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EuclidSCP-2892 The Green Renovation CompanyRate: -7

Item #: SCP-2892

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Since SCP-2892 manifests in cities susceptible to tornadoes and squalls, containment of SCP-2892 is impossible at the current time. Foundation personnel should instead focus on disinformation campaigns whenever an instance of SCP-2892-1 manifests in affected cities.

Should an instance of SCP-2892-1 be observed in any city affected by SCP-2892, Foundation personnel are to integrate themselves as local police officers and direct SCP-2892-1 away from the city in question to suppress SCP-2892's anomalous properties. If at any point denial of access is impossible, procedure 2892-construct is to be implemented immediately. MTF-Psi-7 (Home Improvement) are to be dispatched to targeted cities for amnestic administration, disinformation campaigns, and observation of SCP-2892-2 instances.

All SCP-2892-2 instances that are brought into Foundation custody are to be held at Site-86 for interrogation. SCP-2892-2 instances that cooperate are to be dosed with amnestics and released. Any uncooperative SCP-2892-2 instance is to be placed in a standard humanoid containment cell until SCP-2892-2 instance portrays a willingness to cooperate.

Description: SCP-2892 is a phenomena affecting cities susceptible to wind-based disasters. SCP-2892 will alter barometric pressure present in weather fronts to create wind-based weather phenomena, which composes primarily of tornadoes and squalls.

During this time the phenomena produced by SCP-2892 will only cause structural damage to roofing tiles on buildings, with no further structural damage observed. After manipulation of phenomena ceases, construction vans will begin to manifest outside of the city limits. All workers present in the vans will hereafter be referred to as SCP-2892-2 instances. The vans, hereafter referred to as SCP-2892-1, were described as nondescript with the words "The Green Roofing Company" painted in large letters on one side of the instances. SCP-2892-2 instances operating SCP-2892-1 will offer their services to affected residents, but will only accept payment in furniture.

If the residents accept the terms, the individuals begin work immediately with increased efficiency when compared to their non-anomalous counterparts. The replaced roof will retain its like-new condition while occupied, however the damage the roof sustained will spread to a separate area of the house over a period of 168 hours. After 168 hours, SCP-2892-1 will manifest outside of the resident's house and offer their services again. This will persist for as long as the house is occupied by the subject.

During deployment to a city affected by SCP-2892, MTF-Psi-7 observed a manifestation of SCP-2892-1 performing maintenance on a subject's home. During a month-long observation, MTF-Psi-7 noticed a pattern in the appearance of SCP-2892-1 manifestations. Below is a list of stages that SCP-2892-1 undergoes when manifestation of wind-based phenomena ceases.

Stage 1: Wind-based phenomena ceases. SCP-2892-1 will manifest outside of the affected city and will approach nearest house with structural damage to roofing tiles. One SCP-2892-2 instance will alert residents to their existence and offer their services. When asked about their price, SCP-2892-2 instance will state that payment will be accepted at completion of renovation. If issue is pressed, SCP-2892-2 instance will inform the resident that they only accept payment in furniture.

During this time, residents do not exhibit signs of suspicion and will readily agree to proposed terms. SCP-2892-2 instances will begin renovation process, finishing their work at an increased pace when compared to their non-anomalous counterparts. SCP-2892-2 instances will randomly select pieces of furniture in the resident's house and accept it as payment. After payment is rendered, SCP-2892-1 will begin transit to its next location, disappearing when visual observation of SCP-2892-1 ceases. Roof will retain like-new appearance for 168 hours.

Stage 2: 168 hours have passed. The roof retains its like-new appearance, however window frames begin to rapidly age and glass panes begin to display deformities despite no previous physical damage observed. SCP-2892-1 will manifest outside of the resident's home a second time, this time with the words "The Green Window Company" painted on the side of the instance. Procedure will follow stage 1 criteria, this time with an offer to replace windows. After acceptance of terms, SCP-2892-2 instances will replace the windows. Payment will be rendered according to stage 1 criteria. Window will retain like-new appearance for 168 hours.

Stage 3: 336 hours have passed. Windows and roof will retain like-new condition, however siding of house will begin to display structural damage. Parts of siding will exhibit damage concurrent with wind based disasters, along with physical deterioration in random areas of the remaining siding. SCP-2892-1 will manifest outside of resident's house for a third time, this time with the words "The Green Siding Company" painted on the side of the instance. Process will proceed similar to previous stages up until when payment is rendered. During this time, SCP-2892-2 instances will take the remaining furniture in the resident's house and SCP-2892-1 will begin transit to its next location in a manner concurrent with previous stages. Siding will retain like-new appearance for 168 hours.

Stage 4: 504 hours have passed. Entire house will display structural damage at this point. Damage will have spread to the interior of the house as well. SCP-2892-1 will appear for the final time, with the words "The Green Construction Company" painted on the side of the instance. This time, however, one of the SCP-2892-2 instances will offer to rebuild the entire house. Upon acceptance, residents of the house will be displaced into a vacant house while SCP-2892-2 instances rebuild the previous house the residents occupied. When renovation is completed, residents will find themselves in an exact replica of their previous house, with their furniture in the exact location prior to services rendered. SCP-2892-1 will cease manifesting outside of the resident's house after process completes.

Addendum A: After a recent observation of SCP-2892-2 instances, MTF-Psi-7 intervened on a home renovation project and arrested the SCP-2892-2 instances involved. Upon bringing the SCP-2892-2 instances into custody, MTF-Psi-7 administered Class A amnestics to the residents of the house. After arrival to Site-86, Doctor Adams brought a SCP-2892-2 instance aside to ask them a few questions.

Interviewed: SCP-2892-2

Interviewer: Doctor Adams

Foreword: Doctor Adams brought a SCP-2892-2 instance into an interrogation room to ask about the specifics of their home improvement business.

<Begin Log>

Doctor Adams: Good afternoon SCP-2892-2.

SCP-2892-2: Good afternoon, doc. Why am I here? Did I break a law or something?

Doctor Adams: Not at all, SCP-2892-2, we just need to ask you a few questions.

SCP-2892-2: Why? What did I do wrong? You said I did nothing wrong, yet you're saying you want to ask me some questions? My name's not SCP-2892-2 either, it's Michael Stewards. I refuse to answer any of your questions until I get an explanation on what's going on here.

Doctor Adams: Michael. We have every right to make you talk. You have no right to be withholding information from us. If you decide not to cooperate, we will force you to talk. Now, are you going to cooperate or will we need to resort to drastic measures?

SCP-2892-2: … I would much rather cooperate. I… Kind of don't want to find out what those drastic measures are.

Doctor Adams: I knew you would see it our way. I will make this as brief as possible. Why do you constantly repair houses? Why not any of the other buildings in the cities you visit?

SCP-2892-2: My boss… Wait a minute. You just want to know if we're breaking the law, don't you? I'm not willing to answer that question on the grounds that…

Doctor Adams: Michael. I just want to know why your company only renovates houses.

An annoyed grunt can be heard on the audio log. Silence follows for about a minute before SCP-2892-2 decides to speak up again.

SCP-2892-2: … Fine. The boss tells me to offer my services to any city that is susceptible to it. Fix what it targets, he says. Don't accept payment from them he says. Take out everything by week 3 he says. I'm just doing my job, and look where it lands me. In the loony bin!

Doctor Adams: … Interesting. However, that does not answer the question as I presented it Michael. Why only homes and not the other buildings like, say, a skyscraper or an office building?

SCP-2892-2: If you really must know, it's because it doesn't target them. Nothing more, nothing less.

Doctor Adams: Curious. Thank you for telling me this, Michael. Now, I have another question for you. Give me a moment to find it…

SCP-2892-2 mumbles something under its breath as the Doctor shuffles a small stack of papers on his desk, coming up with a piece of paper and attaching it to his notepad.

Doctor Adams: Ah, here it is. Why do you only accept payment in furniture? Why not just regular currency like other home improvement companies?

SCP-2892-2: We're taking the furniture as collateral. It damages the homes slowly. We can't approach the area until the damage ceases. I was never told why the furniture needs to go, just that it needs to go.

Doctor Adams: Curious. So, that's why you show up on a weekly basis and not everyday?

SCP-2892-2: Yeah, I guess you can say that. We only have three weeks to do it in. At the end of the third week, the rest must go. No matter what, the house must be completely empty inside at the end of the third week.

An audible exhale can be heard on the audio log, presumably originating from SCP-2892-2. Afterwards, SCP-2892-2 continues speaking.

SCP-2892-2: And, before you ask, that's all you're getting from me.

Doctor Adams: I guess I have no choice but to accept that. Thank you for your cooperation, Michael, you are free to go.

SCP-2892-2: Finally! Felt like I've been here forever! The boss probably called me at least twice during this. Wherever we are, the reception is terrible!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Doctor Adams announces the interview to be concluded at this time. Michael was administered Class A amnestics and released from Foundation custody.

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