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Item #: SCP-2981


SCP-2891 in its active state

Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: Due to the lack of anomalous properties of SCP-2891 in its dormant state, containment within a Foundation facility is not necessary. SCP-2891 currently remains inside the house it was recovered from, in [DATA EXPUNGED], Florida. At least two Foundation personnel are to reside in the house at all times, with the approved furniture remaining in place inside SCP-2891.

The approved furniture is as follows: One Mahogany dresser, three drawers. A queen-sized bed with mattress, two pillows, a stylish comforter and sheets. One metal desk. One spinning office chair, moved from Site ██ at the request of Dr. Fowler.

Removal of any and all approved furniture can be requested for testing, pending approval of Level 3 staff.

Description: SCP-2891 is a room approximately 6 meters by 7 meters, with a small closet housed in the Southeast corner measuring 92 centimeters by 45 centimeters. The inner walls are comprised of normal drywall, painted yellow, with 2x4 studs at regular intervals underneath. The closet is built identically to the rest of the room. SCP-2891 has one window, on its Western wall, located 81 centimeters from the floor. The floor is lined with khaki-colored carpet. Its door is made of oak wood, painted white. A lock is present on the doorknob.

When furniture of any kind is present within SCP-2891, it harbors no anomalous properties. This is considered its “dormant” state. However, when the room is empty of all furniture its anomalous properties take effect, triggering it to enter an “active” state. Loose objects and equipment do not prevent SCP-2891 from entering its active state, and it its believed that only stationary household furniture maintains its dormant state.

In both its dormant and active state, the walls, window, and door of SCP-2891 are all impervious to physical damage. Attempts to puncture the drywall or shatter the window have all been met failure. The use of firearms and low-grade explosives to test the integrity of SCP-2891 have been approved, and have shown the walls undamaged in all tests.

In its active state, SCP-2891 has observable effects on any being within it. In all tests involving D-Class personnel, subjects contained within SCP-2891 in its active state immediately reported feelings of paranoia and anxiety. Within the first 24 hours of containment, subjects exhibit signs mental degradation, resulting in nervous breakdowns and loss of cooperation with researchers. Subjects typically attempt to escape during this time, however the properties of SCP-2891 allow researchers to prevent evacuation of the room via the door and window.

Within 48 hours of containment, subjects report loss of all hearing and smell, as well as exhaustion. Dr. Fowler has noted that subjects typically develop an “infatuation” with the closet, staring at it for almost the entire duration of containment. Subjects have been noted to make several comments expressing fear and apprehension towards the closet, though no attempts thus far have been made to enter it during the active state of SCP-2891. The door has been left open in previous tests, and no observable anomalies are contained within it in either state.

Within 72 hours of containment, every subject has attempted suicide. Most of the attempts are via repeatedly slamming the subject’s own head into a wall or the window, and any instrument left in SCP-2891 which can be used for suicide is immediately used. Surviving test subjects were evacuated from SCP-2891 and underwent a psychological evaluation. The results are congruent with the known understanding of paranoid schizophrenia, with no observable behavioral abnormalities outside of those associated with typical anxiety disorders.

The anomalous effects of SCP-2891 are not limited to human subjects, multiple mammals and birds were tested with similar results. Dr. Fowler has requested the use of several sentient SCPs for testing and each request has been denied. Further testing on SCP-2891 is not needed at this time, and will continue when the need arises.

Note: ”Regardless of how harmless it may seem with my chair in it, SCP-2891 may still possess properties we don’t know about yet. It is not a storage closet for your old stuff.”-Dr. Fowler

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