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Image of SCP-2873

Item #: SCP-2873

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2873 is to be contained in a 5m x 4m x 5m airtight wooden cell, at all times. Every month, authorized personnel must check for any cracks or holes in the walls of SCP-2873's cell, however, there must be at least one person with a gun and wearing a tin helmet inside the room. Security and surveillance cameras may be used in SCP-2873's cell, as long as they're all thermal cameras.

In the hallway to SCP-2873's cell, there must be three or more doors between the hallway door, and the cell; no one will open any doors without permission from Dr_ or O5-__

Description: SCP-2873 is a humanoid, pale creature, features looking similar to a woman's. It has vast amounts of blood on her teeth, chin, and cheeks. The creature's pupils are abnormally big, measuring approximately 2.64 times the average size of a pupil. She has cracked and eroded teeth, which we estimated hasn't touched anything since approximately 1918.

She seems to get agitated when someone (who will, from this point on, be referred as SCP-2873-1) is in her direct line of sight, that isn't holding any weapons. She seems to instantaneously take over SCP-2873-1's mind and forces them to walk into her arms. When hugged by her, SCP-2873-1 will quickly start to loose all the blood and organs in their body, leaving nothing but bone and skin. SCP-2873's grip is tough, so there is no stopping her, shooting her will just make it more painful for SCP-2873-1 in her embrace.

The SCP sometimes tends to scream as if it's in pain, documented on people mostly under 30. Documented screams vary from 20 decibels - 70 decibels.

SCP-2873 cannot be viewed on normal cameras, the only way of recognizing it's there is with a thermal sensor or thermal camera.

Upon holding a gun and pointing it at the SCP, it will start to cry and speak only in questions, the same things happen in interviews undertaken with this SCP. It will do whatever you say as long as you keep the gun pointed at it; if you hear the crying and talking stop, Do not look at it without your gun. The top priority of containing SCP-2873, is to always hold your gun pointed at it.

Facial expressions on the SCP can be unnerving for some people, however, SCP-2873-1 seems to enjoy it. It's face is bony and pale, it's eyes are dark blue and it seems to have obtained a large scar on the right side of it's face. There also seems to be a metal torture contraption locked onto her face, personnel have tried to remove it but to no avail.


Audio log from Interview Captain___:

Interviewer: Dr.
Interviewed: SCP-2873

<Begin log>

Dr.: Hello?

SCP-2873: [crying can be heard] Who is it?

Dr.: We are giving you an interview. Please try to remain calm.

SCP-2873: Why remain calm?! Who am I?

Dr.: [papers moving] So…. How are you feeling?

SCP-2873: Do you know how I'm feeling?! [aggressive crying and screaming] Why do I?

Dr.: Why are you asking so many questions? This is an interview. You need to try and
concentrate to give me answers.

SCP-2873: W-…. [crying]… Wh-… Why would-…..

Dr.: Hello? Are you okay in there?

SCP-2873: [whispering] Why…. Y-… You can't… [loud screaming and scratching on walls]

Dr.: Take what?

SCP-2873: [whispering and whimpering] I don't know if you can do that… You…. Can you do that…?

Dr.: Okay… R-… Right. Thank you for your time. I-

SCP-2873: WHAT IS TIME?! Time can't…. You…. I-…..

Dr.: This interview is over.

[Screaming and crying suddenly stops, microphone turns off].

Dr.: Let this be on record to never listen to SCP-2873 in depth. Maybe not at all…

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