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SCP-2828 - Antimemetic Body Part
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Item #: SCP-2828

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2828 is currently uncontainable and is ubiquitous in global populations. However, risk of breach of security or public discovery is deemed very low, as it is undetectable without the use of strong mnestics.

Undercover Foundation operatives posing as high-ranking employees in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing companies are to monitor any projects aimed at production of chemicals with mnestic capabilities, procure prototype batches to test for effectiveness at facilitating perception of SCP-2828, and either halt the research or allow it to continue based on the results. Foundation operatives are to consistently search through Internet posts and scientific journals for anything that might be referring to SCP-2828 and investigate accordingly.

Descriptions of SCP-2828''s appearance, texture, sound, odor, or taste are to be tested for safety with D-class personnel by double-blind RAISA or antimemetics department personnel and redacted or expunged accordingly.

Description: SCP-2828 is an antimemetic and nearly undetectable part of the human body located behind the ear. The role of SCP-2828 in bodily systems is virtually nonexistent, and is hypothesized to be fully vestigial.

SCP-2828 can only be perceived through the use of Class-W or stronger mnestics, but only to a limited degree if at all. When it is perceived, it can only be perceived with one sense1. Whichever sense is used to perceive SCP-2828 first by a given subject is the only sense the subject will ever be able to perceive it with. For example, if a subject saw SCP-2828 before he or she felt, heard, smelled, or tasted it, then the subject would not be able to ever feel, hear, smell, or taste it.

This effect extends to all forms of communication; a subject who has seen SCP-2828 is unable to understand a written or verbal description of its smell, descriptions of the sound2 it makes, et cetera. Amnestics are capable of erasing memories of SCP-2828, but the subject will still be unable to use any other sense than the one he or she first used to perceive it to perceive it again. This is thought to be because SCP-2828 permanently alters the brain chemistries of those who perceive it.

A subject who has never observed SCP-2828 under the influence of mnestics can be told and fully comprehend information regarding SCP-2828 that uses more than one sense to describe it. However, if said subject uses mnestics afterwards and attempts to observe SCP-2828 using any sense, [REDACTED]. It is therefore imperative that no Foundation personnel learn of any complex or relatively detailed description of SCP-2828''s appearance, texture, sound, odor, or taste (see Special Containment Procedures).

Other than this, SCP-2828 poses no immediate danger and possesses no further anomalous properties.

As of 05/26/19██, all tests regarding SCP-2828 are to be reported to Project Director A██████ and filled out in the following format:
Test Administrator: [Name of personnel administering test]
Test Subject: [Designation or name of test subject]
Foreword: [Preface explaining testing procedures]
First Sense: [First sense used by Subject to perceive SCP-2828]
Results: [Summary of test results and findings]
Notes: [Optional administrator notes]

Date: 05/09/19██
Test Administrator: Dr. A██████
Test Subject: D-206344
Foreword: Subject was given a ██mg dosage of Class-W mnestics and ordered to look at the area behind Dr. A██████''s ears and describe what she saw. Subject was then ordered to feel the area under supervision of two armed guards and describe what she felt.
First Sense: Sight
Results: Subject successfully described SCP-2828''s appearance, stating [DATA EXPUNGED], matching the description provided by Dr. A██████. When ordered to feel it, Subject stated she could not "feel anything at all." She went on to say she could "see [her] hand touching the thing, but [she could not] feel a damn thing."
Notes: SCP-2828 seems to maintain a consistent appearance no matter the observer.

Date: 05/30/19██
Test Administrator: Dr. J██████
Test Subject: D-206344 (Subject A), D-206345 (Subject B)
Foreword: Following Dr. A██████''s promotion to Project Director, Dr. J██████ took over testing. To minimize repercussions from possible unforeseen consequences, Dr. J██████ was not given mnestics.

Subject B, who was blind from birth, was administered a ██mg dosage of Class-W mnestics, ordered to feel the area behind Subject A''s ears, and describe what he felt to Subject A. Subject A was ordered to describe what she heard Subject B say. Subject B was ordered to type his description with a Braille-to-English typewriter, and Subject A was ordered to orate the description.
First Sense: Subject A: sight; Subject B: touch
Results: Subject B reported [DATA EXPUNGED] and related the description to Subject A. When asked to repeat what Subject B said, Subject A claimed he had not spoken to her. Subject B repeated himself, and Subject A claimed he must have been speaking in another language and was unable to repeat what she heard. Dr. J██████ was able to hear and understand Subject B''s description.

After Subject B typed his description and handed it to Subject A, she claimed the "letters moved" and she could not "find the words." When Subject B typed up a second, identical description and handed it to Subject A, she claimed it was a completely blank piece of paper. Dr. J██████ was able to read and understand Subject B''s description.
Notes: SCP-2828''s antimemetic effect seems to extend to verbal and written forms of communication. I, Dr. J██████, have listened to Subject A''s description of SCP-2828''s appearance and can comprehend it as well as Subject B''s description of how it feels. This must be because I have not witnessed SCP-2828 directly for myself. I am putting in a request for a personal dose of Class-W mnestics.

Request approved.–Antimemetics Department Director [REDACTED]

Date: 06/17/19██
Test Administrator: Dr. F██████████
Test Subject: Dr. J██████ (Subject A), D-206392 (Subject B)
Foreword: Subject A was familiar with descriptions of both SCP-2828''s appearance and texture beforehand. He received a ██mg dosage of Class-W mnestics while blindfolded, wearing ear plugs, and having his nose taped shut. Subject B was positioned in front of Subject A so as to provide a direct line of sight with SCP-2828. Subject A''s blindfold was removed and was asked to describe what he saw.
First Sense: Subject A: sight; Subject B: none
Results: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. J██████ could not be saved.
Notes: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Special Containment Procedures have been revised. Requesting upgrade to Keter.

Request denied. SCP-2828 has been upgraded to Euclid.–O5-██

Addendum 2828-01: SCP-2828 was discovered after Dr. A██████, a Foundation researcher and one of Site-██''s clinicians, was transferred to the antimemetics department in 19██. As with all antimemetics department staff, she began a Class-W mnestic regimen. She continued to act as a Site-██ clinician. Two days later, on ██/██, Dr. A██████ performed a semiannual checkup on Agent F███ and noticed a peculiarity behind his ears. When she touched the area, she was unable to receive any tactile stimulus whatsoever. She touched the same area on herself with the same results. Recognizing the obvious anomalous influence, she contacted Site Director S███████ immediately.

Addendum 2828-02: Following the events of 06/17/19██, all tests regarding SCP-2828 have been suspended by order of Site Director S███████.

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