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Item #: SCP-2849

Object Class: Euclid

The clearest picture taken by rover 6 of SCP-2849. The red circle denotes SCP-2849's position. Note how no stars can be seen in this area (SCP-2849 is near-impossible to see as it is not in direct contact with sunlight).

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-2849's location and size, it is impossible to contain. Special procedures are in place to prevent any information regarding SCP-2849 from reaching the public. This is difficult due to the nature of SCP-2849's gravitational influence and its effect on nearby electronics, particularly those related to video and audio recordings. Members of Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 (Red Herrings) have been tasked with preventing any information involving SCP-2849 from reaching the public by closely monitoring organizations involved with space travel and/or astronomical observation.

MTF Gamma-5 are to intercept any anomalous recordings involving SCP-2849 and replace them with an edited version. Any unauthorized personnel that become aware of SCP-2849 or its anomalous recordings are to be administered class A amnesiacs.

In order to account for the gravitational effect of SCP-2849 any records of the moons mass are to be altered to 7.34767309 × 1022 kilograms (where the actual mass of the moon is ███████████ × 1022 kilograms). Any unauthorized personnel that discover the true mass of the moon or are undertaking research based on the composition of the moon are to have their work altered after being administered class A amnesiacs.

An electronic copy of SCP-2849-a is to be kept on a disc with a second disk acting as a backup. These disks are to be stored in a locked container in the office of Professor H. K██. Any other copies of SCP-2849-a are to be destroyed. No one is to listen to SCP-2849-a outside of testing.

In the event of SCP-2849 becoming active (see interview 2849-18) its status will be upgraded immediately to keter and 8 Omega-Class nuclear warheads are to be launched at its location.

Description: SCP-2849 Is an extremely large sphere (approximately 500 kilometres in circumference, roughly a sixth the size of the moon) made of [DATA EXPUNGED]. It seems to orbit the earth on a similar orbital path as the moon whilst totally ignoring the gravitational influences of any other celestial bodies in our solar system. SCP-2849 can always be located behind the moon (on its dark side) approximately 450km above its surface.

Any type of recordings made within roughly 5420km of SCP-2849 become corrupted. Photos may show static or images of a religious and/or disturbing nature. Videos also show intervals of static as well as 1 to 2 seconds of still images of a religious and/or disturbing nature. If any audio is recorded for longer than 10 minutes within SCP-2849’s active range, it always contains a 3 minutes 24 seconds corrupted segment, hereby referred to as SCP-2849-a. When the full duration of SCP-2849-a is heard by a human subject it causes them to experience a vivid hallucination.

The origin of SCP-2849 is unknown. One theory is that it is of extrasolar origin and that it moved into its current orbital position before we had the technology to observe the motion of such a mass through space. Another theory is that it has always been there and that it formed at the same time as the solar system. Further tests need to be undertaken in order to ascertain its true origin.

The anomalous effects of SCP-2849 were first observed by Ranger 6; a U.S. lunar probe launched on January 30th 1964 with the purpose of taking detailed photographs of the moons surface. Ranger 6 recorded a series of 5403 photographs before impacting on the surface of the moon. All recordings were immediately confiscated by Foundation personnel and all those involved in the ranger 6 probe were administered class A amnesiacs. To avoid complications Ranger 6 was reported to be a failure due to faulty recording equipment.

The first 2044 photos show the surface of the moon as expected. Photo #2045 shows static and is then followed by more pictures of the moon's surface. More static is present every 40 to 50 photos. Beginning at photo #4361 the static is replaced with images that could not possibly have been taken by Ranger 6. See below for descriptions of some of the images.

Image Number Description
#4361 A burning catholic church believe to be located in the town of [REDACTED] in [REDACTED]. The church is surrounded by dark hooded figures.
#4473 A Qur'an with many pages ripped out and scattered across the floor.
#4515 A man waiting at a bus stop. The sky appears dark in the photo and objects resembling meteorites are falling from the sky.
#4599 The Mangal Mahadev statue. The statue is seen weeping a dark liquid.
#4667 A young nude woman surrounded by 7-8 shadowy figures in some kind of ritualistic scene.
#4754 A pentagram
#4820 A field containing dead livestock
#4889 A squad of American soldiers taking cover behind sandbags firing at an enemy out of view. The soldiers appear to be badly mutilated with some of them missing skin, eyes and flesh.
#5007 SCP-073 and SCP-076 both deceased. SCP-073 is seen to the right of the image impaled on a large black spear (presumably of SCP-076 origin.). SCP-076 is seen to the left of the image symmetrical to SCP-073 impaled on a similar white (or light coloured) spear.
#5075 A pile of burnt corpses with a small Buddha statue sat on top.
#5130 A hill with several people being crucified. The blood from their wounds falls upwards rather than downwards into a dark red sky.
#5196 What appears to be the inside of a gas chamber full of corpses that are standing upright. They each have the star of David carved into their temples.
#5403 A field on a summers day. There is not enough information in this photo to determine the location of the field.

Around 70% of the anomalous images taken from corrupted video footage and photographs are identical to scenes described by subjects who have experienced a SCP-2849-a induced hallucination.

When the full duration of SCP-2849-a is heard by a human subject they immediately fall unconscious for anywhere between 36 to 68 minutes. If the audio is interrupted before the full 3 minutes 24 seconds is played anyone listening will request to hear the rest, but when questioned they are not sure why, nor can they recall what they actually heard. Upon awakening they claim to have had a vivid hallucination which varies between subjects depending on their religion. The hallucination details the end of the world according to the subject’s religious beliefs regardless of whether or not the subject is aware of these details. When heard again by the same subject, SCP-2849-a is claimed to sound like white noise and has no further effects.

Subjects that have listened to SCP-2849-a have an elevated risk of suicide and need to be put under psychological care. The nature of these suicides tend to be planned and some subjects have left notes that mention their respective religions afterlife. Subjects that are religious and have committed violent acts such as murder or rape often wake from their hallucination screaming and attempt to harm themselves. No subject to date that has experienced such a hallucination has recovered. These subjects are to be terminated as soon as testing is over (see test log 2849-12).

Discovery: SCP-2849 was discovered by NASA's Professor A. C██████ and his team of 8 researchers on ██ December 19██. Five members of the research team, as well as Professor A. C██████ have been recruited by the foundation due to their excellent work in locating the exact position of SCP-2849 as well as its orbital pattern and gravitational effects. The other 2 researchers declined the offer to work with the foundation and as a result were given class A amnesiacs.

Addendum 1: A large clean-up operation was put into place during the 1969 moon landings. Astronaut M██ H█████ had all his records deleted upon his return and all footage regarding the moon landing was edited to remove his presence as well as the presence of anomalous footage and SCP-2849-a (Professor K██ has a copy of the original footage with only SCP-2849-a removed). The remaining 3 astronauts were interviewed by the foundation when they returned. They were then given class B amnesiacs and had an alternate memory implanted through the use of [DATA EXPUNGED]. According to interviews, it seems that all 4 astronauts were at some point subjected to SCP-2849-a and upon awakening M██ H█████ became hysterical and attacked the other astronauts before removing his own helmet. It was later discovered that M██ H█████ was involved in [DATA EXPUNGED] which explains his reaction to the hallucination.

Everyone involved in the initial 1969 moon landing besides the astronauts were administered class A amnesiacs after all recordings were edited. The footage broadcast to the public was in fact not live and a sample from the edited version of events.

Addendum 2: On ██ May 19██ under the supervision of Professor A. C██████ a foundation-built rover was sent to SCP-2849 with the intention of it landing on SCP-2849’s surface and performing analytical tests on its structure and its chemical makeup. The rover was equipped with radiation shielding around its recording apparatus in an attempt to block out the effects of SCP-2849. It was also equipped with high definition video and audio recording devices as well as instruments that were capable of performing accurate chemical analysis of soil and rock samples.

The video recordings received by the rover became more corrupted as its proximity to SCP-2849 increases. Upon reaching a distance of 400km the footage only shows static with brief intervals of still images that showed scenes of a religious or disturbing nature. The audio recordings made were not notable other than the expected presence of SCP-2849-a. The chemical analysis showed SCP-2849 to be made from [DATA EXPUNGED] which is impossible regarding its size and gravitational strength. How [DATA EXPUNGED] can exist without a viable atmosphere to sustain it is also impossible.

Addendum 3: Due to recent interviews with atheist and agnostic subjects that have experienced hallucinations due to exposure to SCP-2849-a Professor H. K██ has requested that SCP-2849 be upgraded to keter. There is no evidence to suggest that the events seen in these visions will actually unfold so until SCP-2849 shows any kind of activity it will remain classified as safe. This request has been taken seriously however and precautions have been made. See test log 2849-18 for further information.

Addendum 4: Professor H. K██ Has requested for a manned expedition to SCP-2849 in order to perform further analysis. This request has been granted and a staff selection process is currently underway.

Subject: Professor A. C██████

Interviewer: Agent █████

Foreword: Professor A. C██████ has volunteered to listen to SCP-2849-a and record his observations. Agent █████ is to interview Professor A. C██████ when he wakes up.

<Begin Log: Timestamp 2016/03/09 16:54>

All audio recording devices are switched off in the test chamber and no other personnel are present besides Professor A. C██████. Professor A. C██████ is instructed to hit play on the CD player that contains a CD with a copy of SCP-2849-a on it. After SCP-2849-a is finished playing, Professor A. C██████ falls unconscious for 36 minutes 12 seconds. During this time Agent █████ destroys the copy of SCP-2849-a and sets up the recording equipment ready for the interview.
Professor A. C██████ wakes up and stands without saying a word.

Agent █████: “Good to see you’re awake A██. Could you come over here and take a seat so we can begin the interview.”
Professor A. C██████: “You bastards, you made me do it”
Agent █████: “What? Listen A██, if you could just sit down we ca-“
Professor A. C██████: “You made me kill that girl! Feed her to SCP-████. We are all going to hell for what we did to her and the others”
Agent █████: “Professor, listen to me. You need to calm down, take a seat and tell me what you saw.”

Professor A. C██████ walks up to the interview table and takes a seat. He appears to be very agitated.

Professor A. C██████: “I can still feel it burning, it’s too hot. Too hot. They split me open. It’s too hot. I need, to-”
Agent █████: “Professor, please. What did you see?”
Professor A. C██████: “I saw the rapture █████. I saw the end of the world. Some people ascended to the sky, to heaven. Not me though. Not us. We will all burn for what we do here.”
Agent █████: “Are you telling me you went to hell?
Professor A. C██████: “I’m telling you we all did. That girl, she was there, with the other children we sent to their deaths. Are we the monsters?”
Agent █████: “A██ please describe what happened clearly, you are not making any sense.”
Professor A. C██████: “They tortured me. For months, for years. I can’t breath. It’s so hot. I-“

At this point Professor A. C██████ stands up and begins screaming and tearing his clothes off. He then runs towards Agent █████, picks up the now empty interview chair and knocks him to the ground with it. Professor A. C██████ then begins to repeatedly hit Agent █████ in the head with the chair. Professor A. C██████ takes Agent █████’s sidearm and shoots him 8 times in the chest before security manage to enter the room and terminate him.

<End Log: Timestamp 2016/03/09 17:33>

Closing Statement: Professor A. C██████ is assumed to have experienced the same vision as subjects of Catholic faith who have also committed a major crime. Professor A. C████ did in fact work with SCP-████ for 5 months until a replacement was found for Dr ███. During this time he [DATA EXPUNGED] in accordance with protocol.

The guards that were on security detail at the time of this interview have been reprimanded and a safer procedure has been put in place for future interviews.

Interviewer: Professor H. K██

Foreword: Agent ███ is the second subject that has volunteered for testing. He is the first subject that claims to be agnostic and has no religious background.

<Begin Log: Timestamp 2016/03/09 16:54>

All audio recording devices are switched off in the test room and no other personnel are present besides Agent ███. Agent ███ is instructed to press play on the CD player containing a CD with a copy of SCP-2849-a on it. After doing so, he falls unconscious for 53 minutes 20 seconds. While he is unconscious, Professor H. K██ sets up interview equipment and destroys the CD containing the copy of SCP-2849-a. Agent ███ is secured to a chair in case he reacts violently to the vision induced by SCP-2849-a. When agent Agent ███ wakes up the interview commences.

Professor H. K██: “Glad to see you are back with us Agent. You are with us, aren’t you?”
Agent ███: “Yes K██, I’m awake. I’m still myself too. At least, I think I am.”
Professor H. K██: “Very good. Can you tell us how you are feeling?”
Agent ███: “I’m feeling a little freaked out to be honest. The dream I had felt so real. So Vivid.”
Professor H. K██: “I see. Well could please describe in as much detail possible what you experienced Agent.”
Agent ███: “Well, I don’t really remember listening to the CD, I just remember hitting the play button and then opening my eyes and finding myself stood in a busy city street. There were huge skyscrapers, kinda like the ones in New York, but I didn’t recognize any of the buildings. Everyone seemed to be panicking and running away from something. I turned to see what they were running from. It was daytime but the moon was clearly visible in the sky. It was about 5 times larger than normal and it was broken.”
Professor H. K██: “Broken? What do you mean broken?”
Agent ███: “It was split in two, down the middle, like broken in half. It wasn’t the only odd thing in the sky. There was a huge red sphere in the distance. It must have been huge, bigger than the city.”
Professor H. K██: “So it was above the city?”
Agent ███: “No, it was very far away, on the horizon. I spent about 5 minutes just staring at both the moon and this huge sphere. I then heard a huge bang, it sounded like a bomb going off. I looked to where the noise came from. It was one of the skyscrapers. Something had hit it, like a meteorite or something. There was a huge hole in it and it was on fire. More of these meteorite things started falling from the sky and smashing into buildings. It felt so real. I started to panic and began to run with the rest of them. After about 15 minutes of scrambling around, I heard a thudding noise in the distance. Meteorites were still falling and hitting buildings, cars and people. The noise seemed to be coming from the red sphere. Every 20 seconds or so another thud. There was something inside it. A hand tore its way through the surface and began pulling the sphere apart.”
Professor H. K██: “Slow down agent. What do you mean a hand? I thought you said this thing was enormous?
Agent ███: “It was, it was a huge god damn hand. The sphere must have been about 400 or 500 kilometers tall. The giant tore the sphere in two and it dropped the ground with the remains of the sphere in the distance. A huge shockwave hit the city as all of the windows on the street shattered.”
Professor H. K██: “Could you please describe the creature to me Agent ███”
Agent ███: “It was a dark red colour. It was like a man but had 4 arms, and horns. It’s face, it looked like the devil K██. I woke up soon after it broke out of that sphere thing.”
Professor H. K██: “I see. Just to confirm agent, you have never been involved with SCP-2849 until today nor have you read any of the documentation regarding it, is this true?”
Agent ███: “That’s right”
Professor H. K██: “I see.”

<End Log: Timestamp 2016/03/09 17:33 >

Closing Statement: This is the only instance of a hallucination induced by SCP-2849-a to date that includes the presence of SCP-2849 itself. What is interesting to note is that Agent ███ described SCP-2849’s color, size and shape accurately without any prior knowledge of it.

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