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An instance of SCP-2868-A, just prior to containment by Agent Zhufor.

Item #: SCP-2868

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2868 must remain stored within a standard humanoid containment cell in the east seclusion wing of Site-12. The walls are lined with high-voltage electrified grating and must be powered on a separate power grid from the main site in the event of a failure or fluctuation in the primary power grid. The floor of its cell is comprised of solid plate steel to prevent SCP-2868 from spreading via roots to other containment cells.

In the event of an SCP-2868 outbreak, all personnel assigned to capture and termination of infected individuals are to be issued specialized boots lined with ballistics-grade ceramic inserts to prevent the further infection of on-site personnel.

All infected personnel are to be removed by a containment team in hazardous materials gear and incinerated to prevent post-breakout infections. Areas suspected of housing budding instances of SCP-2868 are to be bathed in a mixture of acids, then soaked in a neutralizing agent during cleanup.

SCP-2868 and 2868-A instances may be neutralized with standard C-class tranquilizers, and are incapable of causing further infections while unconscious.

Description: SCP-2868 is a bipedal organism standing 1.9 meters in height, and weighing approximately 68 kilograms. It is comprised of a highly durable glass-like material. The entity has a female frame, and lacks arms or distinguishing facial features. In place of arms, SCP-2868 has a pair of brass pendulum blades attached to the shoulders by iron hook anchors. SCP-2868 is capable of cognitive thought, and doesn't display any directly aggressive behavior towards researchers. SCP-2868 exhibits generally human-like anatomy from the ankles up, with the exception of root-like structures in place of feet and the bladed pendulums extending from the shoulder stocks. SCP-2868 uses the growth of these root structures in order to penetrate the feet of human subjects within 9 meters of SCP-2868, at which point the root structure will break off of the main root system and make its way up through the leg and into the blood stream, until it reaches the brain of its new host, now designated SCP-2868-A.

After initial infection, SCP-2868-A will begin to physically transform while still conscious, though it will not express any signs of pain. Instead, the host will express a strong feeling of euphoria and enter a relaxed state. The body of SCP-2868-A will rapidly adopt traits typically described as surreal, such as skin taking on properties of foreign materials1. New structures may sprout from the body of the host, such as chairs, tables, and picture frames. SCP-2868-A has typically changed its attire entirely through transformation, with skin taking on various properties to mimic clothing akin to street performers, mimes, and clowns. In all cases, SCP-2868-A has demonstrated full vocal capabilities regardless of the extensiveness of bodily changes.

Once fully tranformed, SCP-2868-A will lose control of most of their nervous system, though are still capable of vocalization, and the parasitic instance of SCP-2868 will take control of the body of its host, seeking out high-population areas. After SCP-2868-A has located an area with dense foot traffic, it will adopt behavior similar to that of street performers known as living statues.

SCP-2868-A will then use this behavior to attract passing animal organisms toward it. This will allow it to continue the cycle of infection. The feet of SCP-2868-A will sprout a mass of sinewy roots much like SCP-2868 and proceed to infect the surrounding observing organisms at which point the process will repeat indefinitely.

Interviewed: SCP-2868-A, was D-90210

Interviewer: Dr. Oswald Martin

Foreword: This particular instance of SCP-2868-A, designated A-03 has retained most of its original physical traits, with the exception of its organic components being replaced with oxidized bronze. A miniaturized pipe organ exists within the chest cavity, visible through a glass rib cage existing on the outside of the object's torso.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Martin: Okay… So I'm sure you know what's going to happen here, yes?

SCP-2868-A-03: Just an interview, yes…? This isn't new to me. Been through it a dozen times.

Dr. Martin: Good. I'm just going to run a few questions here… Okay then. So, first off, can you tell me your name, designation, and location?

SCP-2868-A-03: … Yeah. Yeah, I can tell you all that. My name's Daphne Horrald, and I'm D-90210, yeah? And… I dunno, you spooks never tell us where we are.

Dr. Martin: Uh-huh… Good answer. And, yeah, that's what I've got on file. Daphne somerather… Uuuuh… Can you tell me what your favorite food is, favorite color, somewhere you've always wanted to go?

SCP-2868-A-03: I'm not sure why you're askin' me all of this but, uh… Yeah, sure. Uuuh… My favorite color's cyan, it's like the sky, ya know? Makes me think of clouds. Aaaand… I gotta say lasagna's in my top… Three?

Dr. Martin: … You didn't answer the last question. Please do so.

SCP-2868-A-03: Right, uh… Yeah. Paris. Definitely Paris.

Dr. Martin: Paris? Nice city. What about it piques your interest?

SCP-2868-A-03: Well… It's the art capital of the world, man. You got mimes, sculptures, paintings… And people. Lots of people.

Dr. Martin: Aaand… Why exactly does that interest you? Your psych review here says you were never fond of socializing.

SCP-2868-A-03: Well, uh… Nah, that's not right… I love people. Well, anyways… It's 'cus people are gettin' so bland nowadays. Everyone's workin' ten 'er twelve hour shifts nowadays, nobody takes the time to stop and appreciate all the art around 'em.

Dr. Martin: Mmmmhm… And if they don't want to? Not everyone cares about art.

SCP-2868-A-03: Well, uh, then… Then they should. Everyone should give a [EXPLETIVE] about art, ain't no beauty in the world without it. Without art, you ain't thinkin', man… Nothin' to get your brain workin'.

Dr. Martin: Okay then, reasonable enough. I've got one more question… How do you feel, right now? Are you experiencing any pain, discomfort? Anything of the sort?

SCP-2868-A-03: uuuuh… Nah, I feel jus' dandy, doc. Why, am I sick 'er somethin'?

Dr. Martin: No, uh… No. Just curious. This is all I had for you today, D-90210. If you would, please follow the two personnel by the door back to your quarters.

SCP-2868-A-03: Alright… Hey, this was a pretty, uh… Nice change from the usual interrogation style stuff. Ring me up if ya need more, I'm a bit tired of gettin' yelled at all the time.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Post-interview, SCP-2868-A-03 has been terminated via on-site material compacter. SCP-2868-A-03 showed no aggressive behavior when interacting with humans, and displayed no attempts to cause outbreaks in an environment that makes infection impossible. In addition, infected hosts display a strong desire to interact with highly populated areas with a societal focus on art and cultural diversity. SCP-2868-A instances appear to retain a majority portion of the original host's personality, and changes appear to go undetected by the host itself.

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