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nn5n: scp-2857 "Did you hear that?"
SafeSCP-2857 "Did you hear that?"Rate: -17

Item #: SCP-2857

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the un-containable nature of SCP-2857 only insanity inducing instances are to be tracked, located, and secured. In the event of a new insanity inducing instance of SCP-2857 the immediate vicinity and its inhabitants are to be secured. The household is to be listed under under government property for disinformation reasons and to be patrolled by D-Class subjects embedded as the residents of the house if in a densely populated area. If in a remote or almost remote area then D-Class are required to wear Foundation standard Class-D jumpsuits. D-Class are to be supplied daily meals, and all doors are to be locked unless Foundation agents are present. Monthly termination still applies.

Description: SCP-2857 is a cognito hazard that happens randomly. Subjects have described SCP-2857 as "that sound". Subjects have stated that when they have heard SCP-2857 and they investigate the area and they suspect that the event happened in nothing happened. SCP-2857 is a cognito hazardous audio that happens within random areas. SCP-2857 has been described as that background sound that can be heard when sitting or relaxing. Some have put it as the sound as if something fell but nothing really happened. Some instances of SCP-2857 have caused insanity by happening repeatedly in a short amount of time. When activated, instances of SCP-2857 can only be heard by one person in one room. Several instances of SCP-2857 were recorded by Mobile Task Force [REDACTED] during Site-[REDACTED]'s mass containment breach.

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