of the garden belonging to Mr. ██████, a wealthy businessman in █████████, Massachusetts.

Note: High-power microphones located in both containment units detected a rhythmic clicking originating from SCP-2819-1 and -2''s mandibles—analysis determined this to be Morse code. Interviews were scheduled and conducted following this development.

Interviewed: SCP-2819-1

Interviewer: Dr. Webb

<Begin Log>

Dr. Webb: Hello.

SCP-2819-1: Is Jackie here?

Dr. Webb: No. Why do you ask?

[SCP-2819-1 pauses.]

SCP-2819-1: You''re lying. He is.

Dr. Webb: He is, but he''s on the other side of the building. It''s very far.

SCP-2819-1: Good. Keep him there.

Dr. Webb: Why do you dislike SCP-2819-2?

SCP-2819-1: Jackie? He makes everyone feel…horrible. All he does is bring everyone down, and it''s terrible. He''s ruining humanity, a few people at a time.

Dr. Webb: And this drives you to attack him.

SCP-2819-1: He''s villainous. He must be stopped.

Dr. Webb: What do you do?

SCP-2819-1: I come bearing gifts. Happiness is the ultimate goal for humanity—if I can provide, why should I not give?

Dr. Webb: And by doing this, what do you hope to accomplish?

SCP-2819-1: If everyone is happy, then Jackie will be useless. Hopefully he''ll kill himself so I won''t have to worry about it.

Dr. Webb: Thank you for your cooperation.

SCP-2819-1: You''re welcome. And if you see Jackie, step on him, will you?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Webb felt no compulsion to attack SCP-2819-2 following the interview. He did report a more pleasant disposition, which he attributed to SCP-2819-1''s effect. Class C amnestics were requested and distributed, with a recommendation to future personnel to take one following each interview with either instance of SCP-2819.

Interviewed: SCP-2819-2

Interviewer: Dr. Webb

<Begin Log>

Dr. Webb: Hello.

SCP-2819-2: Wilson''s not here, is he?

Dr. Webb: SCP-2819-1 is not present.

SCP-2819-2: I''ll snap his fucking antennae if he gets near me, I swear.

Dr. Webb: Why do you dislike SCP-2819-1?

SCP-2819-2: He''s a liar. He shows everyone this pretty little fake world where everything''s bright and beautiful, and that''s wrong. I mean, I wish it was like that too, but it''s not. Someone has to keep him in check.

Dr. Webb: And this drives you to attack him.

SCP-2819-2: Someone has to keep him in check.

Dr. Webb: What do you do?

SCP-2819-2: I show people what the world is truly like. It''d be nice if they didn''t get all depressed about it, though.

Dr. Webb: How did you two end up like this?

SCP-2819-2: You already asked Wilson that question, didn''t you. I''m sure he told you all about how everything is my fault, how I''m an awful person. I bet he didn''t tell you about all the terrible things he did. The bottom line is that we pissed off father together. So he punished us together.

Dr. Webb: I didn''t ask SCP-2819-1 anything about that.

SCP-2819-2: Then I''d better tell you. You know, before he lies to you to make me look like a piece of shit.

Dr. Webb: Do continue.

SCP-2819-2: He wanted so much from us. But we fought all the time, and eventually…well, he got sick. Sick of watching light fight dark. Good fight evil. Brother fight brother. He wanted something else.

Dr. Webb: Then he granted you these powers, to take your fight to a grander scale?

SCP-2819-2: No. He turned us into fucking milkweed beetles.

<End Log>

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