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SafeSCP-2926 Image CorrectorRate: 20

Item #: SCP-2926

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2926 is kept at Electronic Storage Facility 83-Beta. No known copies of SCP-2926 exist outside of containment.

Description: SCP-2926 is a computer program that, when provided with a digital image, will provide a short verbal description of its contents, along with one of seven "judgments" at random. The descriptions are always somewhat inaccurate.

Sample Input: elephant.jpg
Sample Output: An elephant with the proper number of wings. Judgment: A squeeze play that works two ways.

SCP-2926's outputs have cognitohazardous properties depending on which judgment is selected, provided that the viewer has also seen the input image.

Judgment Effects
I feel so empty. Viewer will become capable of identifying the patterns in SCP-2926's "inaccuracies", as well as in the program's delivery of judgments.
I'm not the tooth fairy. Viewer will become capable of identifying the inaccuracies present in SCP-2926's input images.
It grew to the size of an orange. Viewer will become capable of identifying consensuses regarding the subjects of SCP-2926's input images and modifying them for accuracy.
These are strange times. Viewer will be compelled to arrange for a judgment of "A squeeze play that works two ways." by any means necessary.
God, wouldn't it be beautiful? Viewer will coordinate all aforementioned viewers in order to create a consensus reality in which SCP-2926 can take the form of the sphinx.
I think I broke it. Viewer will identify and attend to the sphinx momentarily, after its receptacle is prepared.
A squeeze play that works two ways. The sphinx is realized in the viewer. You possessed no inaccuracies. The situation is immanent.
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