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Item #: SCP-2823

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2823 is to be stored in a standard containment locker located on the uppermost floor of Site 214. The locker is to possess a standard keycard-capable magnetic reader and six-digit keypad, the code to which must be flushed, changed, and reset every two weeks (or earlier as deemed necessary). Access to SCP-2823 is restricted to Level 3 personnel and requires clearance from the site supervisor.

Description: SCP-2823 is a 241.3 MB set of computer files stored physically on a 3.0 USB thumb drive, the exterior of which is coated in a water-resistant black paint. The drive itself is not anomalous and has been used by Foundation personnel on multiple occasions without any damage, physical or otherwise, to its components. Attempts to format or delete the contents of the drive fail invariably regardless of the manner used; however, SCP-2823 can be digitally contained to an extent by changing the properties of the drive to "read-only".

Upon being connected to a computer running Microsoft Windows Vista or later, the following contents are displayed:

  1. A .mp4 video file approximately eight minutes in length, designated SCP-2823-1
  2. A read-me file containing drive manufacturing and copyright information
  3. A 2 GB executable, designated SCP-2823-2

The effects and properties of each of these items pertain to a series of kidnappings and homicides during the late 2000's, colloquially dubbed the "Red Market" killings after the remains of each victim were deposited near a local supermarket. SCP-2823-1 and SCP-2823-2 are detailed at length in Addenda I and II.

Addendum I: SCP-2828-1

SCP-2823-1 is an eight minute long .mp4 video file entitled "great_savings.mp4". The file does not require media playback software and will use SCP-2823-2 if no such software is found on the user's systems. The quality of the video itself appears to be 1080p 60 FPS, which is unusual for a standard, non-professional recording.

The recording details an unknown male, estimated to be between forty and fifty years in age, lecturing another individual restrained to an office chair with duct tape on the financial incentives of shopping at ███████ Supermarket. The second individual (henceforth referred to as the "victim") appears to follow a script in which they play the part of a "customer" learning about said incentives. The victim varies each time, but is generally somebody the viewer is extremely familiar with on a personal level or the viewer themselves. Similarly, the exact conversation varies but always consists of the victim being visibly distressed and agitated (while still trying to participate in the mock advertisement). To date, none of the D-Class test subjects exposed to SCP-2823-1 have recalled the victim ever shopping at ███████ Supermarket nor having any interactions with the cameraman beforehand, occasionally going so far as to imply the video is staged or animated.

All attempts to record SCP-2823-1, either with a physical camera or screen-recording software, have produced a standard television advertisement for ███████ Supermarket rather than the events captured. The Foundation is currently investigating alternative methods by which interactions with SCP-2823-1 can be properly recorded and saved. In a conversation with operatives from Mobile Task Force 81-Lima, ███████ Supermarket representatives denied ever producing or televising the advertisement in question.

Addendum II: SCP-2823-2

SCP-2823-2 is a 2 GB executable named "███████_supermarket_viral_campaign.exe". The executable will launch on any version of Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10, but requires at least 2 GB of RAM and an internet connection. Upon running the program, an interactive menu consisting of various videos, images, games, and customer testimonials pertaining to ███████ Supermarket will be displayed, which can be explored by the user at their leisure. SCP-2823-2 is also able to play SCP-2823-1 in the absence of media playback software; should this occur, a message reading "Thanks! Your feedback has been sent to us and is very important" will be displayed. Attempts to trace the IP address to which this "feedback" is sent have invariably failed.

On 02/15/████, SCP-2823-2 began displaying images from SCP-2823-1 following each playback. The images all possess a caption reading "Learning the joys of ███████ Supermarket shopping!" and appear to have been captured upon the "death" or serious injury of the victim. Attempts to locate the directory in which these images are saved have failed.

Addendum III: Transcript of SCP-2823-1

Subject D-2516 placed in a small interrogation room consisting of a standard work computer running Windows 7, a microphone (to communicate with Foundation personnel), and SCP-2823. D-2516 is instructed to insert SCP-2823 into the computer and communicate with research personnel using the microphone. The following is a transcript of the subsequent test.

Dr. Marcus: D-2516, please navigate to the directory of the USB drive you just inserted.

D-2516: Alright. I ain't too good with computers, you know.

Dr. Marcus: That's perfectly fine. Please proceed.

D-2516 opens SCP-2823's directory.

D-2516: Looks like there's three things in there. Uh…a video, a text file, and a program? I dunno what the third thing is -

Dr. Marcus: Do you notice anything off about the thumb drive itself?

D-2516: I mean, I've only used computers for my job, but no, it seems normal. Why?

Dr. Marcus: Please open the video.

D-2516 double-clicks SCP-2823-1, opening SCP-2823-2 due to the absence of media playback software. The video begins playing as normal.

Dr. Marcus: Please tell me what happens in the video as you watch it.

D-2516: Looks like there's a guy with a camcorder in a really dark room. Can't really see what's going on, but…there's somebody in a chair? He's saying something about ███████. Something about saving money? The fuck at all -

Dr. Marcus: Continue, please.

D-2516: He, uh. He's, like, lecturing this poor girl. I think he has a knife in his hand. She's…she's not really talking to him. She just keeps asking to go home. Wait, wait, hold up - is that ████?

Dr. Marcus: Pardon?

D-2516: Could've sworn that was my girlfriend. Well, before I came here, anyway. (D-2516 leans towards the monitor for a closer look.) Holy fuck, that is her! What the fuck is this?

Dr. Marcus: Please stay calm -

D-2516: That's fucking ████! What the fuck is this?

Dr. Marcus: Subject D-2516, I need you to sit down and continue watching the video.

D-2516: You fucking did this! You did this to her! I swear to God -

Dr. Marcus (away from mic): Notify security.

D-2516 remained combative for the remainder of the test and was returned to his cell under 24 hour solitary confinement. Following the end of the video (in which the victim was terminated), the screen displayed "Thanks! Your feedback has been sent to us and is very important" and captured a photograph of the incident.

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