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Item #: SCP-2902

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2902-1 and 2 are contained at Site-73 in a humanoid containment unit. SCP-2902-1 can request to perform for personnel three times a month. Interviews should be conducted on a biweekly basis to assess SCP-2902-1's morale, as well as to gain possible information on its origins. SCP-2902-2 has been allowed to stay with SCP-2902-1.

Description: SCP-2902-1 is, as of January 29, 2008, a 32-year old human male of Indian descent named Nandin Chakrabarti. SCP-2902-1 is 172 cm tall, 66 kg and when not performing, speaks with a moderate Indian accent. SCP-2902-1 is skilled in ventriloquism, often using this ability during its performances with SCP-2902-2.

SCP-2902-2 is a male maine coon cat with a grey, mottled fur coloration. It is 90 cm long, and weighs 11 kg. SCP-2902-1 refers to SCP-2902-2 as "Miles"; SCP-2902-2 is affectionate towards SCP-2902-1, and often takes part in its performances.

Both SCP-2902-1 and 2 possess the ability to have their skeletons completely separate from their bodies; the outer skins of both do not suffer any muscle, nerve, or organ damage during, or after the skeleton's exit.1 Both their skins and skeletons retain full mobility, however, due to lack of support, the former becomes limp and moves in an uncoordinated manner.

SCP-2902-1 removes its skeleton by bisecting itself vertically or horizontally, which it achieves through pulling on its face or stomach area, respectively; its body will open in a hinge-like manner accompanied by a sound similar to tearing fabric. During the time its skeleton exits, there are no visible muscles, blood, or organs in SCP-2902-1; instead, only solid black space fills its inner body. After its skeleton exits completely, SCP-2902-1's skin will re-close. SCP-2902-1 can speak through both its skin and skeleton, though only one at a time; SCP-2902-1 often alternates between the two while speaking for dramatic effect.

Instead of opening its skin, SCP-2902-2's skeleton appears to phase and rise through its upper back. Unlike SCP-2902-1, SCP-2902-2 is able to control both bodies simultaneously. Of note is that SCP-2902-2 lacks three vertebrae near the middle of its back; this does not appear to have any detrimental effect on SCP-2902-2's bodily functions.

SCP-2902-1 claims that it and SCP-2902-2 came from the GOI Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting, but were separated from the organization after SCP-2902-2 became ill during a performance. Against its colleagues' suggestions, SCP-2902-1 tried to take SCP-2902-2 to a medical clinic several kilometers away from the circus grounds; the group left the grounds while both were still away. Subjects were discovered in San Francisco, California, USA as street performers, and subsequently taken into Foundation custody. Since its containment, SCP-2902-1 has been generally friendly to personnel, expressing an interest in entertaining them with its abilities until "The Circus comes back to pick me up".

Interviewed: SCP-2902-1

Interviewer: Researcher Lucy Chang

Foreword: Interview conducted to learn information about SCP-2902-1 and 2's abilities. SCP-2902-1 and 2 have been in containment for 12 days.

<Begin Log, 1050>

SCP-2902-1: Hello, miss! How are you doing this morning?

Chang: Good morning, SCP-2902-1. I'm Lucy Chang. Would you mind answering a few questions right now?

SCP-2902-1: Of course, of course, not a problem at all, miss. But first, let me ask you something! Would you like to see Nandin the Human Skeleton Closet and Miles the Bonecat put on a show for you? I assure you, it will be great, like nothing you've ever seen before!

(SCP-2902-2 walks up to Researcher Chang before sitting and tilting its head.)

Chang: We might actually have room for that once we're finished here; it will let us have a firsthand look into what you can do.

SCP-2902-1: All right, Ms. Chang. Ask away, please!

(SCP-2902-2 separates, its skeleton walking away from Researcher Chang while its skin rolls behind it; it does not return until the end of the interview.)

Chang: How long have you had your abilities?

SCP-2902-1: [Laughs] Well, Ms. Chang, that is a very long story. I will try to keep it as short as I can.

Chang: I can listen.

SCP-2902-1: [Laughs again.] Ms. Chang, you are very kind. Let me begin the tale of Nandin Chakrabarti, a poor boy from a poor family, whose life was forever meant to be different.

(SCP-2902-1 stands up and raises arms above head. Throughout the recount, SCP-2902-1 continuously pantomimes/gesticulates as it speaks.)

I've been able to do what I can do since I was a baby. At least, that's what my Uncle told me; he said my mother was horrified at my birth. I do not know if that was true. Uncle Rakesh was a greedy man, and he often lied to me as a child to try and keep me with him; he liked to make money by showing people my talents.

(At this point, SCP-2902-1 pulls on its face, releasing its skeleton. Skeleton bends over to pick up SCP-2902-1's skin, and proceeds to dangle and move it in a fashion similar to a marionette.)

[Through skeleton, in a rougher, hearty voice] Hello, friends! Come see my nephew, Nandin the Bony Boy! [In normal voice, speaking through skin] Oh, how I hated that name. [Returns to skeleton.] Watch him leap out of his skin and dance for you! Hahahaha! [Guffaws] [Switches to skin.] I had to be with him for eleven years. It was such a terrible time.

Chang: You said your mother was frightened by you when you were born?

SCP-2902-1: [Skeleton, dramatically.] That is correct! (Skeleton flings skin away; skin falls down similar to a parachute.) I was born, like this. (SCP-2902-1 lies down on the floor in a fetal position, and moves by shuffling its feet.) Exactly like this! (Skeleton gestures to itself.)

Chang: You were born… as a skeleton?

SCP-2902-1: Well — (Skeleton stands up again and dusts itself off.) Bones first! (Skeleton ceases movement, freezing in an upright position.)

(Skin of SCP-2902-1 rolls towards skeleton and stops beneath its feet.) I came second!

Chang: [Pause.] Your bones and skin were birthed separately?

SCP-2902-1: Exactly! (Repeats twice, one through skin, one through skeleton; SCP-2902-1's skeleton proceeds to put skin back on itself similar to putting on a jacket.) You can imagine the shock my mother felt when she saw a pile of baby bones. Even after I came together and started crying, she couldn't look at me. I don't know where my mother or father are now. Uncle Rakesh told me they gave me to him after a week.

Chang: I see… Does it cause you any discomfort when you… separate?

SCP-2902-1: [Pauses and looks upwards before shaking its head.] No, it never did. Uncomfortable sometimes. I had to get used to switching around. It was strange having my mind bounce back and forth for a while. Not anymore, though, I'm well past any difficulties.

Chang: [Pause.] Very well then, SCP-2902-1. How did you come across SCP-2902-2?

SCP-2902-1: [Smiles.] Oh, Miles is a very special friend to me! He was a normal cat for many years, before he could do his little tricks. But that's a story for another day!

Chang: All right. I think that's it for today. Thank you for your cooperation, SCP-2902-1.

SCP-2902-1: A pleasure, a pleasure, Ms. Chang! Please, feel free to bring some of your friends next time! I love having an audience! (SCP-2902-1 pulls on its stomach, releasing its skeleton once more. Both the skin and the skeleton bow towards Researcher Chang as she leaves. SCP-2902-2 returns as well, and rubs against Researcher Chang's leg while purring.)

<End Log, 1107>

Interviewed: SCP-2902-1

Interviewer: Researcher Lucy Chang

Foreword: Interview conducted to learn information about SCP-2902-1 and 2's origins.

<Begin Log, 1410>

Chang: Good afternoon, SCP-2902-1.

SCP-2902-1: I see you are formal as ever, Ms. Chang! Ah, I suppose it cannot be helped. You are a scientist! Dedicated to researching things like — like me!

Chang: I wouldn't call yourself a —

SCP-2902-1: Please, Ms. Chang. I know I am not normal. I know Miles isn't normal! When you're in the Circus, you are praised for being not normal! But it's not a bad thing!

Chang: [Pause.] Have you been comfortable being here these past few weeks, SCP-2902-1?

SCP-2902-1: Well, I cannot find anything to complain about, if that's what you are asking, Ms. Chang. I am in an… adequate room, and I am with Miles. I think of you people like my doctors; you take me in, and try to make me feel better. I don't think you can cure whatever I have, though. It is a very strange condition. (SCP-2902-1 separates, its skeleton scratching and tilting its head in puzzlement, before rejoining.)

Chang: Let's talk about how you arrived at the Circus of Disquieting. How did you become part of the organization to begin with?

SCP-2902-1: Hmmm… I was [Pauses.] ten, maybe eleven. I was sick of my Uncle. I tried to run away many times. Many, many times. But Uncle was rich, and he had lots of people to catch me and bring me back; he would beat me every time I returned. I was miserable, until I found Miles.

Chang: Miles? SCP-2902-2?

SCP-2902-1: Yes and…no. It was a [SCP-2902-1 appears uncomfortable.] different Miles, of sorts. I found him during my last recent escape, in the bushes lining the street outside Uncle's house. He was still a kitten, then. Very spotty, like a jaguar. He was friendly, and kept following me as I tried to get away.

(At this point, SCP-2902-2's skeleton jumps onto SCP-2902-1's lap. SCP-2902-1 pats SCP-2902-2's head and laughs.)

Chang: But you were caught again?

SCP-2902-1: Yes, I was. (SCP-2902-1 places SCP-2902-2 back on the floor.) I hid Miles in my pack before Uncle's men saw me. When they took me back, I hid the bag in my closet before Uncle beat me again. I remember the only thing I was thinking of as he punched me was hoping that Miles wouldn't make any noise.

After Uncle left, I took Miles out, and he began to lick my bruises. I loved him. I tried to get him to leave the house, because I was afraid Uncle would find him and kill him. But every night, he would come back through the window and fall asleep with me. Nearly three months went by, and I was happier than I had ever been before. And during the summer, the Circus finally came to my town.

(SCP-2902-2 mewls loudly. SCP-2902-1 scratches its chin.)

Chang: How did you react when you saw it? Did it interest you?

SCP-2902-1: Oh, you have no idea. I could hear the music, smell all the food. I decided I would try once more to escape my Uncle, while the Circus was still there. Miles found me. He must have been a very smart cat. There was so much to see, so many strange things.

(SCP-2902-2 separates, both bodies continuously circling around the table.)

Chang: Did you meet any other people like yourself there?

SCP-2902-1: I didn't speak to any one at first. I was in awe. But yes, I saw many people with strange things about them. There was a man who was on fire all the time, but he didn't scream or burn, just walked and danced like a normal person. There was a man with a huge mouth. I thought he was funny; he looked like a frog and he kept eating everything!

Chang: How did you end up joining them?

SCP-2902-1: [Pause.] I — I didn't join them right away. My uncle found me again. He drove up to me in his car and grabbed me by the arm. He kept shouting at me, and lots of people began to circle around us. And then— Miles tried to help me. He was such a brave cat. But Uncle pulled him off, and threw me in the car. And then he — [SCP-2902-1's moans and doesn't complete sentence.]

(Silence for approximately 20 seconds. SCP-2902-2 jumps into SCP-2902-1's lap again and begins to purr.)

I spent all night in my room, just crying to myself. Uncle locked my door, and put more bars on my window. Sometimes, my bones would cry, sometimes my skin would cry. I — I tried to smother my skin beneath the bed, but my bones pulled me out. I fell asleep. When I woke up again it was still night, and there was a girl in my room.

Chang: A girl?

SCP-2902-1: Yes. She was very pretty. I thought she had lots of flowers in her hair, but when she picked one off and gave it to me, she made a face like it hurt, and I realized the flowers were her hair.

Chang: What did she do after?

SCP-2902-1: She told me she was sorry about Miles, that she saw what had happened. She asked me if I wanted to leave, and of course I said yes. So she took my hand, and the flowers in her head grew bigger and started to glow. The one in my hand did too. The flowers and leaves pushed the bars out and we began to fly out. Her flowers lifted us up into the air, into the night. We flew back to the Circus, and I knew a would have a new life, finally; I would be happy for years to come.

<End Log, 1425>

Interviewed: SCP-2902-1

Interviewer: Researcher Lucy Chang

Foreword: Interview conducted to learn information about SCP-2902.

<Begin Log, 1020>

Chang: Good morning, SCP-2902-1.

SCP-2902-1: Hello, Ms. Chang. How have you been?

Chang: I've been well. I assume you know why I'm here?

SCP-2902-1: Yes, yes. Here to ask me more questions. What is the topic of the day this time?

Chang: I'd like to talk about SCP-2902-2 today.

SCP-2902-1: Ah, and so we arrive at part two of Nandin Chakrabarti and Miles the Bonecat! Miles! (SCP-2902-1 calls to SCP-2902-2. SCP-2902-2 walks forward.) We have a special person to entertain today, Miles. Put on your best act for her! (SCP-2902-2 mewls.)

(SCP-2902-1 stands up and bows. SCP-2902-2 jumps on SCP-2902-1's head and bows as well.)

(SCP-2902-2 jumps off of SCP-2902-1's head onto the floor, and sits in an upright position.)

Forgive me, Ms. Chang. Miles usually has music and other performers during this act. I'll do my best without them. (SCP-2902-1 begins to clap and stamp feet in rhythm; SCP-2902-2's skin closes its eyes, and nods its head, possibly trying to time the beat. After several seconds, it opens its eyes again and both bodies begin to move in a clockwise circle. SCP-2902-1 begins to sing as SCP-2902-2 pantomimes actions SCP-2902-1 describes.)

[During the performance, SCP-2902-1 alternated its voice between a low British accent while "speaking" through SCP-2902-2's skin, and a gravelly American accent for the skeleton. To avoid confusion in this document, text below that is un-bolded represents SCP-2902-2's skin, text in bold represents SCP-2902-2's skeleton.]

I'm Miles! I'm Miles! And we're gonna put a smile
On your face, so relax, and stay with us awhile!
We'll walk you through the story, we hope it won't bore ye!
And we'll show you how the Bonecat attained its glory.

(SCP-2902-2's skin comes forward while its skeleton retreats behind it.)

I wandered through the streets of an Indian town.
I was always hungry, my fur quite grungy.
Thrown out of my home, and so I roamed
Until I was nothing but skin and bones!

(SCP-2902-2's bodies switch positions.)

So for years I was alone just wanderin'
Until I met this kiddie called Nandin!

(SCP-2902-2's skin rolls its eyes.)

Honestly, Bones, the couplets you try to make —

Shut up, rug boy!

[SCP-2902-1 stops clapping; in normal voice.] Miles!

(SCP-2902-2's bows head in apparent embarrassment.) Right, sorry, ahem —

(Rhythm resumes.)

Now Nandin was nice, and we liked him at once
He gave us a meal, water runs right through me!
But his Uncle Rakesh was a rather mean man.
He hit Nandin in the head with a frying pan!

(SCP-2902-1 claps hands loudly and pulls head; skeleton falls out with skull shaking and teeth chattering. SCP-2902-1 replaces head and resumes beat. SCP-2902-2's bodies walk in place alongside each other.)

A circus came in, Nandin wanted in!
So he ran away again for the umpteenth time.
And we tagged along, and stayed all day long,
Watching the freaks in the act to calliope chimes!

But Rakesh drove up to take Nandin back, and Nandin screamed and cried.
And Nandin kicked, and Nandin fought
But against his Uncle it was all for naught.

So I leapt into action and attacked. (SCP-2902-2's skin hisses loudly.)
And I raked that man along the back. (SCP-2902-2's skeleton bands claws against floor.)
But Rakesh was stronger and he got me tuckered
And ran me over with his car, that sick mother —

[SCP-2902-1, in normal voice] Miles!

(SCP-2902-2's skeleton looks at SCP-2902-1.) What?

(SCP-2902-1 sighs and resumes beat. Tempo is much slower. SCP-2902-2's skeleton curls up on ground in fetal position, with skin covering face like a shroud. SCP-2902-1 begins to sing in a lamenting voice.)

So for weeks, after that, everything went dark.
And I felt the pain, of my broken heart.
Trapped in a body that was crushed and cold,
And mixed in the darkness of worlds untold…
(Tempo begins to quicken again, as SCP-2902-1 begins to sing progressively faster.)

But I came back! (Yes I did!)
I came back! (Yes I did!)
Through the work of the finest of the Circus' highest!
The mysterious beings with magic profound,
Yes, it was them, could it be?

Bring in the Clowns! Bring in the Clowns!

(SCP-2902-1 begins to repeat "Bring in the Clowns" in a multitude of voices for several seconds before separating itself. SCP-2902-1's skeleton leaps onto SCP-2902-2's; the bones from each become mixed together while SCP-2902-2's screeches loudly.)

So they dug me up! Right out from the soil!
Plopped me down on the table and began their toil!

(Both skeletons continue to loudly mix with each other.)

As the Clowns did their work, it was pure confusion
Lots of whistles, and honking, accidental contusions.
My old skin was cast, and my bones removed,
And stuffed into the body of a maine coon anew.

(SCP-2902-2 rejoins its bodies into one and stands up, looking around in apparent surprise.)

The first thing I saw as I came back from the dead,
Was a man most peculiar, with an upside-down head!

(SCP-2902-1's skeleton twists its skull upside down and kneels as SCP-2902-2 walks up to it.)

And he said "The clowns did their work well, take a look at you now!
Come with us as we travel the world!
You now have the powers others only could dream!
And to make your act perfect I've found you a team!"

(SCP-2902-1 comes back together again and pets SCP-2902-2.)

[SCP-2902-1, in normal voice.]

So Miles and I were reunited, and the Circus became our home.
And that, my friend, is the end of the tale, of the man, the cat, and their bones.

(SCP-2902-1 and SCP-2902-2 bow to Researcher Chang. Interview is considered concluded.)

<End Log, [1027]>

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